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The Urinary system and VAGINA, learn all about it. lol

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Female system gu

  2. 2. OutcomesIdentify pertinent genitourinaryhistory questions.Obtain a female genitourinaryhistory.Perform a female genitourinaryphysical assessment.(Continued)
  3. 3. OutcomesDocument pertinent genitourinaryassessment findings.Identify actual/potential healthproblems stated as nursing diagnosis.Differentiate between normal andabnormal findings.
  4. 4. StructuresMons pubis Labia majora & minoraClitoris Urinary meatusPerineum Bartholin’s glandsAnus CervixUterus Fallopian tubesOvaries KidneysUrethra BladderVagina Skene’s gland
  5. 5. Anatomy andPhysiologyReview
  6. 6. FunctionsWhat are the functions of…Mons pubis:Subcutaneous pad over symphysispubis for protectionLabia majora/minora:Folds of adipose and connectivetissue that protect and lubricateexternal genitalia(Continued)
  7. 7. FunctionsWhat are the functions of…Clitoris:Erectile tissue for sexual stimulationUrinary meatus:Opening to urethraSkene’s glands:Lubricate and protect(Continued)
  8. 8. FunctionsWhat are the functions of…Vaginal introitus:Opening of the vaginaVagina:Muscular tube for copulation, birthcanal, and mensesBartholin’s glands:Secretes alkaline mucus that improvesviability & motility of sperm(Continued)
  9. 9. FunctionsWhat are the functions of…Cervix:End of the uterus into vaginaUterus:Hollow, muscular organ; site forfertilized egg implantation; protectsfetus(Continued)
  10. 10. FunctionsWhat are the functions of…Tubes:Passage for ovum to uterus, site offertilizationOvaries:Produce ova, estrogen andprogesteroneKidneys:Filter and excrete wastes (Continued)
  11. 11. FunctionsWhat are the functions of…Ureter:Connects kidneys to bladderBladder:Hollow muscular structure; holds urineUrethra:Connects bladder to urinary meatusopening
  12. 12. Relationship toOther SystemsWhat is therelationship of thefemale genitourinarysystem to othersystems?IntegumentaryGastrointestinalLymphaticMusculoskeletalCardiovascularRespiratoryEndocrineNeurological
  13. 13. DevelopmentalVariationsChildren—next quarterPregnant clients—next quarterOlder WomenReproductive ability peaks in late 20’sEstrogen levels begin to decline, and between46 & 55 menstrual periods become shorter,less frequent, & ceaseIncreased risk of infection(decreased vaginal secretions)
  14. 14. CulturalVariationspage 618African AmericansAsiansJewsNative AmericansWhites
  15. 15. Case StudyMrs. James, 29-year-old, married, motherof 4-year-olddaughter, housewifeC/O scant midcyclevaginal bleeding forpast 2 monthsAnnual PAP test andgynecologic exam
  16. 16. SymptomsWhat symptoms would signal a problemwith the female genitourinary system?Vaginal dischargeLesionsVaginal bleeding, painAmenorrheaUrinary symptoms
  17. 17. Pertinent HistoryFindingsMidcycle vaginal bleedingTaking BCP, occasional ASA+ History of rheumatic feverGravida 1/para 1; menarche 12; LMP 21days ago, cycle every 21-23 days, menses5 days, moderate-to-light flow.Sexually active in monogamous,heterosexual relationship, satisfied withsexual performance
  18. 18. PhysicalAssessmentAnatomical landmarks: external--noteposition of structures; internal--visualizeunderlying structuresApproach: inspection, palpationPosition: lithotomyTools: gloves, speculum, lubricant, light,slides and swabs for specimen collectionGeneral survey and head-to-toe scan
  19. 19. InspectionExternal genitalia: color, hairdistribution, condition of skin,lesions, discharge, odor, pubicpediculosis, prolapseRectal area: condition of skin, lesions,discharge, bleeding, hemorrhoids,fissures(Continued)
  20. 20. InspectionPelvic exam: color, lesions of vaginalwalls; color, lesions, discharge,position, size, shape, and patency ofcervical os (obtain specimens)
  21. 21. PalpationSkene’s and Bartholin’s glands: masses,swelling, discharge, tendernessVaginal wall: texture, swelling, lesions,tendernessCervix: size, shape, consistency, position,mobility, tendernessUterus: size, shape, symmetry, position,masses, tenderness
  22. 22. PalpationOvaries: size, shape, symmetry,tendernessAnus and Rectum: sphincter tone,tenderness, lesions, masses,hemorrhoids, polyps; test any stoolfor occult blood
  23. 23. PertinentPhysicalFindingsExternal genitalia pink, moist, intact; smallamount of white, ordorless discharge; nolesionsVaginal walls and cervix pink, moist,intact; no lesionsUterus anteverted, no masses, non-tenderOvaries and tubes non-palpableNo rectal masses; hematest negative
  24. 24. NursingDiagnosisWhat actual orpotentialproblems canyou identifyfor Mrs.James?