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Kra sebi-slideshare


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SEBI has mandated that Brokerages, DP's and Wealth Managers shall register all new accounts with KRA. CMC Ltd. has a ready solution for KRA. See it here.

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Kra sebi-slideshare

  1. 1. SEBI has ruled that ANY account opened with ANY Capital Market intermediary shall be registered with a KRA, either NDML or CVL
  2. 2. Af te r d o in g KY C o f n e w c lie n ts , th e in te rme d ia rys h a ll u p lo a d th e KY C in f o rm a tio n o n th e KRA s y s te ma n d s e n d th e KY C d o c u me n ts to th e KRA in 10 d a y s
  3. 3. Depository Participants Brokerages Wealth Management companies
  4. 4. The KRA system shall be applicable for all NEW client accountsopened from 1 Jan 2012.For client accounts opened between 1-31 Jan 2012, theintermediaries may upload the KYC data on the KRA system andsend the relevant KYC documents to KRA, by 15 Feb 2012.However, for client accounts opened from 1 Feb, 2011, theintermediaries shall follow the New SEBI requirementExisting clients can continue to trade / invest/ deal with theirintermediaries as per the current practice.
  5. 5. CM C L td . h a s a n n o u nce d th a t is re a d y w ith a KRA B a c k O f f ice s o f twa re s o lu tio n
  6. 6. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account OpeningImport DeMAT AccountsManage DocumentsTrack DocumentsModifying KYC DetailsBilling ReconciliationAnalyticsInterface
  7. 7. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  KYC InwardImport DeMAT Accounts  Capturing SEBI mandated KYC detailsManage Documents  Exporting KYC data to CVLTrack Documents in BatchesModifying KYC Details  Import of CVL ResponseBilling Reconciliation  Data correction for errors  Re upload of correctedAnalytics records to CVLInterface  Maker-Checker facility
  8. 8. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  Import of CDSL Back-OfficeImport DeMAT Accounts masterManage Documents  Import of NSDL client masterTrack Documents  Mapping of DP data withModifying KYC Details KRA dataBilling Reconciliation  Capturing the additional KRA detailsAnalytics  Maker-CheckerInterface
  9. 9. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  Scanning of KYC forms,Import DeMAT Accounts PAN card, Address proof, etc.Manage Documents  Encryption and Archival ofTrack Documents the scanned documentsModifying KYC Details  Document retrieval for verificationBilling ReconciliationAnalyticsInterface
  10. 10. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  Despatch of KYC forms andImport DeMAT Accounts other documents to CVL with dispatch idManage Documents  Auto generation of coveringTrack Documents letter for CVLModifying KYC Details  Update proof of deliveryBilling Reconciliation (POD)  Follow up letter to CVLAnalytics  Rejection handling andInterface intimating the customer
  11. 11. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  Inward of change requestImport DeMAT Accounts  Capturing the change in KYC detailsManage Documents  Uploading the changes toTrack Documents CVLModifying KYC Details  Importing the responseBilling Reconciliation from CVL  EOD file import for KYCAnalytics changesInterface
  12. 12. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  Track cash collectedImport DeMAT Accounts  Upload KRA charges in DP and Broker back office forManage Documents billingTrack Documents  Reconciliation of the billingModifying KYC Details details with CVL InvoiceBilling ReconciliationAnalyticsInterface
  13. 13. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  KYC InwardImport DeMAT Accounts  KYC Processed  KYC RejectedManage Documents  KYC CompletedTrack DocumentsModifying KYC DetailsBilling ReconciliationAnalyticsInterface
  14. 14. WHAT DOES CMC-KRA DO ?KRA Account Opening  Online, with DpSecure andImport DeMAT Accounts BroSecure (CMC’s back office solutions)Manage Documents  XML, for other back-officeTrack Documents  Offline:Modifying KYC Details  NSDL and CDSL formatsBilling Reconciliation  BSE and NSE formatsAnalyticsInterface
  15. 15. ICICIBANK
  16. 16. CMC has the complete solutions suite for the Capital Market  NSE/BSE ITES Services  F&O DP Central Processing  MCX/NCDEX ? Other Generic HR & Payroll on-cloud :: Also On-cloud Email Scrubbing* Financial Planning powered by OMNIMaxTM. OMNIMax is the trademark of Omnimax Software Ltd., New Zealand
  17. 17. Delivery Options On-Premise  solution installed on your premises Hosted  Solution owned by you;  We host and manage it dedicatedly for you in a data centre with the infrastructure on rental On-Cloud «« Benefits  Pay-As-You-Go 1. No capex 2. Failover and DR available 3. Pay only for what you use
  18. 18. The CMC Edge + Safety Factor No other company offers ALL the solutions Complete Back-Office suite on SINGLE platform On-premise, Hosted and On-Cloud models Managed Services offered
  19. 19. A copy of the SEBI Circular may be obtained by sending a mail to CMC Ltd.
  20. 20. CMC… is India’s oldest and most experienced IT solutions and service provider to Stock Exchanges, Banking & Financial Institutions and Insurance companies. has implemented projects of national importance • Passenger Reservation System for Indian Railways irctc; • BOLT an online -trading system for Bombay Stock Exchange • Depository System for CDSL.  is Part of the Tata Group
  21. 21. Ask CMC LTD. for a copy of the SEBI CIRCULAR Send Mail to Mention “Send KRA circular” in subject line Mention ALL of the following contact details: Name Click icon to send mail Company Designation City Phone (Board + Extension) Email (company email id)
  22. 22. to discuss your requirement Call Ravi 8080274490 : : : wealthplanned! : @wealthplanned Thank you for seeing this presentationWealthPlanned! is the trademark of CMC Ltd., IndiaFinancial Planning powered by OMNIMaxTM. OMNIMax is the trademark of Omnimax Software Ltd., New Zealand.
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