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  1. 1. ONLINE PAYMENT ACTUAL SITUATION & POTENTIAL Mr. Trần Việt Vĩnh Business Excutive & PT Partner E-Wallet & Payment Gateway NgânLượ
  2. 2. CONTENT: • The success story of • Overview of The Online Payment Market • Why should businesses/ Individuals use E-Wallet?
  3. 3. The common forms of payment in E-Commerce Online payment gateway Bank: Internet/ mobile banking, ATM E-Wallet Through Telco: SMS, prepaid cards, accounts Delivering and collecting (COD)
  4. 4. Making Payment by Telco’s service 1) Text SMS 2) Prepaid Cards 3) Mobile Accounts
  5. 5. Making payment by Internet/mobile banking, ATM 1) Mobile/SMS Banking 2) Internet Banking
  6. 6. Making Payment by Intermediate Payment Gateway Banks Businesses
  7. 7. Making Payment by Intermediate E-Wallet Pay immediately or retain temporarily Deposit Buyers’ E-Wallet Sellers’ E-Wallet Withdraw Buyer’s credit card, bank account Seller’s bank account Online, Offline Online, Offline
  8. 8. Making Payment on Delivery (COD) Seller deliver goods and collect money at buyer’s place
  9. 9. CONTENT: • Overview of Online Payment Marker • Why should businesses/ individuals use E-Wallet • The success story of
  10. 10. REASON (1): VARIED AND SIMPLE PAYMENT METHODS: BANK AND NO-BANK DEPOSIT/ PAYMENT SOURCE WITHDRAWAL SOURCE Online Internet Banking – All banks in Vietnam Offline International credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB …) Transactions of NgânLượ Prepaid phone cards: Vinaphone, Mobiphone… Offline More than 30.000 postal transactions Online Banks Transfer to bank’s account Bank’s ATMs Transactions of NgânLượ
  11. 11. REASON (2): SAFETY Survey: Why don’t you (customers) go shopping onine? ??? Don’t want to disclose financial information on the Internet Want to see/ touch the product before buy it Enjoy searching online but buy the product at the store Don’t have bank account Worry about the risks after hearing several frauds Extremely high shipping costs Information of 650,000 credit cards may have been stolen 650,000 customers’ personal information of J.C Penney and 100 retailers may be damaged when the storage device was stolen. Sony: 75 million credit card accounts’ data is threaten by Play Station Hacking case. Hackers that broke in Sony’s PlayStation Network online service may have stolen its members’ credit card information.
  12. 12. REASON (3): TRUST BUYERS ARE PROTECTED WHEN THEY BUY PRODUCTS AND MAKE ONLINE PAYMENT Sellers (1) Irrevocable payment. (2) System automatically confirms after 7 days. (3) Must lodge a complaint before the detaintion period ends. Receive notifications of Shipping/ services Receive payment Dispute Resolve dispute Receive products? Certify
  13. 13. Reason (4): Sellers are protected (Charge Back) Solve troubles Protect the sellersReduce risks Verify the buyer: card, bank account, delivery address, valid documents (*) Leading technology, created by PayPal Automatically check the bank’s transaction history, prevent or warn the bank about suspects (*) Use tools that automatically prevent undesirable transactions: nation, IP address, buyer’s account type Contact the account holder, the issuing bank… to actively verify and process More than 2000 anti- fraud experts, working 24/7 in the world The lowest risk rate: less than 0.17% Be protected from Charge back by following the safety instruction Fraud Compensation Fund, nearly $200 million/ year Some sellers in Vietnam using other payment gateway loss money due to charge back up to 20%
  14. 14. VÍ ĐIỆN TỬ ƯA THÍCH NHẤT 2009 & 2010 REASON (5): REASONABLE EXPENSES THE MOST SUITABLE SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY BUSINESS E-Wallet ( Other solutions Initial cost 2M ~ 20M Free Maintenance cost 6M ~ 24M Free 2.000 ~ 6.000 đ 1.000đ + 1%Transaction cost + 2% ~ 4% Up to many months depend on each bank 1 ~ 24 hours,Integration time Every channel Suitable for Big businesses All Bank or not, both is possibleCustomer Depend on each bank Market Domestic Payment Domestic and more Charge-back Self Management Low risk rate, supported
  15. 15. CONTENT: • The success story of • Overview of Online Payment Marker • Why should businesses/ Individuals use E-Wallet?
  16. 16. The leading E-Wallet of online payment An eBay™ company • ~250 million accounts in 190 markets • $3 million USD of Mobile payment @ 2011 • ~100 million active users  Mobile payment interface  Mobile transfer app• ~110 billion USD each year TPV  Digital content payment solution • Millions of business are using it
  17. 17. Principal of operation Money source Withdrawal Buyers choose forms of payment Sellers choose forms of withdrawal Bank account Credit card or Debit Card Credit card’s account Bank account Balance of PayPal E-Wallet Balance of PayPal E- Wallet Shopping Confidential and Proprietary 17
  18. 18. Leading of Web & Mobile Payment  2010: $1.5 billion USD  2011: $3 billion USD  PayPal account for >50% of the Social Gaming payment market in the world Confidential and Proprietary 18
  19. 19. PayPal is more popular thanVisa/MC Number of PayPal accounts % of users prioritize PayPal* Compare with Visa Card & Master Card UK 20 million 35% Australia 5 million Precede Visa/MC USA 80 million Equal Visa/MC Europe 35 million 190 Markets ~250 million 31% 29% 23% Precede Visa/MC Equal Visa/MC
  20. 20. 200,000 subscribers Confidential and Proprietary 20
  21. 21. Customers only buy if there is PayPal Survey shows that: many customers decide to buy products just because the website allows them to pay with PayPal Businesses Buying rate because the website has PayPal
  22. 22. The world's leading brands choose PayPal Confidential and Proprietary 22
  23. 23. GÓI DỊCH VỤ “GIẢI PHÁP THANH TOÁN TOÀN DIỆN” TÍCH HỢP 2 TRONG 1: CÔNG CỤ THU TIỀN TỐI ƯU CHO WEBSITE BÁN HÀNG Vietnam’s businesses receive money from ~250 million buyers worldwide 5,000+ businesses receive payment from millions of buyers Confidential and Proprietary 23
  24. 24. Let’s share success! E-Wallet Business User Bank