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Herm Island - How We Put A Tiny Island On A Global Stage


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Herm Island - How We Put A Tiny Island On A Global Stage

  2. 2. Social Stats5928 likes1945 followers
  3. 3. Facebook - june 2011 - june 2012 344.6k viral impressions2.1 million 35-44 average age 9.7k shares 433.8k people reached page views
  4. 4. herm on facebook 150k impressions a week impressions have more than doubled in the last 6 months. the facebook page now gets 3 times more traffic than herm’s website
  5. 5. the power of twitter Bald Hiker comes to Herm: Every year a number of journalists and travel writers visit Herm.  They cover both nat... http:// 1 tweet. read by 269.3k people.
  6. 6. how we are using social media to improve herm island’scustomer service
  7. 7. Herm Islands Social Accounts act as a central hub for customer service which can then be channeled to the right people This means that visitors no longer need to find the right person , phone number or email address Every question can be answered on social
  8. 8. using facebook and twitter herm’s visitors canget information and answers to their questions fast rvice, er sers custiocm hou al timsede off e Re out i That’s because herm island’s communication with its fans happens in real time
  9. 9. We have built such an engaged and loyal fan base that sometimes the community answers visitors’ questions even before we can!
  10. 10. ...And it’s not just visitor’s questions we’re answering on social We also use social to give out useful information to visitors before, during and after their visitboat timetables, weather updates, hotel vacancies, all in real time, within minutes of receiving the information ourselves weve even taken bookings through facebook!
  11. 11. 104 likes 171 likes 79 likes 63 likeswe can’t do it all ourselves though! the most shared content comes from the fans themselves, only they can really tell the storywe just encourage and enable them to do it
  12. 12. Customer service via an open forum on social media allows Herm Island to share the positive sentiment to the entire audience Fans and customers trust and rely on peer to peer recommendations of Herms products and services word of mouth beats brand messaging every time
  13. 13. a snapshot of comments from june 2012