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  • Students and Teachers can easily find authoritative resources through sites like iSEEK Education. It has content from universities, government and established noncommercial providers. is a service that limits searches to the .edu, domain; and also offers to search dictionaries, encyclopedias and almanacs.
  • Best Internet Uses B Dodge

    1. 1. The Internet in Teaching and Learning Bill Dodge EDU 6606 Current and Emerging Instructional Technologies 6 November 2011
    2. 2. The Internet in Teaching and LearningWhile this slideshow is not a factual“Top 10” list of best uses for theinternet, these are among my top 10uses as I conduct myself as a studentand professional. The particular siteslisted can be easily replaced withcountless other sites. I thought these tobe good examples for each Internet useand some that I frequent.
    3. 3. # 1 - Search EnginesSearch engines allow teachers andstudents alike a gateway to information.Search engines such as Google Scholarprovide scholarly material while sites likeYahoo help with general searches andhave vast searchable content.
    4. 4. #2 - CommunicationThe internet provides a multitude offorums for communication. Asideemail, chat, blogs, discussion roomsand the like formal communicationsites such as SearchTeam andWimba Classroom provide teachersand students real-time collaborativeclassroom functions.
    5. 5. # 3 - Internet ResourcesStudents and Teachers can easily findauthoritative resources through sites likeiSEEK Education. It has content fromuniversities, government and establishednoncommercial providers. SearchEdu.comis a service that limits searches to, domain; and also offers to searchdictionaries, encyclopedias and almanacs.
    6. 6. #4 – Course AdministrationVirtual Classrooms via the Internetsuch as Blackboard providestudents and teachers a host offunctions from a single site.Everything from assignmentsubmission, testing, peerreviews, discussion boards andresource links can be found on theBlackboard website.
    7. 7. #5 – Education WebsitesEqually important to teachers andstudents are education websites. Notonly do these sites help you findcontent relevant to learning, they canhelp you avoid biased, non-factualsites that may be misleading. Be sureto check the sources!
    8. 8. # 6 – Web and aregood sites for tutorials, softwarereviews, design showcases plus lots of freestuff to use in web design. These sites alsooffer links to designers if you need help andcan also direct you to or offer webpublishing service.
    9. 9. # 7 – NetworkingTeachers and Students can makeuse of networking websites toprovide both formal and informalconnections and to promote socialinteraction and enhance professionalaffiliations. Classroom forums are atype of networking.
    10. 10. # 8 – Professional DevelopmentNo list for teachers and studentswould be complete without listing sitesfor professional development. SinceTroy State is a given, I am listing twoprofessional sites I use to further mydevelopment and increase my skillsets outside the university system.
    11. 11. # 9 – News & Current EventsRegardless of subject ortopic, student and teacheraccess to news and newsarchives as well as researchingcurrent events is a valuableresource provided through theinternet.
    12. 12. # 10 - MessagingFar beyond what email gave usyears ago, instantmessaging, tweets, blogs, andstatus posting on social sitesbroadcast to a defined audienceor the public at large. Studentsand teachers can use these toolsto keep in constant contact.