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Wealth without risk


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Wealth without risk

  1. 1. Wealth Without RiskWebster’s defines “mentoring” as: Educational and/or professional developmentsupport provided by an experienced colleague.Every entrepreneur should have a mentor — someone whos accomplishments youadmire. Your mentor should be able and willing to share their knowledge andexperience with you as you travel down your own road to success. A mentor issomeone with more entrepreneurial business experience than you who serves as atrusted confidante.While there may be many people in your life offering up their “friendly” advice, amentor is a different type of relationship. You will surely get your steady stream ofinformation from well-meaning colleagues, friends, relatives, co-workers and evenindustry experts. But your mentor will be your guide on an on-going, regular basis.Mentors can be valuable sources of information at any stage of your journey,offering a fresh perspective on problems and challenges because theyre notpersonally involved with your business like other advisors. Know that your mentoris not just there to hear about your troubles, but to share in your success as well.When looking for a mentor who’s right for your entrepreneurial needs, how do youknow where to start? First of all, rely on a mentor whom you know and trust. Thiscan be a professor, a local entrepreneur, a former employer or someone who’stalents you have noticed and would like to learn from. It is important to find notonly a mentor who has experience and knowledge, but also someone you can trustand feel at ease with.At our company, Wealth Without Risk, students are encouraged to find a mentorwith experience investing in tax lien certificates. Or to sign up for our one-on-onecoaching program with a tax lien certificate expert. Spending a few sessions with amentor can be more cost effective and time efficient than spending and entiresemester sitting in classroom for a business course. Mentors have real worldexperience that they can share with you in helping you to avoid the obstacles and
  2. 2. pitfalls that can often prove costly to those just beginning.Most mentors agree to their position as a way of giving back to their community ortheir industry. Some may do it to further hone their skills as a teacher, manager orstrategist. Keep in mind that a true mentoring relationship is always a two waystreet. It’s almost certain that your mentor will learn about new ideas from you justas you learn timeless wisdom from them. So, once you have found a mentor who isable to work with you, don’t forget, you have asked this person for a huge favor anda great deal of their time. It’s important to show them that you are serious, and willalways be respectful of their availability. ###