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Build your site tonight, be blogging tomorrow


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Build your own professional and functional WordPress site in an evening for under $500. Shows how to leverage the power of premium themes and plugins to create a better site yourself than many developers will take months (and a much larger budget) to deliver.

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Build your site tonight, be blogging tomorrow

  1. 1. BUILD YOUR SITE TONIGHT ! BE BLOGGING TOMORROW ! (No Technical Skills Required)
  2. 2. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? • New business idea that you want to move fast on • Don’t want to wait months for a developer • Don’t have a big budget to hire a good developer • Want something that looks professional and will help build your business
  3. 3. Time to roll your sleeves up and do it yourself…
  4. 4. A LITTLE ABOUT ME • Co-founder of DIY Website Coach • Been creating WordPress sites since 2007 • Regularly create these sort of sites for clients • WordPress trainer
  5. 5. WHAT ARE WE BUILDING? • Solid, secure WordPress base (to keep hackers out) • Professional looking site (to give you credibility) • Integrated email opt-in (to build your list) • Fully responsive (works well on all devices) All with no coding, completed in a night for < $500
  6. 6. The End Result
  7. 7. SOME ASSUMPTIONS… • You already have a hosting account • You already have a domain name (and it is linked to your hosting account) • You can follow a few simple video tutorials - full videos available at:
  9. 9. INSTALL WORDPRESS • Manual install for extra security • Update basic settings (site title, tagline, permalinks) • Update user profile
  10. 10. Time Elapsed: 11 min ! Total Cost: $0
  11. 11. ADD PREMIUM THEME • Provides great functionality and design at a fraction of the cost of a custom theme • We use and recommend the Genesis framework • Wide range of child themes available • Clean, efficient code • Strong community support
  12. 12. Time Elapsed: 19 min ! Total Cost: $100
  13. 13. BACKUPS • Backups provide a safety net if something goes wrong • Scheduled backups provide peace of mind • Storing offsite provides extra protection • Safest not to rely on backups provided by your host • We use and recommend BackupBuddy
  14. 14. Time Elapsed: 24 min ! Total Cost: $180
  15. 15. SECURITY • Most sites are compromised by automated bots • Make it hard for them and they will just move on • Sucuri plugin provides 1-click hardening for the major vulnerabilities hackers exploit • Also regularly monitors your site for malware • Best of all, it is FREE
  16. 16. Time Elapsed: 27 min ! Total Cost: $180
  17. 17. FORMS & INTEGRATION • Every site needs a contact form • Premium form plugins can also integrate with your mailing list provider and PayPal • Allows you to easily build payment paths • We use and recommend Gravity Forms
  18. 18. Time Elapsed: 34 min ! Total Cost: $379
  19. 19. ADDITIONAL PLUGINS • eNews Extended (for email opt-in boxes) • Simple Social Icons • Jetpack (social sharing and related posts) • Akismet (comment spam protection)
  20. 20. Time Elapsed: 42 min ! Total Cost: $379
  21. 21. BASIC PAGES & MENU • About page • Services page • Blog page • Contact page • Remember to add the pages to the menu
  22. 22. Time Elapsed: 58 min ! Total Cost: $379
  23. 23. WIDGETS & BASIC STYLING • Available widget areas will depend on the theme you are using • Genesis themes have good tutorials on how to configure each area as per the demo • Access to community forum or support ticket system for additional help
  24. 24. WIDGETS & BASIC STYLING • In this case: • Background image • Welcome area on home page • Main sidebar (optin, brief about, social icons) • 3 Footer areas (key message, recent posts, search and tags)
  25. 25. Time Elapsed: 80 min ! Total Cost: $379
  26. 26. EXTRA CREDIT • Additional styling and branding • Directly update stylesheet • Visual aids such as Design Palette Pro or Genesis Extender (an additional $49)
  27. 27. COMMON QUESTIONS • What if I want to change themes later? • All your content will flow in to the new theme. Widgets may need to be moved and/or reset • What if I need more functionality? • You can alway add more functionality to the site as your business grows and evolves (e-commerce, memberships, etc)
  28. 28. NEED MORE HELP? • • build-your-site-tonight/ • diywebsitecoach • Twitter: @WarrenDenley