Let s imagine you have contributed to build the better bangladesh


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Encourage people to think out of the box. so that they can surprise us with cool and useful mobile applications

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Let s imagine you have contributed to build the better bangladesh

  1. 1. Let's imagine, you have contributed to build the BETTER Bangladesh. nhm tanveer hossain khan http://hasan.we4tech.com
  2. 2. Let's Imagine.... ...You just ate it! :)
  3. 3. "Let's imagine, you have contributed to build the BETTER Bangladesh."
  4. 4. You Imagine You are a super hero & You have infinite powers You have so much good and challenging tasks (like other hero who used to stop train, fight with bad boys) You never wait for direction rather you figure it out yourself! Like other super hero, you have a great POWER!
  5. 5. you can CODE! you are a CodeMan! because you are a software developer magician!
  6. 6. You develop Magic Box! Software is a Magic Box A box full of surprises You build magic spell through Code! Your spells contribute to build BETTER bangladesh!
  7. 7. Your Contribution You are developing WOWsome mobile apps! You are helping bangladeshi people to solve daily life issues through mobile apps Your creative mobile apps are so interesting that we are very dependent on your effort. Even though you are earning money for your contribution but we are loving it!
  8. 8. You can help to Solve daily life issues! Stock market Personal accounting Citizen notification (notify about tax changes or added tax, vat etc..) Helping to find out nearby restaurants! Find out nearby less queued CNG refueling station Find out nearby car workshop Find out less traffic overwhelmed road Book restaurant seat Book your place in Indian embassy visa application queue :)
  9. 9. At the end get a BETTER Bangladesh Improved citizen life style! Empowered citizen with handful tools Improved better communication alignment Improved citizen traffic system (as people are more involved on mobile apps and no time to travel ;) (let's imagine)) Expanding citizen's imagination boundary :)
  10. 10. Summarize "Imagination, Contribution and Betterment"  
  11. 11. "Let's imagine, you are a HERO.  you have contributed by building MOBILE APPS to build the BETTER Bangladesh."
  12. 12. So, Why mobile application development? Mobile is another Magic Box Almost everyone got a cell phone :) Everything on mobile! A small box of wonder! Magic spell are all softwares :) Room for proving creativity
  13. 13. What to do being CodeMan Out of the box thinking! Reinvent the wheel! (this time the better one) Be agile and pragmatic! Be focused and develop with GUT! Emphasis on user's need rather cOoL features!
  14. 14. btw!, Remember!- Mobile games are not the only KIND!! :)
  15. 15. Also, Remember!- Reinvent the WHEEL but this time the BETTER ONE!
  16. 16. Also++, Remember!- Let's not tradition drives you, you drive tradition :)
  17. 17. Last thing to Remember! - Change is EVERYTHING, Change is HOPE!
  18. 18. So what am i doing ? Crawling ? crawling like snake!
  19. 19. Being passionate Food lover, i'm building Restaurant review site.  (my weekend job) http://restaurant.welltreat.us
  20. 20. Who am i ? IT Director, Tasawr Interactive hasan@tasawr.com blog: http://hasan.we4tech.com Write code in Ruby on Rails and Java :)
  21. 21. Thanks!