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Interested in a targeted, dedicated Bday program that delights customers on their special day, builds loyalty and drives revenue? In that case,’s birthdayflow might be of interest to you! On a daily basis you can co-celebrate the birthday of over 1.400 members.

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  1. 1. powered by WDM BelgiumBirthday pack Co-celebrate the birthday of +1.400 members/day+500.000 members/year
  2. 2. powered by WDM BelgiumBday member profile
  3. 3. powered by WDM Belgium Conditions Exclusive member advantageIncentives’ engagment of min. € 3.000 Offer integration: Min. 1 month Offer availability: at least 1 week « first come, first serve » basis YET advantage approval needed
  4. 4. powered by WDM Belgium[EXAMPLE A-BRAND]• Total incentives budget € 3.000• E-coupons worth € 3 each  1.000 e-coupon prints• Estimated voucher print rate amongst A-brand buyers = 5% [ conversion rate optimisation through testing ]• 20.000 co-branded Bday mails would be delivered
  5. 5. powered by WDM BelgiumMininum campaign engagement per sponsorship per gift € 2.500 [A-Z campaign handling: segmentation, campaign flow management, reporting]
  6. 6. powered by WDM Belgium Re- Opt-in Targeting BRANDING gatheringOPPORTUNITY @ Profiling MAGICMARKETING MOMENT Optimise your Bday pack funnel
  7. 7. powered by WDM Belgium Opt-in gatheringDuring « gift validation flow » or via template follow-up mail Oui je souhaite recevoir, aussi par email, des offres personnalisées, et être tenu informé par email des nouveautés d’ElectrabelOpt-in including e-mail, language, sex code and qualitative NAL* Automatic follow-up campaign possibilities Netto (€ 1) or bruto (€ 0.90) *Ultra qualification possibilities [case per case pricing]
  8. 8. powered by WDM BelgiumTailor made follow-up campaign @ € 500 CPM Min 1 week, max 1 month after Bday mail  Target openers and/or clickers eg. Trial offer on newspaper, extra e-vouchers, …
  9. 9. powered by WDM BelgiumTop responders analysis: € 3.500**Ultra qualification possibilities [case per case pricing]
  10. 10. powered by WDM Belgium Interested in a targeted Bdayprogram that delights customerson their special day, builds loyalty and drives revenue? Contact us