Autonomous Driving 2014 The Future of ADAS Post Event Report


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Autonomous Driving 2014 The Future of ADAS Post Event Report

  1. 1. Join us in 2015! ► Automotive Tech.AD Berlin 2015 Berlin, Germany 2014 POST EVENT REPORT February 27 – 28, 2014 200+ Participants 30+ International Case Study & Keynote Speakers 2014’s EXPERT SPEAKERS 2014’s BUSINESS PARTNERS More than 200 professionals from over 110 companies from all over Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA discussed future challenges and latest approaches in the field of autonomous driving and ADAS in Berlin From February 27 - 28 2014, we.CONECT invited an international audience of automotive pioneers from departments such as Vehicle Dynamics, Driver Assistance and ADAS to the premier we.CONECT Autonomous Driving 2014 - The Future of ADAS conference in Berlin. More than 200 senior-level attendees gathered to discuss current challenges, brand new approaches and outline future trends in the field of autonomous driving and ADAS. Participants, speakers and business partners took part in a highly interactive conference, benchmarked recent approaches and grasped the opportunity to share experiences, network, and exchange ideas for long- and short term best practices in a quickly evolving industry landscape. ► AD 2014 COMMUNITY Autonomous Driving 2014 Survey we.CONECT introduced a survey among leading managers at the in Berlin,Autonomous Driving 2014 inquiring about latest trends, industry developments and challenges on the journey towards autonomous driving. ►ACCESS SURVEY REPORT
  2. 2. ► Access Conference Media Center CUTTING-EDGE SESSIONS 9 World Café sessions offered newly intensive and provoking ways of exchanging experiences and knowledge collectively with peers on the second day:  Advanced Testing – Validation of Deterministic Systems in Non-Deterministic Environment  HMI Requirements for Autonomous Vehicles  Aiming at Compatibility of Safety and Efficiency of Road Traffic  User Experience in Vehicles: What is the Impact of Autonomous Driving on Driving Behavior and Driving Experience  Defining Deployment Potential for Autonomous Vehicles in Various Regions  Zoox – Thinking Autonomous Mobility From a Product Vision Perspective  Key Research Questions in Autonomous Vehicle Development  Safety & Risk Issues of Self Driving Cars  Sensors to Support Autonomous Driving On the first conference day, attendees participated in 8 innovative and stimulating challenge Your Peers roundtable discussions, each of which approached individual matters in an interactive style:  Defining the Roadmap Towards Autonomous Driving  Defining Profitable Business Models for Autonomous Driving  How Much of a Threat are Google & Other New Entrants to the Auto Industry  Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving  Autonomous Driving – The User Experience  Discussing Future Mobility Concepts & Human Factors  Discussing System Requirements for Autonomous Driving we.CONECT invited to 4 Icebreaker roundtables before the conference start, giving attendees a first opportunity to network, benchmark and discuss autonomous driving related topics in small groups, while getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere over snacks & drinks under the motto: ‘Breaking the ice and getting the show on the road!’ Who attended Autonomous Driving 2014 ? ► GRAPHIC RECORDING 2014
  3. 3. ► Access Conference Media Center ► NETWORKING HIGHLIGHT SPEAKERS & KEYNOTES ICEBREAKER · Emilio Frazzoli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / USA Emilio Frazzoli broke the ice among the community raising the question How will Autonomous Vehicles Influence Future Mobility? Frazzoli extended his discussion in a case study on autonomy and the future of urban mobility, outlining a paradigm shift in automotive transportation and paths to full autonomy. KEYNOTE · Dr. Sven Beiker, Center for Automotive Research Stanford University / USA Dr. Sven Beiker opened his keynote with the claim Automated Driving – Sooner Than You Might Think, and Different Than You Might Expect. He explored the real transition from non-automated driving to automated driving and considered the journey from automated vehicles to self-driving cars. CASE STUDY · Dr. Bakhtiar Litkouhi, General Motors Research & Development / USA Dr. Bakhtiar Litkouhi set the focus of his case study on the Automated Vehicle Landscape and Related Challenges, in which he discussed the evolution of automated driving and future hurdles to overcome. Outlining possible scenarios for automated driving, Litkouhi discussed technologies to enable the realization of autonomous driving in the various phases towards full autonomy. CASE STUDY · Dr. Hariolf Gentner, BMW / Germany Dr. Hariolf Gentner related the consistent interface between customer functions and environment sensors, as well as sensor data fusion and scene description, in his case study From Single Sensors to the Environment Model: On the Road to Highly Automated Driving, pointing out the centralized environment model as a prerequisite for highly automated driving. CASE STUDY · Karlheinz Haupt, Continental Corporation / Germany Karlheinz Haupt led a case study approaching the Strategic Roadmap – From ADAS to Highly Automated Driving. He analyzed the status of ADAS today, dipped into market influences by EuroNCAP and safety, and depicted various requirements towards highly automated driving on the example of Continental’s roadmap. ► REVIEW AGENDA 2015’s CONFIRMED PARTNERS February 26 - 27, 2015 Autonomous Driving 2014 The Future of ADAS ► Automotive Tech.AD Berlin 2015 2014
  4. 4. Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014 - The future of ADAS CAR HMi concepts & systems 2014 November 17 – 18, 2014 in Detroit Autonomous Driving, Strategic Roadmap, New Systems and Technologies, HMI Considerations for Autonomous Driving http://autonomous-driving-tech-detroit.we- June 26 – 27, 2014 in Berlin Intuitive HMI Design, HMI for Autonomous Driving, App Development, Workload Management, Safety Systems Integration & Distraction Avoidance, Innovative Tools & Display Technologies Auto Apps Evolution 2014 Automotive Tech.AD Berlin 2015 - The future of ADAS September 22 – 23, 2014 in Berlin Business Models and Operating Systems, Content & App User-experience Design & Design Thinking, Platforms, Development, Processing & Consumer Requirements February 26 – 27, 2015 in Berlin Autonomous Driving Strategic Roadmaps, New Systems and Technologies, HMI Considerations for Autonomous Driving http://autonomous-driving-tech-berlin.we- Alexander Sladczyk Sales Director Tel.: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 - 55 Email: Serina Gummert Marketing Development Manager Tel.: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 - 83 Email: Jörg Thinius Senior Director Partner Management Tel.: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 - 33 Email: UPCOMING EVENTS 2014 /2015 CONTACT we.CONECT we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH, Gertraudenstraße 10-12, 10178 Berlin / Germany Telefon: +49 (0) 30 52 10 703-0, Telefax: +49 (0) 30 52 10 70 3-30, E-Mail: