Notice To Prospective Investor


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Notice To Prospective Investor

  1. 1. SIX (6) REASON WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US TO TRADEYOUR ACCOUNT1. A Solid & Profitable Forex Trading System2. Total Transparency In Our Business Operations3. Total Access & Control Over Your Investment4. You Pay Us! We Are Just Traders (Employees)5. Each Account Is Traded Separately6. We Are Not A Ponzi Scheme
  2. 2. A SOLID & PROFITABLE FOREX TRADING SYSTEM Our system was designed by the #1 MQL4 programmer (RickD). RickD is the creator of MT4 & MT5 (Our trading platform). It was build to last and function under any market conditions. Our trading system comprises of three (3) trading strategies (Breakout, Trend and Range). 95% prob. Of success (Moderate & Consistent Profit) A can be adjusted to fit each investor risk tolerance
  3. 3. TOTAL TRANSPARENCY IN OUR BUSINESSOPERATIONS Investors can view their accounts or investment portfolio online. Trading system is displayed online for the world to see ( All needed information about our business and chief trader is listed on our web-site (, Linkedin, Fackbook,`Twitter and Blogger etc. The control is in your hands. You are our employer. You pay us and not the other way around.
  4. 4. TOTAL ACCESS & CONTROL OVER YOURINVESTMENT It is your trading account not ours. You were the one who open the account with the broker of your choice, Only you can make deposits to the account Only you can make withdrawals from the account You have 24 hour access to your account You are the one that give us trading access to the account. At the end of the month you (not us) withdraw the interest. We are only employ to trade your account.
  5. 5. EACH ACCOUNT IS TRADED SEPARATELY Your Trading account is not link to a master account which allows all accounts to be traded at once. Each account is independently traded base the client’s risk tolerance and profit objectives. Clients profit objectives must not compromise the trading strategy probability of success. We control the trading process not the client, as such, we take away the greed and fear from each client’s investment portfolio.
  6. 6. YOU PAY US! WE ARE JUST TRADERS (EMPLOYEES) We are our clients’ employees Our contract is base on an employer (Client) and employee (Wealthy Elites) relationship. We assume the risk of non payment by our employer (Client). Remember our clients pay us not the other way around. Remember we are just Professional Forex Traders being paid for our services.
  7. 7. WE ARE NOT A PONZI SCHEME All our traders are license professional who also trade for different regulated businesses. We are licensed to trade their accounts and have decided to do the same for you. Our business is not regulated (don’t need to). We are not a securities dealer or broker We are just traders Wealthy Elites do not pay our clients. They pay us. We run the risk of not being paid for our trading services.
  8. 8. WE STAND READY TO SERVE YOU #1 in Forex Trading …Your account we make money on it. Website: Live Trading: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: LinkedIn: The Wealthy Elites’ Investors Email: Skype: callto://wealthyelites Tel: 718 942 7346 (US) or 876 850 0812 (Jam)