Blogging 101 march 2013


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Social Media 101 presentation part of AUB's Online Collaborative Social Media 101 workshop presented by Weam Alawar, content by Mohammad Hijazi.

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Blogging 101 march 2013

  1. 1. AUB’s Online CollaborativeINTRODUCTION TO BLOGGING
  2. 2. Benihana Kuwait v. Mark Makhoul CASE STUDY
  3. 3. “If anything, I think the way they handled it made thingsworse for the restaurant. They were right in that therestaurant was new, but mark’s review wasn’t completelyterrible in my opinion. He pointed out the pros and cons ofhis experience, which led me to believe I should give therestaurant some time before trying it out.Their actions, however, have turned ME off of trying it out.And I want to clarify I mean ME. I don’t want to be servedwith papers after all for allegedly swaying readers not to eatthere.”
  4. 4. OK LET’S START!
  5. 5. Quick Poll Do you: Have a blog? Read at least one blog? Read 5-10 blogs? Read more than 10 blogs? Are you: Interested in one for Education use? Interested in one for Personal use?
  6. 6. WHAT IS A BLOG? a website in journal format, personal in its tone and arranged in a chronological order. can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Video: Blogging in Plain English
  7. 7. DEFINITIONS Blog: A web log. Blogger: Someone who creates and maintains a blog. Blogging: The process of creating and maintaining a web log. Blogsphere/Blogosphere: The totality of blogs; a community or social network of blogs. Blogroll: A list of a blogger’s favorite blogs, usually placed on the side of that blogger’s blog.
  8. 8. REASONS TO BLOG PERSONALTo share personal experience BUSINESSTo promote business ADVOCACYTo promote an idea or a cause
  10. 10. TEXT BLOG
  11. 11. MICROBLOG
  12. 12. PHOTOBLOG
  13. 13. MOBILEBLOG
  14. 14. VIDEOBLOG
  15. 15. PODCAST
  16. 16. There are many different types of blogs and these blogs fall under many different genres – which are further divided into many sub-genres. GENRES OF BLOGS
  18. 18. COMMENTARY
  20. 20. FAMILY & LIVING
  22. 22. FOOD
  24. 24. NEWS & MEDIA
  25. 25. TECHNOLOGY
  26. 26. TRAVEL
  27. 27. Types of blog posts Instructional Reviews Lists Interviews Link Posts Informational ‘What If’ Posts Rant Debate Critique Posts Collation Posts Research Satirical Case Studies Memes and Projects Prediction & Review Posts ‘Problem’ Posts Inspirational Contrasting two options
  28. 28. The 4 C’s of blogging: conceptualize, choose a platform, customize & create SETTING UP A BLOG
  29. 29. • Niche/Type• Blog Name• URL (easy recall, relevant, not too long)• Description• KeywordsCONCEPTUALIZE
  30. 30. Blogger Wordpress Tumblr Twitter or Facebook(Personal Blog) (Personal/Business (Mini-Blog) (Micro-Blog) Blog)CHOOSE A PLATFORM
  31. 31. More setup/maint.Standardized Personalized Less setup/maint
  32. 32. BLOG PLATFORM OPTIONS Custom blog Lotus Notes Blogger Pro: Pro: Pro: Pro: • You own the domain, • You own the domain, • Very easy to set up • Very easy to set up look and feel look and feel • A fair amount of • Free • Full customizability • Customizability (but customizability • Platform support from more programming • Free (with upgrades WordPress/TypePad, involved than available for $) lots of widgets, help WordPress) available • You can create and review posts right in Lotus Notes Con: Con: Con: Con: • You need to pay for • You need to find • It’s not a personal • It’s not a personal hosting (~$10-12/mo.) someone to host it (we domain (although you domain (although you • You need to do the up- might be able to help a can redirect to it) can redirect to it) front setup work and few of you) • Not as fully customizable • Not as customizable as maintenance • Fewer template choices as if you run your own free WordPress blog or (or more work to move blog. your own blog. to move to a new • Free service hosted in • Free service hosted in template) the cloud – no/limited the cloud – no/limited guarantees guarantees
  33. 33. BLOG PLATFORM OPTIONS DeveloperWorks IT Toolbox ChannelDB2 Pro: Pro: Pro: • Very easy to set up • Easy to set up • Easy to set up • Network effect of being • Free • Free included on • Network effect of being DeveloperWorks included on IT Toolbox • Makes it seem more like an “official” IBM blog • Technical support Con: Con: Con: • Very limited • Very limited • No customizability in customizability in look customizability in look look and feel and feel and feel • Limited editing tools • Can take ~2 weeks to • IT Toolbox • Harder to find, link to get a new blog set up design/layout may not • developerWorks be for everyone design/layout may not • URL harder to share be for everyone (although can do • URL harder to share redirect) (although can do redirect)
  34. 34. • Themes• Layouts• Headers• Blogrolls• Keywords• About PageCUSTOMIZE
  35. 35. Once you have everything set-up, you are ready toCREATE
  37. 37.  Blog Title Date Header Post Title Timestamp Permalink Post Author Name Category/Label/Tag Comments Trackback/Pingback Sidebar Miscellaneous Footer
  39. 39. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMGo to www.wordpress.comand click “Sign Up Now!”
  40. 40. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMCreate a useraccount
  41. 41. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMPick a blog name and title
  42. 42. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM Congratulations – you’ve got a blog! (Well, we do need to do a little more work. Click the Login link to start customizing it.)
  43. 43. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM This is your admin site(where you’ll go tocustomize things andwrite posts)
  44. 44. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM First, click Design and Themes to pick a theme. Once you find a theme you like, click “Apply to my blog” from the preview page.
  45. 45. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM You can now go to your blog and check out your spiffy new design! … but let’s customize it just a little more.
  46. 46. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM First, you want to make sure the title, tagline, contact information isaccurate (it’ll help Google find you, too.)Click Settings and Generalto update this information
  47. 47. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM You also want to be surethat the About page is all about you!(Click Manage and Pages to get there.)
  48. 48. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM Now, let’s customize the sidebar by adding some “widgets.” Go back to the admin page and select Design and Widets.
  49. 49. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMClick Design and Widgets to add widgets. I’mshowing the key ones I’d recommend
  50. 50. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM To add some links to your blogroll/resource list… Click Write and Links to add some links – to other blogs, to online resources, etc.
  51. 51. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM Click Manage and Categories to add categories to organizeyour posts. (You can also use tags instead of categories.)
  52. 52. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMNow you’re ready to write your first post!
  53. 53. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMAdding links is easy… just highlight your text andclick the little “chain” icon and enter the URL. Adding images is just aseasy – just click the media icons.
  54. 54. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMClick on “View Site” to gosee your post live on the Web!
  55. 55. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM To view statistics (visitors, traffic sources, etc.) select My Account and Stats.
  56. 56. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM Hmmm… I might need afew more viewers. Better tell my friends about my new blog!
  57. 57. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM You can purchaseUpgrades from Wordpress. Notably, the ability to further customize the template or redirect to a url…
  58. 58. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COMIf I wanted the site URL to be instead I could do so for ~$15 a year.
  59. 59. CONGRATULATIONS, YOURWORDPRESS.COM BLOG IS DONE! It took me 20 minutes to go through all the steps you just saw, from registering an ID, though choosing a template, customizing the sidebar and writing my first post.  Granted, I was going quickly and had done this before. I’d allow 3-4 hours for setup. WordPress has a lot of online resources for tips and tricks and help: Start here:
  61. 61. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGER To set up a blog on Blogger, head over to get started.
  62. 62. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGERCreate an account (or signin with an existing Google account)
  63. 63. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGERGive your blog a name and choose a URL Pick a template for your blog.
  64. 64. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGERCongratulations! You have a blog!
  65. 65. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGERYou can now go write yourfirst post. (We will want to customize some things further, though.)
  66. 66. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGER Your post is live on the web!(Hmmm – might need to revisit that template.)
  67. 67. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGER Select Edit to make sure the title and description are accurate.
  68. 68. SETTING UP A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGER Blogger lets you publish on a custom domain name.
  70. 70. LET’S START WITH AUDIENCE First and foremost, who are you writing this blog for? If the answer is “myself” and you have more than one RSS subscriber, congratulations. You’ve done it. If the answer is, “Anyone into _____,” like “anyone into tech,” and you have more than 10 subscribers congratulations. Be clear about the audience. If I’m going to bother giving you some of my time, I want something back.
  71. 71. YOUR CONTENT NEEDS TO BE WELL CHUNKED First off, journalists know this, but I’ll tell you: start with the best stuff right up at the top. Don’t do it as a build- up. Second, make it such that people can read it in chunks.  Make headings that break up the post.  Use bullets that break up the post.  Lead with a graphic.  Pull out a graphic or a pull quote to keep it looking better. Break things up so that human eyes can read them easier. Dense posts and super long posts are a turn-off.
  72. 72. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG EFFECTIVELY Create an RSS feed:  Make sure there’s a very prominently displayed link for folks to subscribe to your RSS feed for your blog. The bigger and more attention-drawing, the better. Second, add an email subscription option to your blog.
  73. 73. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG EFFECTIVELY Add your blog URL to all social networks you’re on! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Flickr, and wherever else you can bring awareness. Create a facebook page, twitter account, google+ page for your blog and maintain them! Add it to your email signature and your business cards.
  74. 74. BE PERSISTENT Try new things. Stretch out the medium. Think of new ways to ask the same old questions. Decide on challenging approaches to blogging in ways that powerfully reveal the information your audience seeks from you. Persist in such matters, never accepting that your work is flawless, but instead analyzing your responses and uptake or downturn in traffic, and giving more effort accordingly.
  77. 77. DEFINE THE GOALS OF YOUR BLOG To be found on the Internet To be read by peers and potential clients To demonstrate your expertise To maintain relationships with past clients To turn clicks into deposit slips
  78. 78. HOW TO GENERATE BLOG TOPICS? Anything and Everything Start with an area of expertise Hobbies/Interests Customer stories Personal triumphs Controversial topics (if you’re comfortable) Make it distinctly you, don’t plagiarize, don’t compare and don’t underestimate yourself
  79. 79. CONTENT IS KING Write about what you want to be known about Brush up on your writing skills if you need to Keywords in your post title and story Picture descriptions and title Relevant tags and categories Keep the blog fresh
  80. 80. GET INSPIRED Subscribe to:  (A Years Worth Of Blogging Ideas)  Daily Blog Tips Website (  Read local newspapers and comment  Read industry publications and comment  Read blogs from outside of the industry
  82. 82. TIPS FOR BLOGGING Length  Don’t worry about length – write to fit the post Images  Adding images always helps  Google Image Search (  Flickr ( – pay attention to reuse rights  iStockPhoto – Many images are $1-2 Links, links, links  Link to others. The more you link to others, the more others will link to you
  83. 83. TIPS FOR BLOGGING Socialize online by reading and commenting in other blogs for online interaction and networking purposes. Join in offline blog events/get-together. Real-life interaction is also important in blogging. Be yourself. Don’t blog just to impress other people.
  84. 84. TIPS FOR BLOGGING Content is King. Link Building is the Queen. Merge them together and you might earn good money from your blog!
  85. 85. TIPS FOR BLOGGING Join in writing projects and blog contests. You’ll never know what’s in store for you! Keep on learning and improving. Later on, your efforts will be recognized.
  86. 86. QUESTIONS?