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Chickenshed Theatre Case Study


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One challenge Chickenshed Theatre faced was how to develop a more robust and informed individual giving programme. When developing their strategic plan for their programme, they did not have the data to support their arguments. Our wealth intelligence provided the analysis and data insights needed to support their strategy's narrative. Chickenshed Theatre was able to segment their data into meaningful profiles and execute on a development plan that truly engages, cultivates and maximises the support of their audience.

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Chickenshed Theatre Case Study

  2. 2. Moving beyond the limitations of event fundraising through analysis and wealth intelligence
  3. 3. Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre company founded in 1974. Primarily based in a purpose-built venue in North London, Chickenshed creates theatre for all ages and runs successful outreach projects, education courses and membership programmes throughout the year.
  4. 4. CHALLENGES DIRECT ASKS TICKET SALES Chickenshed has historically tended to shy away from acting as a charity and soliciting donations. Adding members to your fundraising team should be based on real insights into your organisation’s opportunities and limitations. INSIGHTSPOSSIBLE HIRES
  5. 5. STRATEGIC HIRES SOLUTIONS WE provides proof of concept for the assumption that making direct asks for donations is an effective way to augment the revenue coming from performances and events. WealthEngine’s wealth intelligence provides the analysis and data insights to support Chickenshed’s strategy narrative to move beyond the limitations of revenue generated from legacy programming and, as a result, make a strategic hire. DIRECT ASKS TICKET SALES DATA & ANALYSIS
  6. 6. With 15,000 records, Chickenshed depends on WE to help them segment into meaningful profiles and execute on a development plan that truly engages, cultivates and maximises the support of their audience. In fact, it has enabled the formation of a Cultivation, Stewardship and Engagement Plan for the year. WHEN YOU SEGMENT YOUR DATA, YOU CAN FOCUS YOUR LIST INTO MORE MANAGEABLE GROUPS WealthEngine lets us focus on the quick wins, especially at events where we can create quick snapshot profiles of patrons and solicit appropriately. - Adam Gallacher, Head of Fundraising, Chickenshed
  7. 7. SMART WORKFLOWS LEAD TO STRONGER INFRASTRUCTURE WE doesn’t just provide decision support for Chickenshed. WE is a decision-driver. WE’s wealth intelligence provides a more informed understanding of both the potential income and the current level of income of donor prospects.- Adam Gallacher, Head of Fundraising, Chickenshed WealthEnginegivesusa structurebygivingusthe insightsweneedtobreakdown thestepsandputprocessesin placewedidn’thavebefore.As aresult,we’reabletoincrease communicationsand understandtheinfrastructure weneedtohaveinplace. InvestinginWEallowsformore engagementinternally.
  8. 8. WealthEngine’s professional services team is brilliant. Together with WealthEngine, we are taking a proactive approach that is long-term and strategic. There is a lot of value for arts charities and I have recommended to a lot of people in my network. Our professional services team works with Chickenshed to understand and realise where the true opportunities lie. WE’RE NOT JUST A PLATFORM, WE’RE PART OF YOUR TEAM - Adam Gallacher, Head of Fundraising, Chickenshed
  9. 9. Based on what they’ve been able to do so far by embedding WE into their daily workflow and making direct asks as an effective way to augment revenue from performances and events, Chickenshed expects to see significant year over year growth of fundraising revenues, forecasting 300% growth. WHEN YOU TURN YOUR DATA INTO INSIGHTS, YOU CAN BE BOTH REALISTIC AND AMBITIOUS WITH YOUR GOALS. CHICKENSHED FORECAST YEAR ONE YEAR TWO £300k £100k
  10. 10. Chickenshed is one of many arts charities who depend on WealthEngine to find, engage, and reach the patrons who care about their mission. Are you ready to reach yours? 4330 East West Highway Bethesda, MD 20814 800.933.4446