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How to Put Ads on My Website and How to Sell Advertising Space


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How to Put Ads on My Website and How to Sell Advertising Space

  1. 1. How to Put Ads on My Website and How to Sell AdvertisingSpaceCertainly, knowing how to put ads on my website and selling them are completely twodifferent things but will go hand in hand. One first thing you have to consider when knowingplacing ads on my website is what the website is designed to do and what you desire from itto achieve for you in terms of revenue and long-term business requirements.If you have a good things to display then you can earn good money by knowing how to putads on my site – selling them is another thing, however. The fact is that these days anyonecan build a website and after going through the subject how to place ads on my websiteplace loads of network ads on them to generate revenue. If you have already done this, youwill know that you have to build several pages with great content, with a good blend of uniquematerial so the search engines can locate and index them easily.In your efforts publishing ads on my website you can put some code on your website andthird party network companies will deliver the ads and you will get a slice of the revenue fromeach click. This is the easy option and anyone can do it. However, if you desire to makemore money you have to do the work that the network ad sites have already done – youneed to find the advertisers that are willing to pay directly.So how do you be successful in your endeavor how to put ads on my website? Well, youhave to take a good extended look at what type of audience your page caters for and then goall out to ask those companies to put ‘ads on my website’. If you can match their potentialbuyers to your visitors then you have a strong case. However, it is my sovereign view that inthe age of web 2.0, you also have to come up with new ideas and formats that will beappealing to them.While asking other to put ads on my website, make sure you include audio, video, podcasts,sponsorships, webinar sections etc. You can even sell particular and targeted ads on yourforum or blog and make sure you can provide them data about your visitors. There are a fewcompanies out there which offer free surveys in link exchange. One great resource is SurveyMonkey and it is free to join.
  2. 2. You can then add a survey to your website and ask visitors to answer very specific questionsabout what they do and what they desire to witness. You can then pass this info on to yourlikely advertisers. Providing your advertisers something they can monitor and track is alsovery important in the process of knowing how to put ads on my website.If you have the resources and time and serious about knowing how to earn by putting ads onmy website, why not run a free trial for the big potential advertisers and then follow theresults. You can then provide them with a report each month over a three month period andprovide end them with the survey results and also media pack.Ways to Create Backlinks the White Hat Method, Ways to Create Backlinks the White HatMethod