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Agni missile level 1


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In Series of Know Your Defense : Agni Missile Family- level -1 presentation.

Complete presentation also includes Agni-5 details, comparison, pictorial presentation etc.

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Agni missile level 1

  1. 1. Indian Missile: Agni- I, II, III, IV, V And Comparison…. Level-1 Level-1 : 4 Slides Complete PPT: For Members Only Contact us :** For PDF on brief for understanding Directive Principles of State Policy.
  2. 2. AGNI-I AGNI-II Range of 700 Km can target majorly all thelocations of Pakistan. Range – 2000 – 3000 KmThe need was arised for the security of Two and Half Stage Solid Propellantcountry after Kargil war in 1999. Flight Altitude: 230 Km ( Flight altitudeNuclear Capable , Ballastic missile. helps to have Anti Ballastic Flights)Developed under “ Integrated Guided Speed: 3.9 Km /SecMissile Development Programme” Less Accuracy in Comparison of III, IV, VCan have warhead of 15Kt to 250 KtAgni-I missile has a specialised navigation Ring Laser Gyro- INS (Inertial Navigationsystem which ensures it reaches the target System), optionally augmentedwith a high degree of accuracy by GPS terminal guidance with possible radar scene correlationFirst Flight of Agni-1 was in Jan 2002
  3. 3. AGNI-III AGNI-IVRange of 3500 Km – 5000 Km Range of 2500-3500 Km Nuclear Capable , Intermediate RangeStrategic nuclear (15 to 250 KT)(2000 to Ballastic missile.2500 Kg)Nuclear Capable , Intermediate Range Two stage solid propellant engineBallastic missile. Ring Laser Gyro- INS (Inertial NavigationTwo stage solid propellant engine System), optionally augmented by GPS, terminal guidance with possibleRing Laser Gyro- INS (Inertial Navigation radar scene correlationSystem), optionally augmentedby GPS, terminal guidance with possible Flight Altitude: 900 Kmradar scene correlation Can be Launched from Mobile Road Launcher8 x 8 TELAR (Transporter erector launcher)Rail Mobile Launcher Agni-IV bridges the gap between Agni II and Agni III. Agni IV can take a warhead ofSpeed : 5-6 Km/Sec 1 tonne. It is designed to increase the kill efficiency along with a higher rangeFlight Altitude: 450 Km performance.