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WDES 2015 panel: SECO Impacts on the Quality of the DSD and SoS


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Presentation at 9th Workshop on Distributed Software Development, Software Ecosystems and Systems-of-Systems - WDES 2015
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WDES 2015 panel: SECO Impacts on the Quality of the DSD and SoS

  2. 2. Same Location
  3. 3. Distributed Setting
  4. 4. Distributed Software Development Global Software Engineering
  5. 5. Time zone Language Culture DISTANCES
  6. 6. Communication Coordination Team spirit Trust IMPACT ON
  7. 7. What is it? Levels of dispersion Main issues Success factors PAST
  8. 8. Soft skills Solutions Cost Large-scale agile PRESENT
  9. 9. Quality
  10. 10. Product Process Collaboration Management QUALITY
  11. 11. Software Ecosystems
  12. 12. Keystones Users Developers ACTORS Technical Business Social PERSPECTIVES
  13. 13. Single development (Platform + Projects) Actors’ contributions Health and prosperity DDS vs SECO
  14. 14. Future Directions
  15. 15. Coordination mechanisms Product quality control Contributor certification Architectural standards Governance model Health indicators OPEN QUESTIONS
  16. 16. Quality framework Interdisciplinary work Joint research projects OPPORTUNITIES