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Improvements in chemical manufacturing in a changing business environment

2012 will be probably one of the most difficult years to forecast for some time. Concerns remain about the changing business environment and the slowdown in the global economy. Global competition, maturing markets, over-capacity plants, increasing environmental pressure, and rising raw material prices continue to challenge the profitability of the chemical-industry. Customers are demanding lower prices and increased service levels, while competitors are getting smarter, leaner and expanding their global reach. New product lifecycles are shorter and competitors are entering the market faster. Energy and raw material costs have exhibited extreme volatility. Globalization is lengthening supply chains and increasing business complexity, while increased government regulation and scrutiny and greater product stewardship are increasing the amount of information required in the chemical supply chain, often at significant cost.

A suite of (software) tools & methods, such as MES, BI or an integrated automation infrastructure has been developed in order to fulfil both the technical and human requirements of achieving operational excellence. This emerging technology is available today and can be implemented to provide companies in the chemical industry with capabilities that improve visibility, manage events, and provide performance scorecarding and analytics for improving and understanding performance. This allows production and logistics processes to be synchronised so that, at any time, products are quickly and cost efficiently delivered which contributes to maintaining a competitive edge. Many leading chemical manufacturers recognize the need for a vastly improved and more global automation infrastructure than currently exists in even the most automated facilities. These companies need better tracking and tracing capabilities, cost-effective production management solutions, methods to maximize asset utilization and solutions for improving quality and safety.

Agile enterprise is always one step ahead of the competition, which cultivates a responsive environment and delivers major improvements in lead time, product quality, and lower production costs. The resulting increase in inventory levels, costs and savings, and the massive pressure from Asian competitors requires a thorough discussion of methods and tools to implement a strategic and sustainable production management in the chemical industry under the impact of global shifts in the market.

The “Global ManuCHEM Strategies” will discuss these challenges and solutions with top executive and managers from all leading chemical companies from Europe and the US.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Your we.CONECT team

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Global Manu Chem Strategies 2012 Agenda

  1. 1. GlobalManu Chem Strategies 2012 Strategic Challenges for manufacturing excellence and process safety in chemical operations 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin 17 Case Studies | 3 World CafÉs | Icebreaker Session | Challenge your Peers Researched & Developed by
  2. 2. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin Content Overview OVerview P. 2-3 | Overview Global ManuChem Strategies 2012 Key Topics Speakers Business Partners Key topics SPeakers Media Partners > Operational excellence & process optimisa- Kaveh Pourteymour Participants CIO – Global Refining and International Businesses tion in the chemical industry: Success BP / UK indicators and business enablers for plant P. 4 | Icebreaker Session managers and global operations executives Conor Troy Internal Business Manager > Manufacturing Excellence through Safety P. 6 | Conference Day 1 Symrise AG / Germany Challenge your Peers Leadership – HSE, Human Behaviour & Pieter Verberne Evening Session Process Safety for achieving excellence in General Manager Energy chemical operations AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals / Netherlands P. 7 | Conference Day 2 > Vertical integration of a MES in a global & Bernhard Thier World Café local SCM and manufacturing network Responsible Care Manager > Intelligent energy management in chemical Cefic / Germany production: Continuous, integrated strategies Philippe Heim and systems for a holistically optimized and HSE-Manager Safe Conduct of Operations TOTAL Refining & Chemicals / Belgium economical energy management > Implementing a successful production Dr. Max Schlumpf CTO planning system & integrate a global supply Holcim Ltd. / Switzerland chain management system to manage Gareth McAllister inventory and reduce time to market European Business Director & Managing Director > Total Plant Asset Management Systems – LORD Germany Concept of a comprehensive asset LORD Suisse Sarl / Switzerland management Dr. Wolfgang Rybczynski > Implementing a sustainable continuous Principal Business Consultant, Business Transformation Services improvement culture in plant operations Andreas Rizzetti > Challenges in reaching Operational Solution Architect, Industry Solutions Excellence – Global IT infrastructure as a Process&LifeScience SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG / Germany business enabler for reliable, safe and Jean-Marc Delbos efficient manufacturing operations Industry Principal for Chemicals, SAP EMEA SAP FRANCE S.A. / France Marco van Veen Business Process Integration BUSINESS PARTNERS Endress+Hauser / Germany Michael Faber Head of Production Excellence Europe BASF Coatings GmbH / Germany Ashish Shah Project Director Fluor Corporation / USA Gert Smit Senior Process Director Fluor Corporation / Netherlands Thomas Gronauer Head of Project Management Office / Operational Excellence Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH / Germany Shashank Shah Senior Principal Engineerinig Leader Arkema Inc. / USA Ben Hopkins MEDIA PARTNERS Site Director DSM / USA Christian Rieß Location Leader Borealis Polymere GmbH / Germany Andreas Speh SHE Leader DuPont Performance Coatings GmbH / Germany Dr. Gunther Walenta Head of the CO2 Project Lafarge Research Centre / France Dr. Manfred Selig Director Change Management & Technical Scout Wacker Chemie AG / Germany Researched & Developed by Page 2 / 9
  3. 3. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin OVerview Global ManuChem Strategies 2012 Business Partners Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH+Co. KG Colmarer Straße 6 | 79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany Phone: +49 (0)7621 9 75 01 | Fax: +49 (0)7621 9 75 55 5 Email: SAP Deutschland AG & Co KG Hasso-Plattner-Ring 7 | 69190 Walldorf, Germany Phone: +49 (0)6227 7-47474 | Fax: +49 (0)6227 7-57575 Stork Technical Services B.V. Van Deventerlaan 121 | P.O. Box 2776, 3500 GT, Utrecht, The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)30 6691700 | Fax: +31 (0)30 6664733 Email: we.CONECT business peers Take advantage of solution-oriented individual meetings that we can arrange with these partners before and during the conference. Who participates? Executives of the Board, Managing Directors and Managers from the following departments: > Production / Manufacturing > Manufacturing Business Systems > Process Control / Production Control > Automation / Process Automation > Planning > Manufacturing IT / MES > Process Excellence / Six Sigma / OPEX / Lean > Technical Services > Continuous Improvement > Risk / EHS / Energy > Maintenance / Reliability > Technical Operations / Technical Engineering > Plant Start-up & Commissioning > Contractors / Equipment Specialists from all chemical, petrochemical > Operations and chemical industry related > Supply Chain companies across the globe from following industries: > Base Chemicals > Polymers > Inorganic industrial > Elastomers > Organic industrial > Pleochemical > Ceramic products > Petrochemicals and all other chemical and petrochemical corporates > Agrochemicals Demographics: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK ,Sweden, Norway ,Finland ,Ireland ,Austria ,Switzerland ,Italy ,France ,Spain, Poland, Hungary, Turkey ,USA ,Russia Media Partners Researched & Developed by Page 3 / 9
  4. 4. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin aGENDA ICEBREAKER Session | Sunday, 12th February 2012 we.CONECT ICEBREAKER Our Icebreaker Session consists of small Round Tables with speakers, business partners and attendees where the audience will discuss the main challenges and cutting edge topics of the conference in a relaxed atmosphere. Glass in hand, make your way around our Round Tables and get to know each other. Enjoy food and drinks at the opening of the conference, break the ice and get the show on the road. 19.30 | we.CONECT ask the leaders Pre-conference drinks and Icebreaker Round Tables with speakers, business partners & participants ICEBREAKER Round Table 1 Taking Continuous Improvement to the next level Transforming the organization by creating a Continuous Improvement culture > How do you generate passion for Continuous Improvement in a large organisation? > Global organisations face different cultures in each region. How do you minimise the impact of this on the roll out of Continuous Improvement processes? > Overcoming resistance to change ‒ both from senior management and shop floor staff > Successful strategies for implementing Continuous Improvement Thomas Gronauer, Head of Project Management Office / Operational Excellence, Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH / Germany ICEBREAKER Round Table 2 Making “Green Pay”: Justifying investment in environmentally friendly processes > Measuring your carbon footprint is not an easy task > Defining the ‘scope’ for improvement > Moving forward and keeping momentum Pieter Verberne, General Manager Energy, AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals / Netherlands FOR 99 EUROS TRAVEL CONVENIENTLY BY TRAIN TO THE we.CONECT EVENT In cooperation with we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH and Deutsche Bahn you can travel safely and conveniently to the we.CONECT event! The price for your Event Ticket for a return trip* is: 2nd class 99 Euros | 1st class 159 Euros Our call centre will be happy to inform you about the ticket price for international journeys. To book call +49 (0)1805 - 31 11 53** and quote “we.CONECT“ as reference.Please have your credit card ready. * An advance booking of at least three days is required. Changes and reimbursement before the first day of validity are 15 Euros excluded from the first day of validity onwards. Passengers restrict themselves to a particular train and travel times. For a supplement _ f 30 Euros full flexible tickets are also available for domestic travels within Germany. o ** The booking line is available from Monday to Saturday 8.00 am to 9.00 pm. Calls will be charged _ t 0,14 Euros per minute, from mobiles 0,42 Euros per a minute at maximum. Researched & Developed by Page 4 / 9
  5. 5. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin aGENDA Conference Day 1 | Monday, 13th February 2012 8.00 | Registration with coffee and tea 8.45 | Welcome and introduction by we.CONECT, from the Chairman and the Advisory Board Chairman: Dr. Wolfgang Rybczynski, SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG / Germany we.CONECT Strategy Track Operational excellence & Process optimization for the chemical industry – Success indicators and business enablers for plant managers and global operations responsibilities 9.00 | Keynote Challenges in reaching Operational Excellence – Global IT infrastructure as a business enabler for reliable, safe and efficient manufacturing operations > IT as a business enabler supporting the company’s change-program > How to realise “Robust flexibility“in a complex technical environment and in a global SCM and manufacturing network > Supporting Continuous Improvement Processes with standardized and safe IT Infrastructure > Develop a global IT platform / IT Organisation > Integration into ERP and OPEX > Synergy effects in the global production network > Functional Safety through Process Control Engineering, MES & Automation > Cost / Benefit / Challenges Kaveh Pourteymour, CIO – Global Refining and International Businesses, BP / UK 9.40 | Case Study Approaches in delivering operational excellence for reaching an local (plant based) operational excellence culture in global manufacturing network > OPEX Enablers & OPEX Processes > Excellence as a mindset: Process, people and engagement > Implementation of operational excellence at the shop flor as in the operational business and implementation of a sustainable „culture opex“: Pitfalls and learnings > What is needed to get a continuous and sustainable management as part of Opex and to live the corporate culture? Christian Rieß, Location Leader, Borealis Polymere GmbH / Germany 10.20 | Case Study European integration approach of Production Excellence at BASF Coatings GmbH > The European challenge > Production Excellence System Audit > Sustainability condition by staffing structure > The key: Understanding Waste and Losses (Muda) > Value Stream Mapping in Batch Production Michael Faber, Head of Production Excellence Europe, BASF Coatings GmbH / Germany 11.00 | Refreshment break with Networking Zone we.CONECT Best Practice Track (1) HSE & Human Behavior & Process Safety for reaching excellence in chemical manufacturing operations 11.30 | Case Study Some Tools to achieve Safety Excellence in Conduct of Operations in High Risk plants > Overview of main root causes of high potential incidents. > Why and how determine the criticality of operations. How develop efficient operating procedures according to their criticality. > “Our HSE behavior standard”: A tool for people to gain a robust safety culture by demonstrating the right behaviors > “The 12 golden rules”: A reemphasis program on basic rules that everyone must know and apply Philippe Heim, HSE-Manager Safe Conduct of Operations, TOTAL Refining & Chemicals / Belgium 12.10 | Case Study Manufacturing Excellence through Safety Leadership > SHE implementation to provide a positive impact to the three core processes (the people process, the strategy process, and the operations process), ultimately resulting in manufacturing execution excellence > Developing a culture of SHE First at all levels in an organization requires the correct view of safety and if properly implemented and maintained produces a positive change to the overall manufacturing operation > People are your greatest asset, so bet on people not on strategies > Hire, develop and retain top talent for mfg. success- people to fit the culture Ben Hopkins, Site Manager, DSM / USA 12.50 | Lunch with Networking Zone Researched & Developed by Page 5 / 9
  6. 6. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin aGENDA Conference Day 1 | Monday, 13th February 2012 14.00 | Solution Study Simplify your Life in Manufacturing > Managing “big data” in real-time > Integrating Manufacturing and Enterprise > How Mobility supports Chemical Operations > Examples based on latest SAP Technology Dr. Wolfgang Rybczynski, Principal Business Consultant, Business Transformation Services, SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG / Germany Andreas Rizzetti, Solution Architect, Industry Solutions Process&LifeScience, SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG / Germany Jean-Marc Delbos, Industry Principal for Chemicals, SAP EMEA, SAP FRANCE S.A. / France we.CONECT Solution Track (1) Energy management and Energy efficiency in chemical manufacturing 14.40 | Case Study Improving sustainability and efficiency in energy intensive processes > Pricing power. How raising energy costs trigger new directions. > Hedging future energy costs by broadening your fuel mix > CO2-reduction may not always shield for CO2-costs > How costs create awareness that create efficiency > Using Lean Six Sigma for continuous improvements Pieter Verberne, General Manager Energy, AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals / Netherlands 15.20 | Case Study Innovating to reduce the carbon footprint of cement production Dr. Gunther Walenta, Head of the CO2 Project, Lafarge Research Centre / France 16.00 | Refreshment break with Networking Zone we.CONECT Challenge your peers – What would you do? 16.30 | Parallel Round Tables Based on your input from the delegate checklist, we will create a round table session involving an interactive discussion with your peers. The topics that will be discussed on-site will be announced 3 weeks before the event begins. Round Table 1 Continous Improvement, OPEX, Lean-, Site Performance-, Restructuring-, & Change Management in chemical plants Ashish Shah, Project Director, Fluor Corporation / USA Round Table 2 Challenges in Safety, HSE, Behavioral Safety & Human Error Preventions Ben Hopkins, Site Manager, DSM / USA Round Table 3 SCM & OPEX, Procurement Strategies, Demand & Producton Planning tools and processes for increasing productivity and saving costs Dr. Max Schlumpf, CTO Central Europe, Holcim Ltd. / Switzerland 18.00 | Solution Study Resonsible Care: The manufacturers‘ perspective > Responsible Care Introduction > Responsible Care Tools for SMEs > New priorities: Process Safety & Security > Global Product Strategy & Cooperation with UNEP > Responsible Care Worldwide Bernhard Thier, Responsible Care Manager, Cefic / Germany 18.40 | Case Study Step by step developing and implementing a SHE culture project > Analyse of cultural situation after acquisition and two major incidents > Define path forward and develop action plan > Implementing DuPont PSM System > Overview about actual situation and further steps Andreas Speh, SHE Leader, DuPont Performance Coatings GmbH / Germany DAY ONE DINNER | Restaurant SACHS 20.00 | Networking Dinner in a relaxed atmosphere to conclude the first conference day Researched & Developed by Page 6 / 9
  7. 7. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin aGENDA Conference Day 2 | Tuesday, 14th February 2012 8.30 | Welcome and introduction by we.CONECT, from the Chairman and the Advisory Board Chairman: Dr. Wolfgang Rybczynski, SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG / Germany 9.00 | Case Study Driving Plant Performance through Design Lifecycle Data Integration > Design lifecycle data flow > Single point data entry > Data handover to OO for O&M > Smoother plant start-up Ashish Shah, Project Director, Fluor Corporation / USA Gert Smit, Senior Process Director, Fluor Corporation / Netherlands we.CONECT World Café In the context of collective intelligence executives will work in moderated and focused small groups (up to 12 Managers) in a relaxed, café-like atmosphere. The we.CONECT world café will be initiated with three lectures lasting 10 minutes. 9.50 | Best Practice Café I Symchronize – How to optimize the extended supply chain & how to build a TPM Network > There are plenty of opportunities for improvement at the interfaces > Collaboration along the Extended Supply is the only way to achieve the goals ahead > SYMCHRONIZE is a business approach rather then a SC initiative Conor Troy, Internal Business Manager, Symrise AG / Germany 10.00 | Solution Café Information is the key ‒ but how to get it? ‒ Business process integration as a framework for integrating asset information > Energy management to increase energy efficiency > Vendor managed inventory to reduce the working capital and to ensure availability > Field data integration in ERP system as a part of plant asset management > Smart signals from reliable field instruments into business systems Marco van Veen, Business Process Integration, Endress+Hauser / Germany 10.10 | Best Practice Café II World Class Manufacturing in Chemical and Petrochemical industries: What does it look like and what are the future challenges? > Aspects of world class manufacturing > Implementing energy monitoring with the power of operations feeback > Aggressively applying energy integration technologies > Importance of an innovation culture Shashank Shah, Senior Principal Engineerinig Leader, Arkema Inc. / USA 10.20 | START WORLD CAFÉ | EACH SESSION LASTS 40 MINUTES we.CONECT and the chair open the World Café, explaining the principles and set the World Café etiquette. Best Practice Café I Solution Café Best Practice Café II 12.20 | Lunch with Networking Zone world Café Panel Discussion 13.40 | Discussion Presentation of the key results of the World Café and the individual interview Researched & Developed by Page 7 / 9
  8. 8. Global ManuChem Str ategies 2012 13 TH – 14 TH February 2012 | Swissôtel Berlin aGENDA Conference Day 2 | Tuesday, 14th February 2012 we.CONECT Solution Track (2) Restructuring & reorganisation of manufacturing facilities 14.10 | Case Study Restructuring & reorganisation of manufacturing facilities in alignment with new business objectives – A turnaround to sustainable profitability > Redefining the business model at the strategic and local plant site > Safety culture improvement and its role in supporting turnarounds > Defining a new quality approach > Lean & Six Sigma – Management of people & behaviour > Process control and information systems > Cultural changes required to effect sustainable improvement Gareth McAllister, European Business Director & Managing Director LORD Germany, LORD Suisse Sarl / Switzerland we.CONECT Best Practice Track (2) Total Plant OPEX Integration 14.50 | Case Study & Live Demo How to deal with ISO Systems and Audits in the daily manufacturing business > Theory versus practice > Looking back or challenging the future? > The value added of a certification for quality on the floor > The change ISO management approach > Managing technical & operational issues in commissioning new process plants > Implications for manufacturing excellence Dr. Max Schlumpf, CTO Central Europe, Holcim Ltd. / Switzerland 15.30 | Refreshment break with Networking Zone 16.00 | Case Study 10 years Wacker Operating System – Challenges in implementing a common and sustainable lean manufacturing excellence > To thrive under globalization conditions an average 7% productivity gain/y is a must > Long term top down organizational commitment to the subject ‘productivity’ is crucial > Buzz words MUST change in a 3-5 years rhythm, the base target ‘productivity’ must not. > If you just adopt the main stream buzz words you follow – you do not excel > Technical expertise is the prerequisite, change management is the key to success > Consultants may give advice, the cure is your responsibility Dr. Manfred Selig, Director Change Management & Technical Scout, Wacker Chemie AG / Germany 16.40 | Case Study What differs “Manufacturing Strategy Deployment” from “Operational Excellence” projects? > Linking manufacturing strategy and Operational Excellence activities > The sin of Operations Management: loss of entrepreneurship > The ultimate OE project sponsor: Your customer! Thomas Gronauer, Head of Project Management Office / Operational Excellence, Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH / Germany 17.20 | Closing words from the chair and end of the conference Researched & Developed by Page 8 / 9
  9. 9. For more detailed informationabout Our speakers and interactive segmentsplease visithttp://manu-chem.we-conect.comWe are looking forward to welcoming you! Researched & Developed by