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Unv 103 week 4 module 4 journal entry form


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Unv 103 week 4 module 4 journal entry form

  1. 1. UNV 103 Week 4 Module 4 Journal Entry Form PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREModule 4 Journal Entry FormJournal Background:To reflect on what you have read or studied so far in a course is an essential partof understanding. This journal entry form will provide a place for you to take sometime and reflect on the prompt below.Journal Instructions:A GCU student learns that personal accountability is vital to success inacademics as well as in a chosen career field. Demonstrate your understandingof personal accountability by picking two of the following stories and answeringthe applicable questions after each. Then, answer the wrap-up questions.______________________________________________________________________Story 1: Susie Single MomSusie enrolled in the online Bachelors of Science in Marketing program at GCU inthe fall of 2010. She is a single mom with two children under the age of 10 andshe works fulltime as a cashier for Target.Susie graduated with honors from high school, but got married and had childrenearly so she was not able to attend college like all her high school friends. Afterbeing married for 8 years, she now finds herself as a single mom with no collegedegree.Susie decided to attend GCU online because she dreams of starting her ownbusiness one day and wants to provide a better life for herself and her children.She enrolled in online courses because they are convenient for her. But she isfinding it hard to manage her time due to her job hours and her children’safterschool activities. She works nights three days a week and days twice a weekso she often does her homework late at night. Although she enjoys chatting withclassmates on the Class Wall, she lacks support from family and friends. Usingthe online library is a challenge for her as well because she has troublenavigating in the LoudCloud classroom.Now, after completing two courses online, Susie is considering dropping theprogram because of the stress, coursework, and lack of family support. She really
  2. 2. does not want to quit school because she is a good student and knows that acollege degree can make a difference in her life, but she is extremely frustrated.Story 1 Questions:1. What GCU resources could Susie have used to discuss her frustrations withsomeone at GCU?2. What tools/resources could Susie have used to help her manage her timebetter? How could she have prepared for unforeseen problems?3. How could people at GCU, including her instructor, have assisted Susiethroughout her time at GCU?_________________________________________________________________________Story 2: Mark, the Married DadMark, married with two teenagers, works full time as a computer tech andalthough he enjoys his job, he wants to become a Physician Assistant and earnmore money to send his kids to college. Mark started working right out of highschool, so he never took any college courses, but he recently read thatindividuals with college degrees earn more money. So, even though he has familycommitments and plays basketball in a city league on the weekends, he decidedto enroll at GCU online.Even though Mark was comfortable with computers, he still contacted hisacademic counselor (AC) before his course started to go through the onlineclassroom in LoudCloud because he had never taken an online course. After“walking” through his class, Mark decided to e-mail his instructor to ask about thecourse. Mark felt better after communicating with his instructor because hisinstructor provided some study tips for Mark as well as instructions on how tosubmit assignments in the LoudCloud classroom. Mark then bought extra printersupplies-paper and ink cartridges- so he would be prepared. He also downloadedall course materials ahead of time.After taking two courses online, Mark felt so at ease navigating throughLoudCloud and the GCU Web site, that he was able to assist his fellowclassmates with LoudCloud on the Class Wall. He also posted on the Class Wallsome tips he learned about time management and resources he gathered fromthe GCU Web site. Mark found a “technology buddy” in the Discussion Forumwho could contact the instructor for him in case he experienced computerproblems. Most importantly, he was able to network about career opportunitieswith his classmates in the Discussion Forum. After completing his first twocourses online, Mark had confidence to complete the degree program andgraduated with honors from GCU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.
  3. 3. Story 2 Questions:1. What did Mark do to ensure success at GCU?2. What resources did Mark take advantage of to assist him in completing hiscourse?3. Why is it important to be prepared before class starts?4. How can you prepare beforehand to succeed in your courses at GCU?_________________________________________________________________________Story 3: Harry, the High School GraduateHarry flew through high school with little effort and low grades. He was satisfiedwith average and below average grades as long as he could spend his free timeplaying video games. Harry approaches college with a similar view, not seriouslyconsidering the worth of college in terms of his future. Pressure from his singlemom, who has a high school diploma and works two jobs, compels him to trycollege. But high school was easy, so why would college be any more difficult?He registered for two courses at GCU online and immediately had problems withturning in assignments on time, classmate responses to his posts in thediscussion forum, and his grades. The feedback from the instructor seemedbrutal. Harry’s spelling, grammar, and writing style were the major targets of theinstructor’s comments. Taking notes online proved to be a challenge for Harry aswas using the GCU library because the online classroom was so different thanthe campus setting he was used to.Harry considered dropping out of college, because the college route “wasn’t forhim.” But he decided to e-mail his instructor to ask questions about the feedbackon his assignments. His instructor encouraged him to stay in school and use GCUresources to change his bad habits and improve his skills. Harry listened to hisinstructor’s advice and visited the Student Success Center where he made anappointment with a GCU tutor.The tutor provided some writing tips, study strategies, and note-taking advice forthe online classroom. The tutor also connected Harry to the librarian, whoexplained how the GCU library can help students. Harry began to feel betterabout completing his degree program. With his new strategies in place, Harrycompleted his courses and looked forward to the next ones.Story 3 Questions:1. What must Harry do to be more successful at GCU?
  4. 4. 2. What resources can Harry use to get him back on track?3. What resources can Harry use to improve the quality of his assignments?4. What must Harry do to master skills while completing the degree?5. How could he have prepared for unforeseen problems?__________________________________________________________________________Story 4: Frank the Fulltime YuppieFrank excelled in high school and planned ahead for years to attend college. Heearned scholarships to GCU and graduated with a Bachelor of Science inBusiness Administration. After working for two years for a large corporation,Frank decided it was time to move up in his career because he wanted to earnmore money.As a young entry-level professional, he decided to head back to GCU and earn aMaster of Business Administration in Leadership degree online. Frank jumpedright into his first two courses with his usual enthusiasm, but began to strugglewith how to manage his time. His work hours kept him at work until late, so hehad to find time to study during breaks. The online environment was new to himand confused him at times. The course work was harder than he anticipated, sohe struggled with tests and some homework assignments, as well as with usingthe GCU library.Frustrated, Frank quickly contacted his academic counselor (AC) and explainedhis issues. His AC referred him to the Student Success Center in the LoudCloudclassroom where Frank was able to view some tutorials about the library, learnwriting tips, and gather tools for success at GCU. She also showed Frank how toutilize the GCU Web site resources, chat with classmates about what timemanagement strategies they use, and call his instructor with questions aboutassignments.As a result, Frank stayed in his degree program and learned how to problemsolve using GCU resources as a tool. Frank will graduate in 2012 with hismaster’s degree and pursue that manager position he has always dreamedabout.Story 4 Questions:1. What could Frank have done better to prepare for the GCU onlineenvironment?2. What important first step did Frank take to find solutions to his problems?
  5. 5. 3. In what ways did GCU assist Frank in staying in his degree program?4. Explain how Frank took personal responsibility for finding solutions to hisproblems._______________________________________________________________________Wrap-up QuestionsAfter reading the stories and answering the questions, complete this journal entryform by answering the following questions:1. Of the people you read about, were their expectations realistic or not?Explain.2. How do you relate to the people in the stories you read?3. What can you do to meet the expectations that you face as a GCU student?