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What is CrossFit


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A short presentation on what exactly CrossFit is and how it's completely accessible to all fitness levels.

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What is CrossFit

  1. 1. WHAT IS CROSSFIT? by CrossFit We Are Fitness
  2. 2. Well, one way to describe it is:Constantly VariedFunctional MovementsPerformed at a High Intensity.
  3. 3. Which either soundsawesome or terrifying.It’s ok if it’s the latter, you’re not alone.Take a deep breath and keep on reading.
  5. 5. CONSTANTLY VARIEDBECAUSE ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY. Every workout is di!erent. Some are short and heavy, others use only your bodyweight and can take awhile. The goal is to prepare your body for anything life throws at it. Another phrase we use is “achieving a state of general physical preparedness” ready for the unknown and unknowable. Constant variation also means it never gets boring. Some crazy people even call it fun.
  6. 6. FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTSHOW YOUR BODY IS DESIGNED TO MOVE Moving the way your body is supposed to has a lot of bene"ts, but here are 3 big ones: 1) Generate more power 2) Move with greater e#ciency 3) Less risk of injury. To put it simply, functional movements enable you to safely do more work in less time. And the constant presence of a trainer will help ensure that as much as possible you are moving correctly.
  7. 7. HIGH INTENSITYYOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN This doesn’t mean we’re going to throw good form out the window and work you into the ground every day. In fact it’s quite the opposite, our goal is always to move safely "rst and then slowly add intensity. Once you’ve mastered the movements, then you’ll be working hard. Very hard. Because intensity is where the results are. And you know the honest truth as well as we do; results don’t come easy.
  8. 8. “This still sounds prettyterrifying.”That’s still ok and you’re still not alone.Let’s visit two more concepts.
  9. 9. INFINITELY SCALABLEWITHOUT EXCEPTION, WE CAN AND WILL ADAPTANY WORKOUT TO ANY FITNESS LEVEL. The videos and workouts you see online are a very small subsection of what actually goes on in a CrossFit gym. Most of our members are regular people simply looking to get "t and improve their lives. You will always be in good hands with our knowledgable coaching sta! who will help tailor your workouts to suit your experience and "tness level. That’s what they’re here for. Yes, the workouts are hard, that’s why they work. But no matter who you are, they’ll never be impossible.
  10. 10. CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENTNEVER STOP GETTING BETTER When you sit there, thinking about your "tness hopes and dreams, you’re probably picturing how you’re going to look. And we bet you look pretty good. But the real magic of CrossFit is that a great body is just a really excellent side bene"t. You will also feel better, move better, and be able to do things you never imagined you could do. And that’s the real motivator, constantly taking yourself to greater and greater heights. That’s what keeps you coming back. That’s what makes CrossFit the best "tness program in the world. The feeling, every day that you’re conquering something.
  11. 11. We’ve made our case.Now it’s on you.Contact us to book your intro session andget started today.