Post Event Report of the CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 conference in Berlin


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From June 6 to 7, 2013 we.CONECT invited an International audience of Global Executives, Managing Directors, Head of’s and Managers of departments such as Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Corporate Development, Competitor Analysis, Market Analysis, Risk Management , Marketing and Brand Management to the CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 in Berlin.

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Post Event Report of the CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 conference in Berlin

  1. 1. 2013 POST EVENT REPORT June 6 – 7, 2013 Berlin, Germany Sophisticated and holistic Methods & Strategies, Tools & Systems and evolutionary processing of Competitive & Market Intelligence More than 100 attendees gathered at the CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 to discuss strategic approaches, new technologies and ideas in improving competitive & market intelligence in fast changing business environment. Participants, speakers and business partners joined in on one of the biggest international conferences on this topic and had the opportunity to exchange experiences, widen their network and debate upcoming challenges. 100+ Decision-Makers 20+ International Case-study & Keynote Speakers The CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 has therefore established itself as one of the leading conferences in the field of Sophisticated and holistic methods & strategies, tools & systems and evolutionary processing of Competitive & Market Intelligence. 2013’s CiMi.CON Evolution EXPERT SPEAKERS 2013’s BUSINESS PARTNERS Be a Part of the we.CONECT Community Join our Social Enterprise Professional Minds Community on LinkedIn and discuss all topics around latest strategies and systems of Competitive Intelligence. ►LinkedIn Community Join in 2014!
  2. 2. CUTTING-EDGE SESSIONS Who attended CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 In the we.CONECT Icebreaker session before the conference start, participants had a first opportunity to network, benchmark and discuss Competitive Intelligence focused topics in small groups, while getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere over snacks & drinks under the motto: “Breaking the ice and getting the show on the road!” We.CONECT created innovative & stimulating Challenge Your Peers Roundtables - each of which dealt with individual matters:       New trends and Markets Tools & Systems Processing & Methods Strategies, Business Development & Planning Short-term MI in a global crisis Counter Intelligence The we.CONECT world café sessions offered newly intensive, interactive ways of exchanging experiences collectively with peers:      How to use strategic analysis, market intelligence & systematic planning to change corporate culture and leadership attitudes to strategy How to Create an outstanding Intelligence Program How to gather, analyse and evaluate the right market data How to create a collaborative, connective and integrated competitive intelligence function and culture in a global & diversified company What can we learn from intelligence history to make better decisions today? Nich INSIGHTS & IMPRESSIONS OF 2013
  3. 3. HIGHLIGHT SPEAKERS & KEYNOTES CASE STUDY · HENNING HEINRICH, T-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GMBH / GERMANY Henning Heinrich presented a Case Study on the topic of ”Market Intelligence as a Service – Best Practices from the MI Service Centre at T-Systems”. He focused on how to build an internal and external MI organization that can deliver the needed insights and on the benefits of a centralized MI unit for global companies. WORLD CAFÈ · ANKE FISCHER-OLETZKY, LEXISNEXIS GMBH / GERMANY Anke Fischer-Oletzky led the World Café on “Better strategic decision-making: How to gather, analyse and evaluate the right market data” to consider topics such as “Identify market potential”, “Monitor competitors’ market strategies” and “Choose the right source(s)”. CASE STUDY · JEAN-BAPTISTE DELLON, AIR LIQUIDE S.A. / FRANCE CASE STUDY · GRACIELA MEIBAR, MATTEL, INC. / USA Graciela Meibars Case Study was set on “Exploring how Diversity and Inclusion practices can facilitate innovation and greater market intelligence for a company or a group”. During her presentation questions such as “Why does Diversity and Inclusion help innovation and new thinking?” or “What is Diversity and Inclusion from a global perspective?” were discussed. CHALLENGE YOUR PEERS · JEAN-MARC COLOMBEL, DASSAULT SYSTEMES S.A. / FRANCE Organizational Impact and Growth - The Hidden Stakes of Strategic Market Intelligence were the main topics of JeanMarc Colombel’s Case Study. During his Challenge Your Peers Session he went over to discuss new tools & effective systems for Competitive Intelligence. Jean-Baptiste Dellon focused on setting up an effective Competitive Intelligence organisation in a global company by creating a CI community to engage, share and collaborate, developing awareness and participation and defining effective processes and deliverables. CiMi.CON Evolution 2013 2014’s PARTNERS ► CiMi.CON Evolution 2014 June 16 – 17, 2014 in Berlin ► ACCESS CONFERENCE MEDIA CENTER