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An overview of the KE4CAP project - Roger Street


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An overview of the Stepping-Up Knowledge Exchange between Climate Adaptation Platforms (KE4CAP) project, produced for the first KE4CAP virtual knowledge exchange event on June 30th 2020.

Find out more about the KE4CAP project here:

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An overview of the KE4CAP project - Roger Street

  1. 1. Stepping-Up Knowledge Exchange between Climate Adaptation Knowledge Platforms This event has been organised with the financial support of the European Union’s Partnership Instrument. The opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.
  2. 2. 14:00 The KE4CAP project and aims of this event 14:10 Recent KE4CAP and related results: EU-Australia Bilateral KE events International Climate Change Adaptation Platform Meeting – Dublin (October 2019) International Climate Change Adaptation Platform Meeting – Japan (November 2019) 14:45 Future virtual KE activities (intentions and framing) 15:00 Getting together – virtual 15:20 Seeking views on proposed topics for virtual events 15:45 Introduction to KE4CAP survey 15:55 Next steps, likely timings and closing remarks KE4CAP: Introductory virtual KE event To engage more closely with web-based climate knowledge platform developers and operators - Introduce KE4CAP and promote engagement in the forward programme - Explore areas for potential future knowledge exchange activities: - Topics of potential interests and common and emerging challenges.
  3. 3. KE4CAP: Objectives and aims Promoting cooperation between CAPs in EU countries and within non-European major economies Providing a forum for web-based platform developers and operators to come together to: • Explore and learn from approaches; • Share knowledge and best practices; and • Work together to address common and emerging challenges. Overall aims: • To stimulate KE to advance cooperation and learning; and • To inspire the evolution of adaptation platforms in terms of scope, governance, content coverage, functionality and management.
  4. 4. KE4CAP: Partners and Engagement
  5. 5. KE4CAP: Timeline Virtual activities: 6-8 virtual events and a survey Bi-lateral activities: EU-Australia (3-5 March 2020), EU-Canada and EU-Japan (April-May 2021) Multi-lateral KE activities: ECCA 2021 (May-June 2021) → all dates to be finalised Jun Bilateral KE events (CAN, JAP) Virtual activites (4-6?) Information gathering: EU CAPs Global Exchanges ? Core Group/EU meetings [Int. CCAP meetings] Workspace May Oct 2019 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Nov Dec Jan Feb 2021 Mar Apr May Jun 2020 Jul Aug Sept