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The Flows of Celebrity


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The Flows of Celebrity

  1. 1. The Flowsof CelebrityWinnie De Moya Montclair State University February 20, 2012
  2. 2. Space of Flows “Space organizes time in the network society” (Castells, p. 407). The Information Age is ushering in a new urban form: The Informational City. By: Winnie De Moya
  3. 3. Informational City “Because of the nature of the new society, based upon knowledge, organized around networks, and partly made up of flows, the informational city is not a form but a process, a process characterized by the structural domination of the space of flows” (Castells, p. 429). By: Winnie De Moya
  4. 4. Is Twitter theinformational mega city? “Space is crystallized time” (Castells, p. 441). “Space is a material product, in relationship to other material products – including people – who engage in [historically] determined social relationships that provide space with a form, a function, and social meaning” (Castells, p. 441). By: Winnie De Moya
  5. 5. Case Study:Twitter & Whitney Houston A group of Twitter users knew of Whitney Houston’s death 42 minutes before it hit the press. By: Winnie De Moya
  6. 6. Twitter Space: Average Users “The first material support of the space of flows, is actually constituted by a circuit of electronic exchanges” (Castells, p. 442).  Twitter serves as this electronic exchange circuit  First tweet about Whitney’s death at 7:15 p.m. on Feb. 11th • Only 16 users responded By: Winnie De Moya
  7. 7. Twitter Space:The AP & TMZ “The second layer of the space of flows is constituted by its nodes and hubs” (Castells, p. 443).  When AP reported (tweeted) the announcement of her death at 7:57 p.m., it took 5 minutes for 3,000 users to respond.  TMZ followed shortly after and the news spread like wildfire. It’s estimated that Twitter disseminated the news of her death around North America in less than 30 minutes. By: Winnie De Moya
  8. 8. Twitter Space: Validity “The third important layer of the space of flows refers to the spatial organization of the dominate, managerial elites” (Castells, p. 445).  @AjaDiorNavy’s first tweet was lost in the ether of Twitter; the tweets from the AP and TMZ were not.  Verified accounts matter in terms of spreading the word of a big news item. By: Winnie De Moya
  9. 9. Monetizing Traffic: The Grammy Awards Immediately after her death was confirmed, Grammy executives ushered in Jennifer Hudson for a tribute to the star. During the Grammy’s, the velocity of tweets peaked at 10,901 tweets per second.  When Jennifer’s tribute began, the tweets ceased, and did not start again until her performance was done. By: Winnie De Moya
  10. 10. Monetizing Traffic:Glee & iTunes  On Feb. 14th, Glee cast member, Amber Riley, performed a rendition of the Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” on the episode ‘Heart’.  Executives of the show closed the episode with an epigraph, devoting the episode to Houston.  The original song skyrocketed to the top of iTunes downloads.  The Glee version sold well, as did Jennifer Hudson’s tribute. By: Winnie De Moya
  11. 11. Twitter Space: Unification Twitter provided a space directly after her death, during the Grammy’s, during her wake, and so on for celebrities, news sources and average citizens to communicate their reactions to her passing.  “A trend of cultural distinctiveness in the informational society is to create a lifestyle and to design spatial forms aimed at unifying the symbolic environment of the elite around the world…” (Castells, p. 447). By: Winnie De Moya
  12. 12. References Castells, M. (1996). The rise of the network society. Oxford: Blackwell. Hardimon, Z. (2012). Jennifer Hudsons Whitney Houston tribute so moving people stopped tweeting, Ad Age: LaFeber, W. (1999). Michael Jordan and the new global capitalism. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. Lotan, G. (2012). Timing, network and topicality: A revealing look at how Whitney Houston death news spread on Twitter, Social Flows Blog: Himler, P. (2012). Whitney, Twitter & SONYs Tin Ear, By: Winnie De Moya