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Interview with Dr. Dieter Regnat, Clariant Service AG / Switzerland


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Prior to the Global ManuChem Strategies 2014, we spoke with Dr. Dieter Regnat, Head of Clariant Production at Clariant Service AG / Switzerland

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Interview with Dr. Dieter Regnat, Clariant Service AG / Switzerland

  1. 1. Interview Clariant Service AG Dr. Dieter Regnat Head of Clariant Production System YEE Prior to the Global ManuChem Strategies 2014, we spoke with Dr. Dieter Regnat, Head of Clariant Production at Clariant Service AG / Switzerland we.CONECT: In your opinion: What are the main current challenges and trends regarding management and optimization of chemical production and what are the specific challenges related to your company? Dr. Dieter Regnat: The optimization of the chemical production is an ongoing challenge. Clariant has implemented a continuous improvement process under the umbrella of Clariant Excellence. The initiative is now running several years. The specific challenge in the current phase is to drive it towards selfsustainability. The increasing energy prices, particularly in Europe, are becoming more and more a burden for the chemical industry. Accordingly, energy improvements are carrying a great weight in our optimization program. we.CONECT: Looking to volatility in commodity markets, which role plays operations management, specifically S&OP and plant capacity management? Dr. Dieter Regnat: The volatility in the commodity market entrains the request for high flexibility regarding the required resources. This basically means to be able to run the plant capacity on significantly different levels. In order to be able to shift personnel temporarily from one plant to the other there is a permanent training and a high quality of the plant personnel required. we.CONECT: Do you use and / or plan to implement new technologies like MES, Big Data & Cloud Technologies? Dr. Dieter Regnat: Clariant is using it punctually and is going to roll MES out to several sites in the course of this year. we.CONECT: Do you use mobile technologies to optimize operator management and operator mobility? Dr. Dieter Regnat: We have started using mobile technologies in warehouses. we.CONECT: According to your presentation “The next step of excellence in production – Integrated optimization of yield, energy and environment”, could you briefly introduce us to the project and what is important about this topic? Dr. Dieter Regnat: Costs related to yield (raw materials), energy and environment usually represent a major share of the production costs. Increasing energy costs emphasize the need to improve energy efficiency. The complexity of problems that can be tackled by a Lean Sigma Project is limited. Quite often optimizations are focusing on one cost element neglecting another one, although they are interdependent. Our Yield, Energy and Environment (YEE) approach strives for the overall cost optimum. Specific production process or production units are diagnosed using Lean Sigma method, deep dive analytical methods and tools established by our team. The team set-up is multi interdisciplinary to leverage best available knowledge and tackle topics from different perspectives. Project selection is the key for a good costbenefit trade-off. we.CONECT: How different will the Chemical Operations/Manufacturing of the year 2020 be from today’s ones? Dr. Dieter Regnat: I think that the use of soft- and hardware as well as the integration into enterprise application software in production will be developed on a high level. That goes along with further automation. Efficient use of resources will be mandatory. Sustainable operation will become a key asset for chemical companies. we.CONECT: Thanks a lot for this interview! Interview Partner: Peter Haack and Dr. Dieter Regnat. Dr. Dieter Regnat is a Head of Clariant Production at CLARIANT SYSTEM YEE / Germany. Dr. Dieter Regnat started his career in 1990 with the former Hoechst AG at Frankfurt. He spent 4 years in the central R&D department and moved then to the production of fine chemicals. After two year as plant assistant, he became plant manager. Then he moved to a project management position in process development in Frankfurt. Afterwards he became head of New Business Development for the BU Custom Manufacturing in Muttenz/Switzerland at Clariant. Three year later he moved back to production and held the position of Head of production BU Textile Chemicals Europe for five years. In July 2012, he joined the Clariant Excellence Organization as Head of Clariant Production System YEE, which stands for Yield, Energy, and Environment. Global ManuChem Strategies brings together industry leaders to discuss the current state of the industry, the impact of new regulations and the challenge to increase efficiency in chemical operations and technical assets. Information about the event and we.CONECT can be found at: about Contact: Henry Fuchs Managing Director / Product Management & Marketing Phone: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 44 Fax: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 30 Email: we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH Gertraudenstr. 10-12 10178 Berlin, Germany