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What about Social Media in Belgium...

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Social Media Barometer

  1. 1. Because we’re curious & serious about your digital dialogues…
  2. 2. What about Belgium?
  3. 3. survey 8500 respondents – 16+ Representative for Belgian surfers
  4. 4. CREATORS
  5. 5. CREATORS Publish their own blog Have their own web pages Upload video they created Upload audio/music they created Write articles or stories and post them
  6. 6. 8%writes its own blog or website 1/3uploads and shares photos, videos, music, presentations!
  7. 7. Conclusion/ Belgians like to share content! Marketeer’s opportunity/ viral! Marketeer’s challenge/ Create succesfull viral campaign / Seeding! Looking for influencers who will share the message through their (vast) network / Mass vs qualitative reach
  9. 9. CONVERSATIONALISTS Updates his or her profile on social network site on a regular basis Posts updates on Twitter
  10. 10. 27%regularly updates his or her profile on a social network site But only2,7%actively twitters…
  11. 11. Conclusion/ twitter as an added value for marketeers? Marketeer’s opportunity / free consumer insights … just LISTEN / TALK to conversationalists and embrace CHANGE
  12. 12. CRITICS
  13. 13. CRITICS Post ratings/reviews of products or services Comment on someone else’s blog Contribute to online forums Contribute to/edit articles in a wiki
  14. 14. 21%reacts to blogs, forums or wikis But only HALF (10,5%) writes product or service reviews
  15. 15. Use of social media supporting a purchase (top 3) 1/3 compare prices Half compare product features Half read reviews and ratings But are we lead by this information? Only 22% agrees to be lead mostly by this kind of reviews for an important purchase…
  16. 16. When purchasing goods or services we value information sources differently: TOP : User judgement 35% Independant organisation 28% Expert 21% FLOP: someone from my social network 5% advertising 5% salesman 5%
  17. 17. Conclusion / we read, one fifth also contributes.. / but do we listen and act upon it? / we still trust experienced users the most! Marketeers opportunity/ reviews and ratings on comparaison sites will influence sales / website owners: publising reviews and ratings will boost website traffic
  18. 18. COLLECTORS
  19. 19. COLLECTORS Use RSS feeds Vote online for websites Add tags to web pages or photos
  20. 20. 6%uses RSS feeds 15%adds tags/votes to websites and photos
  21. 21. Marketeers opportunity/ collectors indicate to marketeers if the content provided is interesting or valuable
  22. 22. JOINERS
  23. 23. JOINERS Maintain profile on a social networking site Visit social networking sites
  24. 24. uses a social network
  25. 25. SPECTATORS
  26. 26. SPECTATORS Reads blogs Listens to podcasts Watches videos from others Reads online forums Reads customer reviews and ratings Reads tweets
  27. 27. 46%reads blogs/forums 32% watches videos/ listens to podcasts 50% reads reviews and ratings And again…, only 6%follow others on twitter
  28. 28. Marketeers opportunity/ place content where spectators are, not only on your own site / try to link creators to your company and motivate them to promote your brand, product or service. / Provide the right tools to do fun stuff!
  29. 29. INACTIVES
  30. 30. 14% 20%inactives
  31. 31. MORE?
  32. 32. Social media: when? How long? How often? Impact on personal contact? Regional differences? Socio-demo differences? Facebook vs Netlog popularity? LinkedIn as a professional tool? Number of friends – defriending? The surfer and his/her privacy: with whom are we willing to share? Are surfers willing to pay for social media access?
  33. 33. Contact me! An Louwagie WDM Belgium