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Contents from my upcoming Ebook "How to Party Like A Millionaire"

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How to party teaser

  1. 1. The Book On How To PartyLike A $$$Millioniare$$$
  2. 2. This book is written from the depths of my partying soul, in efforts to help others open upand receive the gift of joy, happiness, love, confidence, and harmony. I encourage you toshare this book with others and catch the feeling, and understand that Life’s a Celebration and Life’s a Party! Now let’s party shall we! Table Of Contents
  3. 3. Chapter 1- You Gotta Love It Chapter 2- Get Out Of Your Shell Chapter 3- Are You Passionate? Chapter 4- Who Are Your Friends? Chapter 5- Confidence and PartiesChapter 6- What Are You Drinking Tonight?Chapter 7- What Does Party Mean To You? Chapter 8- Party Like A Rockstar Chapter 9- Life’s A Nonstop Party
  4. 4. Chapter 1- You Gotta Love ItDo you love to party? No seriously, I mean do you really, really love to party? Because ifyour answer is yes then you are in the right place. I’ve asked so many people this questionworldwide and I’ve gotten countless responses. Some were the same; responses such as‘Hell Yeah!!’ And ‘Why, You Tryna go party’ while others were not as enthuiased, and somewere even unique such as; ‘Man you know I love to party,’ that guy was insane too, in agood way that is but more about him later.See the main difference I noticed between people and their responses to that question wasthe emotional charge, or emotional response that derived from that one simple question.In some you could see the excitement in their eyes, the sparkle, the glow, the anticipationof letting it all go and having a blast. In others not as defined, but still you could almostfeel the energy rise up just from that one question, ‘Do You Love To Party?’
  5. 5. Now don’t get me wrong, there were countless others that I’ve posed the same questionto, but with total opposite reactions. Im sure they “liked” to have a good time, I’m surethey “enjoyed” themselves, but they were missing something… You got it, they weremissing that emotional charge, that “feeling” and you know what that feeling is: It’s Love!See anything in life that you do with LOVE, it gives you a feeling, a strong feeling, aconnection to the thing, event, memory, etc… The people that responded overly excited, orready to “Party” right then and there, you could tell they loved it. You have to Love to bearound others, to share and have fun, and laughter with others. To “Party” is to celebrate,to enjoy oneself to the utmost. The dictionary has the word party defined in several waysas we know, but the number one way is described as an social gathering or event. key word here though is social. Being sociable is learning and understanding harmonywith others. To have a love to party or for partying, you must also have a love of beingsociable. Not saying those that didn’t show a strong emotional response weren’t sociablebecause that would be inaccurate, and the insane guy I spoke of earlier, I’m not too surehow sociable he really was. But what I am sure of was he had a magnetic personality, veryopen and free, and quite humorous which may have covered up his love of being sociable ifdeep down he wasn’t. So again rule number one and probably the most important rule ofall if you want to party like a millionaire, is you most absolutely, positively, have to LOVEIT!Do you get a strong feeling behind the idea of going out to party? Do you get fired up andhave a strong sense of happiness and excitement when someone mentions to you that
  6. 6. there’s an opportunity to party on the horizon? If the answer is yes, then you are well onyour way to partying like a millionaire. A millionaire parties with freedom, with joy,happiness, and a deep sense of well being. That may all stem from the riches they posessfinancially, but the most important thing is the millionaires mindset. Do you posess amillionaires mindset? I promise you if you develop it, if you nurture a millionaires mindset,your best partying days are yet to come. So what have we learned here:  If you want to do anything in life and do it to the fullest and gain maximum benefit you have to “Love It”  The feeling and emotion of Love is the greatest and strongest emotion of all.  “Love” to be sociable and in harmony with others. Chapter 2- Get Out Of Your Shell
  7. 7. Now if you take a look at this picture two things should jump out at you automatically.One, there is a picture of a man with his arms folded, and two half of his body is that of asnail. Pretty interesting huh, well let’s take a deeper look into this picture and what itrepresents. For those that are familiar with body language, when you see or encounter aperson with folded arms, it’s an instant no-no. Folded arms are a defensive position, aswell as a signal that the person is closing themselves off from social influence. Not thebody language of a person that’s happy, joyous, or ready to party!Now let’s look at the second interesting thing about this SMAN (Snail/Man). The shell of asnail according to studies, is what protects the creature from it’s enemies and threats fromthe outside world. Kind of reminds you of us sometimes huh? Have you ever heard thecliché or someone say to you that you needed to come out your shell? See the shell in us isthe illusion or shall I say the mindframe of safety. It keeps us guarded and safe fromoutside influences or things that have hurt us in the past.
  8. 8. Now the reason I used the term illusion is because unlike the snail, the shell dosen’tprotect us because we are already well protected, we are already free. The shell that we aspeople crawl into keep us from experiencing life in the infinite number of ways that you canexperience it. It keeps others from attracting to us and wanting to share their time,experience, and joy with us. Here’s a story of a guy I knew that never wanted to tryanything out of his routine or established norm, or as we’re saying here, never wanted to‘Come out of his Shell.’There was a guy named Frank that I use to work with in one of my many tours in the retailindustry. Frank was a laid back type of guy, stand up guy if you will. He had a decentsense of humor and his personality wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t bad either. So, forthree years straight the company would have our annual Christmas party and Frank wouldnever come out, always beat around the bush, but end up backing out at the last minute.Oh, and he missed some awesome parties by the way I’ll be the first to tell you, butanyway, now let’s fast forward to year four.There was a young woman by the name of Michelle who had just come on board with thecompany and immediately she took a liking to me and Frank. She was smart, funny, downto earth, and she actually was a good employee as well. I liked Michelle as well but I didn’twant to get involved with someone at the workplace, but I had an idea. I started to tellFrank about her, good things that Michelle and myself discussed, and I did the same thingto Michelle about Frank.
  9. 9. They started to talk more frequently, and they even went out on a date things seemed tobe going pretty good for them. Now it was time for the Christmas party, and all that weekMichelle was telling me how she had a “BIG” surprise for Frank. All Frank had to do wasshow up to the Christmas party with Michelle as a couple… Well I don’t have to go anyfurther with that, safe to say, Frank never opened up Michelles gift.But that’s just one of the many stories I tell people because it was all there for him, but hisshell kept him from not only the Christmas party, but any type of future potential withMichelle. She end up transferring to another store and Frank, well he continued to beFrank. See, again the shell is a mindframe. The shell in it’s nature is a covering, a hideout,and it can never be associated with partying.Have you ever gone to a club or party and saw that guy or that girl that looked or actedlike the snail? Closed off, no social interaction, mean or disgruntled facial expression, whowants to party with that person? Forget party who even wants to speak to that person. Seewe all share one thing in common, and that’s energy. Whether it’s positive or negative, weall have energy in common. Have you ever noticed that you could be around a person andtheir energy rubs off on you. You could be in a good mood and someone could comearound with negative energy or mood that tries or even succeeds at bringing yours down.The great news is though folks, is that it works both ways!See to party like a millionare, you have to have great positive energy. Not just at a venue,outing, or party, but carry it with you all the time until it just becomes a part of who youare. Radiate joy, happiness, goodness, and you will never be the snail.
  10. 10. So what have we learned here:  Don’t be like snail, come out of your shell. Open up, be free, be attractive, to attract good things, fun, and different experiences to your life.  We all share the common attribute of energy. Try to always radiate positive good energy in your daily life, you never know when you can be the one to make someone else feel better. Chapter 3- Are You Passionate?Ahhh, a biggie, this is a great question. Are you a person with passion in their life? Think toyourself briefly for a moment. What are you passionate about? Is it fishing, writing, surfboarding, reading, modeling, or acting? Maybe it’s skydiving, that’s a toughy in my book,but maybe it’s video games, or yes ladies shopping!See the fact of the matter is, regardless of what you are passionate about, you do it withthe strongest of energies. Why? You ask, it’s because you do that thing you’re passionateabout with “Love.” The definition of passionate, is any powerful or compelling, intenseemotion or feeling. I used the word “any” here because a person can be passionate in the
  11. 11. wrong way as well. A person can be passionate about his hate for a thing or a person. Butwhen it comes to doing things that bring you joy or happiness in your life, most do itbecause they have a passion for it.I met a young lady once who to me was so passionate about the oddest of things. Now memyself, I love history. It was my favorite subject in school when I was coming up. I use tolove hearing about what great men and women not only accomplished and did in theirlives, but I also was intrigued by some of the tragedies that befell some of them. I use toalways try to picture myself in that time period, or going through that event as if I wasthere. I can honestly say I loved it, I never thought I’d meet my match when it came tohistory trivia or things of that nature… But then I met Karen.I met Karen one night at a local sports bar having drinks with a few buddies of mine. Wehit it off immediately. She had a bright smile that could light up a room, and a personalityso magnetic, you had no choice but to be attracted. I don’t know how it happened, but ourconversation, which was very rich, shifted towards major events in history. Now when theconversation started, I felt pretty confident and great going in, because hey, history to mewas like tying my shoe. We quizzed each other on dates, and people, and places, and I justwas astonished on how knowledgable she was. What surprised me even more was howpassionate she was!I could see the excitement in her grow as we talked about a variety of subjects. She wentthrough a range of emotions, from reserved, to relaxed, to excited, to even confrontationalwhen I challenged her. And to me even that was alright because even I get that waysometimes. Do you get that way at times about a particular thing, or opinion, or activity?
  12. 12. It’s all because of the passion. My buddies didn’t want to believe me when I told them thatKaren and I conversation consisted of history most of the night. They actually thought itwas outright comedy. It was a first for me but an experience I’ll never forget. Karen and I became great friends and we are still friends today, she is an awesomeperson and passion is what brought us and kept us together for a long time after.Passion not only allows you to have a good time when you go out to party, but it allowsyou to do it in a “Big Way.” When you are passionate about partying, you try to do it to themax. You enjoy living in the moment to the fullest, and that what life is about, alwaystrying to live and enjoy the moments. So what have we learned here:  -When you are passionate about something it brings the best out of you and it shows.  Passion is a strong emotion/feeling produced by a connection to a thing, event, or activity.  When you go out to party, when it’s done with Passion you try to do it in a big way!
  13. 13. Chapter 4- Who Are Your Friends?