A New Way of Conferencing: we.CONECT


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The highly interactive we.CONECT sessions @ Autonomous Driving - The Future of ADAS Conference 2014

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A New Way of Conferencing: we.CONECT

  1. 1. A New Way Of Conferencing we.CONECT Sessions Autonomous Driving – The Future of ADAS 2014 Autonomous driving, automated driving, cooperative driving, driver assistance systems Liability  X-by-wire technology Chassis control, chassis & safety  EuroNCAP and Safety  Intelligent transportation February 27 – 28, 2014  RAMADA Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz Germany  http://autonomous-driving.we-conect.com/en/ AN EXCEPTIONAL NETWORKING EXPERIENCE The Autonomous Driving – The Future of ADAS 2014 is an outstandingly interactive platform for Executives and Managers from the field of automated driving with highest aspirations for their business conference experience. Conferencing is taken to higher level! A unique combination of best practices and open communication awaits you. With carefully researched, high-topical event content, latest moderation methodologies, strategies of world-market leaders, Face2Face Strategy meetings, and the power of collective intelligence. ‘Lasting – Engaging - Pro-Active’ DISCOVER A NEW CONFERENCE CONCEPT Cutting-Edge Case Studies Cutting-edge case studies on strategic approaches, KPIs, project planning and operational implementation. Learn from the most successful solutions. These real business results serve as a basis for getting the most out of benchmarking against the competition. Get inspired in our Case Study Video… World Café Session Round by round, each café session initiates discussion on one thriving topic under the guidance of an assigned moderator. In a stimulating work atmosphere, participants interactively debate new perspectives and ideas. Experience the energy of the group. Solutions and results are illustrated and captured for after-conference use. In up to six sessions you experience intensive discussions, share innovative ideas and identify practical solutions. Get inspired in our World Café Video… Icebreaker Sessions Starting off just the right way! - Prior to the event, an Icebreaker Session invites to a first gathering with drinks, a relaxed atmosphere and small round tables with speakers, business partners and attendees. Glass in hand you make your way around getting first topical insights, valuable contacts and impressions for the days to come. Enjoy food and drinks at the opening evening and break the ice to get the show on the road. Get inspired in our Icebreaker Video… Challenge Your Peers Session we.CONECT wants to know more! What specific challenges are you facing in your projects? Which topics concern you? Upon your previous suggestions we develop a customized agenda and provide optimal support with topics that are really at the heart of your business. The sharing of collected knowledge and ideas enables highly focused discussions, exploration of other’s experiences and finding of best-fitted solutions for a lasting conference experience. Get inspired in our Challenge-Your-Peers Video… Autonomous Driving – The Future of ADAS 2014 · Agenda · Speaker · Registration · Join Today NETWORKING AT HIGHEST LEVEL WITH INDUSTRY PEERS