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Faq Micro Silver Au


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FAQ Micro Silver

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Faq Micro Silver Au

  1. 1. Questions and Answers Catalogue Micro Silver 1. What is Micro Silver BG™ ? Micro Silver is Nanoporous Silver (silver powder) (particle size approx. 11,6 ppm) and has a spongy surface. It has a large, biological active surface, which for the first time has been utilized for skin treatment in the product series MICROSILVER. 2. What is the purpose of Micro Silver? Micro Silver destroys the cell structure of micro organisms on the surface of the skin. Thus supporting the skin’s own regeneration phase. 3. How are the micro organisms on the surface of the skin destroyed? The spongy surface structure of the micro silver encloses the micro organisms on the surface of the skin (absorption). Micro Silver BG™ releases silver-ions in minute amounts, which attack directly the cell wall of the micro organism, thus preventing cell division and inhibiting further cell production. 4. What happens to the skin surface when applying Micro Silver? Skin free of micro organisms (grazes, open wounds, pimples, etc.) recovers (sterile conditions) - the skin normalises and as a result becomes again refined, even and supple. Regular treatment with Micro Silver BG™ will retain beautiful skin. The skin feels less tense and gives a sense of well-being. 5. What does the combination of the active substances zinc oxide and dexpanthenol bring about in the Micro Silver products? The combination of zinc oxide and dexpanthenol supports the healing process of the skin. As a result the skin recovers, looks cared for, soft and supple. 6. Who tested Micro Silver and how? Quality Labs BT Pty. Limited certified the antimicrobial effect of micro silver. Dermatological tests were carried out by the Institute Fresenius∗ and by Dermatest∗ and the findings were: in clinic-dermatological conditions over a period of four weeks, patients suffering neurodermatitis responded well to the treatment with universal cream. Cosmetic aspects, spreadibility, absorption, daily use and the general feeling of the skin were largely described as very good and good. ∗Institute Fresenius: tested 20 neurodermatitis sufferers, 1 burdened with allergies, and 29 people with sensitive skin with the simple epicutan test.
  2. 2. They tested men and women aged 23 - 57 years over a period of 4 weeks. ∗Dermatest: tested 4 men and 16 women aged 18 - 71 years, suffering from neurodermatitis, over a period of 4 weeks. 7.. How is Micro Silver produced? After 15 years of research a way was found to use the properties of the precious metal silver in cosmetics. During a process whereby high- purity silver wire is placed under vacuum and exposed to high voltage electricity, single silver atoms are extracted. As a result these join with up to 20 atoms into an irregular structured silver Complex (20 atoms= micron) Several of these single units together form a spongy, loose structure, which can be seen through an electronic microscope. The spaces between the microns are so small, that one can actually speak of nanoporous material. As a result we have grey, high- purity silver powder, which shows no traces of any metal. 8. Why should I choose Nanoporous Silver? Many competitors in this industry use colloid silver (metal silver particles) in their products. Our nanoporous silver with its spongy surface structure works only on the surface of the skin and surpasses the effectivness of all currently known silver modifications in their anti-microbiological effects. Side effects are not to be expected in contrast to chemical silver combinations (silver sodium), which are sometimes used. 9. For which skin condition is Micro Silver beneficial? Basically for all skin types. Especially beneficial for: ⇒ tired, dry, flaky skin ⇒ irritated skin ⇒ degenerated skin ⇒ inflamed skin ⇒ neurodermatitis ⇒ psoriasis ⇒ blemished skin ⇒ in cases of mild acne 10. Possibilities to use in conjunction with other products: When required, Aloe Vera Emergency Spray and / or Aloe Vera Concentrate may be applied before using micro silver products. If necessary a rich cream such as Aloe Vera Soft Skin Cream or Cream with Propolis may be applied on top of micro silver products.