DC Space Finding Tour | Rhode Island & New York Avenues, NE


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The Washington, DC Economic Partnership led a tour of retail, flex, industrial and office space available along New York Avenue, Rhode Island Avenue and North Capitol Street. The focus of the tour was to highlight new developments and opportunities for growth in various neighborhoods (1/30/14).

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DC Space Finding Tour | Rhode Island & New York Avenues, NE

  1. 1. Interactive Tour Map: bit.ly/DCWard5 JANUARY 30, 2014 Rhode Island & New York Avenues SPONSORED BY HOSTED BY Vincent C. Gray, Mayor New York Avenue/Bladensburg Road · Rhode Island Avenue, NE · Brookland · North Capitol · Brentwood · Woodridge · Union Market · Fort Lincoln/Dakota Crossing
  2. 2. 1ST ST RD CH UR CH K CR EE 20TH ST 14TH ST 13T H ST ST SH U LN DR CO LIN EY DR T 22ND ST AV E RN 24TH ST CHANNING ST L 33R D PL R D M RD AD EN SB UR 26TH ST AV E KE NI LW OR TH PL E SI D AV E RT H NN IE H EL E N B KE 34TH ST AV E IA ST ANA CO ST 44TH ST 35 TH OR TH NIL W ST 37TH RD 34TH ST O ST IA AN AC NE SO TA AV E NN CON TEXA SA VE ST S RN BU A LA BA M A AVE T OS SAVAN NAH ST AV E FO RT DA VIS ER N SO UT H D M AR YL AN 34T BRANCH AVE 32ND ST 33RD ST D ST GIANT FOOD D Congress Heights Oxon Run Parkway P ISSIP 38T H H ST 31ST PL 31ST ST ST AN M T SS S GRE M IS S AVIS DR F O RT D BRANCH AVE 23 RD AR YL SAVA 1 0T H PL 6TH ST R TE M 7TH ST S SA VA NN AH N T AH S I AVE HORNER PL 4TH ST PL HE RS JR AV E G ER KIN T MIN D M SQ AVE AMA ALAB N ST ER IE S T M A ST NTON RD BR T ES UC 15TH PL Congress Heights CA M D E HARTFORD ST ER AH T ANN SAV ST CONGRESS HEIGHTS SCHOOL LU TH PL 22ND ST MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE ST M B BANGOR S T (54) Rhode Island Row 274 residential units 70,000 sq. ft. of retail 3 restaurant openings in 2013 and 3 more expected to open in 2014 SAINT ELIZABETHS HOSPITAL 5T H W CO 33RD ST 32ND ST 33RD ST ST ST 16TH ST ELVANS R D C AP ST AIN G ER ST NE A AVE AM GOOD HOPE MARKETPLACE ER SP JA H Fort Stanton Park MALCOM X AVE BR OT RD AR YL AN RD E W AD ITOL ST WY SAINT ELIZABETHS EAST CAMPUS Pope Branch Park D UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS CENTER D PK ST GAINESVILLE ST EROY R D ELVANS RD AN E AV RR SAINT ELIZABETHS WEST CAMPUS Traffic Count (avg. weekday): 57,300–127,100 Traffic Count (avg. weekday): 19,500–37,600 MA RT IN HO PE YL O NA P OM TL S (45) Monroe Street Market / Monroe & 7th Street, NE Over 750 residential units at full buildout Future Tenants: &pizza, Busboys & Poets, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, restaurant from Meridian Pint Currently Open: Potbelly Deli, Catalyst, Analog T HS 18T 2ND S T RD ERIE AL LE Y JOINT BASE ANACOSTIA-BOLLING OD SAFEWAY GATEWAY PAVILION 4T GO ST RD STANTON RD S ANACOSTIA FREEWAY 14TH KIN G W AR D XA DR 3 0T H IA HO U.S. NAVAL STATION CORRIDOR STRENGTH T AB AL RR IS AVE AMA ALAB PARK DR V ST FUTURE SKYLAND TOWN CENTER RD RD UI D NR WE BO Fort Davis Park R HE O TE AV E AVE U ST 13TH ST JR AV E PL SHA NN ON T LU AS (36) Brookland Square / 1300 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 2 acre vacant lot Up to 300 residential units W ST M U.S. COAST GUARD HQ SA VE CARPENTER ST PE NN SY LVA N IA S GIN HO W AR D EV E NS AC HU SE TT N ST RE VIR ST MA SS N ST LC TIN AR M RD E AV A N A CO S T I A R D T EX GREATER SOUTHEAST M Southern Avenue G ST H ST HI L Anacostia NE R KE 22ND ST T HONFLEUR GALLERY DC LOTTERY M RD T ST ANACOSTIA PLAYHOUSE M A OT ES 30TH ST 16TH ST HALF ST 2ND ST 1ST ST 295 SU M N AY LO R E AV TA SO NE MIN S ST R ST DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPEMENT Poplar Point Anacostia R E AV Q ST VE CA MA Connecticut Avenue Georgia Avenue 7th Street, NW H Street, NE Bladensburg Road, NE Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue & South Capitol Street Minnesota Avenue & Benning Road Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE North Capitol Street Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Rhode Island Avenue, NE FO (27) Shops at Dakota Crossing / New York & South Dakota Avenues, NE 154,000 sq. ft. Costco (1st in DC) with attached gas station Dakota Crossing Townhomes, avg. home sales (’12-’13): $380,000 DIAMOND TEAGUE PARK FORT LESLIE J MCNAIR 19TH ST 17TH ST 16TH ST WN IRLA FA Anacostia River Park P ST TO PO F ST Fort Dupont Golf Course T DR ON UP L 28TH ST O ST E ST F ST NASH PL YARDS PARK 27TH ST 4TH ST WATER ST NATIONALS PARK MP NN MI 295 NAVY YARD D ST ELY PL (12) Hecht’s Warehouse / 1401-1455 New York Ave., NE 200,000 sq. ft. of retail available; 330 residential units Traffic Count: 57,300 – 72,300 Future Tenant: Mom’s Organic Market (16,000 sq. ft.) 25TH ST 8TH ST 2ND PL 4TH ST HALF ST 2ND ST 1ST ST SOUTH CAPITOL ST DELAW ARE AVE ST BOILERMAKER SHOPS TINGEY ST 295 STAN TO 3RD ST 6TH ST ER AT W US DOT C ST D ST RD E EY AV JERS E AV NEW E As funds become available new and existing small businesses will have the opportunity to apply for reimbursable grants of up to $85,000 per location to cover capital improvement costs along the 11 designated Great Streets corridors and District-supported revitalization areas. N ST L ST NAVY YARD CAR BARN M ST Fort Chaplin Park IN G N AI M DDOT FUTURE HARRIS TEETER DC GENERAL HOSPITAL I ST L ST CANAL PARK M Benning Rd N BEN M Waterfront/ SEU COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT Navy Yard BLA M B ST HARRIS TEETER K ST ST CONGRESSIONAL CEMETERY Potomac Ave MARINE BARRACKS HELLO CUPCAKE I ST K ST C ST E ST YES! ORGANIC MARKET G ST I ST BROOKS EAST CAPITOL ST D ST Eastern Market 395 RD (7) Union Market / Florida Ave. & 6th St., NE 45 acre site; 7-8 million sq. ft. of development in pipeline Future Tenant: The Angelika Film Center (8 screen theater opening 2015) The M Market is currently home to 18 small artisan retailers and food vendors VE AA OLIN CAR D ST TED’S BULLETIN Stadium-Armory I NG BLAINE ST C ST C ST NN RD 4TH ST HAYES ST A ST SA VE EASTERN MARKET TH SOU Capitol South G ST New York Avenue, NE Rhode Island Avenue, NE NA GAULT PL Minnesota Ave Fort Mahan Park LARGE DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL E AV A LIN ARO E ST The Great Streets corridors include: JAY ST RK BE VE YA 7TH ST RT NO GOOD STUFF EATERY C ST HC 15TH ST MA SS AC HU SE TT MATCHBOX East Potomac Park Golf Course SHERIFF RD 295 E DG RI 6TH ST 14TH ST Lincoln Park EAST CAPITOL ST E ST M ANACOS TIA A VE DEA NE AV E D UR GR BL AD EN SB AV E TR INID AD HO LB RO OK ST SE EA VE A ST SUPREME COURT CANNON HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING Federal Center SW SAFEWAY PA ST VE AA C ST K UC 9TH ST OM LAH OK AV E CONSTITUTION AVE 395 • • • • • • • • • • • 15T AV E LO MO NT EL 12TH ST Stanton Square INDEPENDENCE AVE W AS RAYBURN HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING HIN G TO N AV E FAA 12TH ST G AV E IA VI RG IN ES T W ST Union Station Plaza 1ST ST 3RD ST SIA UI LO Smithsonian ARENA STAGE TE E ST LIBRARY OF CONGRESS THE WHARF Deanwo FOOTE ST NT KE 1 4 TH ST ST 14T H RD O 5TH ST 6TH ST 5TH ST N LA RY MA 13TH ST E AV E L'Enfant Plaza M ST Metro StationM M D ST A N NATIONAL AIR & SPACE MUSEUM USDA ST LANE PL F ST VE DA The Great Streets Initiative is the Mayor’s multi-year and multiple agency M commercial revitalization effort to transform emerging corridors into M M thriving and inviting neighborhoodMcenters using public actions and M resources to leverage private investment in retail, housing, office space and cultural facilities. As of winter 2013 the Initiative has awarded more than $18.5 million to small businesses and retail developers, and has invested more than $100 million in streetscape improvements to beautify public space and to expand transportation options along the 11 Great Streets corridors. West Potomac Park RD 14TH ST HIRSHHORN MUSEUM JEFFERSON MEMORIAL BENN ING ATLAS THEATER G ST UNITED STATES CAPITOL SMITHSONIAN CASTLE US HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM I ST SEC UNION STATION ARTS & INDUSTRY BUILDING FREER GALLERY OF ART HA YE S NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY The Mall E D AV AN RYL MA 21ST ST Union Station Great Streets WASHINGTON MONUMENT L ST D ST LVA NIA AV LAS MEADE ST M ST 17TH ST M AV E 3RD ST Judiciary Sq E ST C ST PEN NSY Retail/Restaurant Arts/Tourism Education Government TE NN ES M UG N ILW O TT S 11TH ST IND CONSTITUTION AVE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY 4TH ST H ST NORTH CAPITOL ST 1ST ST HU SE 10TH ST Archives/ Navy Mem'l Tour Route Langston Golf Course & Driving Range I ST 9TH ST M VE AA IA N M NEA L ST MO RS E ST 7TH ST WOOLY MAMMOTH THEATER AA VE 8TH ST Federal Triangle GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY K ST 4TH ST HARMAN CENTER FOR THE ARTS HOTEL MONACO SHAKESPEARE THEATRE RD SS AC NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM F ST MO UN TO LIV ET H ST G ST NATIONAL THEATER The Ellipse M 2ND ST 15TH ST H ST VERIZON CENTER WOODIES BUIDLING WARNER THEATER MA GALLERY PLACE M NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART T 1ST ST THE HAMILTON Gallery Pl/ Chinatown M WY L ST 2ND ST 14TH ST 17TH ST Metro Center PK O FO BANK LS DO OD 6TH 1ST ST 5TH ST 7TH ST 4TH ST 395 WALGREEN’S YO! SUSHI PANERA BREAD Lafayette Square THE WHITE HOUSE 6TH ST 11TH ST 13TH ST 9TH ST SAFEWAY BUSBOYS & POETS KUSHI VIDA GYM RENAISSANCE HOTEL CITYCENTERDC NE A WO ST H ST Mcpherson Square Noma/Gallaudet U/ New York Ave ATF U.S. DOJ EMBASSY SUITES M I ST B RENT VE KA OR 4T WY NE K ST Farragut Square 3RD ST SUMMIT PL AA VE Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Mount Olivet Cemetery Brentwood Park FL OR ID K ST Anacostia River Park 5T H ST FL OR ID P ST E AV RK YO M ST WASHINGTON CONVENTION CENTER FUTURE MARRIOTT MARQUIS L ST AVE Y JA Farragut North BR EN TW O BL LINCO LN RD 8TH ST RM 1ST ST W NE N ST M Y OR K National Arboretum AVE Mt Vernon Sq/ Convention Center M ST 2ND ST 1ST ST 3RD ST E ON T AV 13TH ST 14TH ST VE EY JERS O ST N ST 31ST ST T HS 2ND ST 4TH ST 5TH ST 16TH ST AV E AM T ST R ST E AV Logan Circle P ST A E AV E IS Shaw/Howard University NEW NA TA T ST S ST M V ST NEW YORK AVE N O M PS HI RE U ST NEW OD RH - D HOWARD THEATER D LAN W ST V ST M Shaw/Howard University D Rhode Island Ave D AN M HOWARD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL YL AR M ADAMS ST 42ND ST GEORGIA AVE JO VE SHERMAN A ON CLI NT 18TH ST 17TH ST 15TH ST 16TH ST 12TH ST 13TH ST 9TH ST 10TH ST 7TH ST 8TH ST 4TH ST 14TH ST PARK PLACE 19TH ST RO CK E AV A BA PE BRYANT ST E M U ST R ST 395 O N TA N A CH VE DA LAN NS IS DE EE QU M R HO V ST Q ST Tidal Basin RD FRANKLIN ST GLENWOOD CEMETERY AV S ST WWII EMORIAL RG EVARTS ST HOWARD UNIVERSITY T ST C ST U SB EN AD A FRANKLIN ST McMillan Reservoir U St/African American Civil War Mem'l/Cardozo D ST ST BRYANT ST F LORIDA M TA VIS TA GIRARD ST B OMM O D O R E C HAMLIN ST TRINITY COLLEGE RD Farragut West E AV IRVING ST KO DA CHILDRENS NATIONAL MEDICAL CENTER E AV H UT SO M IC HI GA NA VE RTLE MY BL AV E KA NS AS 17TH ST LAWRENCE ST W ST M MONROE ST N T NT S A Brookland/ CUA VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER IRVING ST COLUMBIA RD M NEWTON ST M E AV D AN YL AR ASA M N THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE WASHINGTON HOSPITAL CENTER Columbia Heights C IGA ER ST EA IRVING ST LAMONT ST CH MI M ER ST MT PLE TIVOLI THEATER THE BASILICA RVARD ST RA LO KA FRANCISCAN MONASTERY WARD MORTON ST D RD OTIS ST CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA PARK RD E ST PA RK R Georgia Ave/ Petworth HOLMEAD PL NE WTO N ST MO NRO M RD ILL D AN YL AR ING OD RD QUINCY ST SPR O HAREW T ITOL S CAP RTH NO ROUTE OVERVIEW WY PK BUN KE RH TAYLOR ST M SHEPHERD ST RANDOLPH ST NCH VARNUM ST 2ND ST 9TH AV E AS AR KA NS 17TH ST TAYLOR ST FO R 18TH ST AVE Grant Circle PETWORTH LIBRARY UPSHUR ST
  3. 3. BL AD EN S BR EN T 5TH ST 4TH ST 3RD ST 2ND ST SUMMIT PL 1 12 HECHT COMPANY’S WAREHOUSE T ST N FAIRFIELD INN HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS RETAIL FUTURE WALMART E AV 13 11 10 DAYS INN NA TA LINC OLN RD COMFORT INN & SUITES N O M A TIK TAVERN Nationa Arboretu AV E IA 7 T D A RYL MA H ST Washington Gateway ND LA RY MA AV E 8 CONSTITUTION AVE H RT NO CA M AVE INA 8TH ST J NEW 395 ERSE I ST ST DDOT 2ND PL 2ND ST 4TH ST HALF ST E Y AV SPECS 4,500 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Anthony Lofrumento / Summit ST K Commercial Real Estate, LLCCOURTYARD BY / / 202-682-9115 MARRIOTT tlofrumento@summitcre.com L ST 1401 Okie Street MARINE BARRACKS 1401 Okie Street, NE HELLO CUPCAKE CANAL PARK M ST 26TH ST 21ST ST 19TH ST Stadium-Armory C ST NAVY YARD CAR BARN 14TH ST M Potomac Ave Hecht’s Warehouse 1401 New York Avenue, NE HARRIS TEETER I ST SPECS 94,961 SF available / Immediately / Sale Only CONTACT Mark Mallus / CBRE / 202-585-5618 / mark.mallus@cbre.com FUTURE HARRIS TEETER SPECS 26,440 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Harry Dematatis / CBRE / 202-783-8200 / harry.dematatis@cbre.com USE Office/Retail/Flex M OFFICE 13 DC GENERAL HOSPITAL H E ST G ST M RETAIL/OFFICE RFK MEMORIAL STADIUM D ST MATCHBOX Navy Yard 12 YES! ORGANIC MARKET TED’S BULLETIN 1135 Okie Street, NE 1225 4th Street, NE VE YA T SOU L A RO HC K UC INDUSTRIAL/FLEX Eastern Market 1135 Okie Street LA OK 1225 4th Street EASTERN MARKET D ST E ST 17TH ST VE NT KE 11 301 N Street, NE MA SPECS SS 27,246 SF available / Immediately AC HU CONTACT JenaSBelinkie / CBRE / 202-585-5559 / ET TS Jena.Belinkie@cbre.com A AA LIN RO C ST OFFICE 10 M 301 N Street 16TH ST Florida Avenue & 6th Street, NE SPECS 45 acres (entire site) SF available / TBD CONTACT Steve Boyle / Edens, Inc. / sboyle@edens.com VE GOOD STUFF EATERY Capitol South Lincoln Park 15TH ST Union Market 14TH ST LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SPECS 27,818 SF available / Immediately / Sale Only - $9m CONTACT Lance Schwarz / INDEPENDENCE AVE NAI The Michael Companies / CANNON HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING 301-918-2938 / lschwarz@naimichael.com C ST OFFICE/RETAIL/FLEX MA AVE HO C ST A ST EAST CAPITOL ST 300 Morse Street, NE 9 D ST EE AV E 13TH ST INDUSTRIAL/FLEX SUPREME COURT 300 Morse Street SPECS 7,991 - 41,623 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Jay O’Donnell / CBRE / 202-585-5639 / jay.odonnell@cbre.com TE NN ES S 12TH ST 1ST ST 7TH ST Stanton Square Maurice Electric D500 Penn Street, NE E ST 11TH ST Union Station Plaza E AV THEATER SPECS 50,581 SF available / Immediately / Sale Only - $7.3m CONTACT John Uhar / Uhar & Company, Inc. / 202F ST 965-3400 / jguhar@yahoo.com RETAIL 10TH ST 7 INDUSTRIAL BENN ING R 411 New York Avenue, NE ATLAS G ST SPECS 5,200 SF available / 2014+ CONTACT Matt Robinson / MRP Realty / 202-7199000 / mrobinson@mrprealty.com 9TH ST 5TH ST UNION STATION 4TH ST 2ND ST 3RD ST Union 8TH ST M 20,000 SPECS Station- 30,000 SF available / 2017 SEC CONTACT Jim Woods / The JBG Companies / 240333-3755 / jwoods@jbg.com HECHINGER MALL 411 New York Avenue New York & Florida Avenues, NE H STREET CONNECTION 6TH ST New York Ave @ North Capitol Street 6 TAYLOR GOURMET E AV ND I ST I ST TRUORLEANS GIANT FOOD Capitol Point SOUTH CAPITOL ST INDUSTRIAL/FLEX L ST 17TH ST K ST SE ST M ST 5 22ND ST NORTH CAPITOL ST MART INDUSTRIAL/FLEX NE AL ST MO R BL AD EN SB 4 AA VE HO LB RO OK ST GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY TR INID AD 3 RETAIL FL O RETAIL RID UR GR AV E 9 L ST GE OL SPECS 12,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Mark Sullivan / Cassidy Turley / 202-463-1126 / mark.sullivan@cassidyturley.com RD ES T T MO UN TO LIV ET W LS Y LO HARRIS TEETER NE A WO KW MO NT EL 2 8 M U.S. DOJ CHOOL 6 Noma/Gallaudet U/ New York Ave ATF CVS FLORIDA AVE MARKET 3 B RENT 64 New York Avenue, NE P OD 6T HS 2 1ST ST N ST 1 EW 5 UNION MARKET 4T H E AV RK YO 64 New York Avenue Brentwood Park 4 AA VE Mount Olivet Cemetery 5T HS T FL OR ID Y VE KA OR VI RG IN W NE 1ST ST NE NO. 12 E AV W ST SPECS up to 135,000 sq. ft. SF available / Timeframe: Please Inquire K ST CONTACT Norman Jemal / Douglas Development Corporation / 202-638-6300 / L ST njemal@douglasdev.com CONGRESSIONAL CEMETERY 2060 West Virginia Avenue 2060 West Virginia Avenue, NE SPECS 3,400 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Jonathan Golub / JG Realty, Inc. / 202638-1900 x2 / golub0000@aol.com
  4. 4. 1 YES! ORGANIC MARKET FRANCISCAN MONASTERY OTIS ST CVS okland/ CUA B 28 NEWTON ST BROOKLAND TRUE VALUE MONROE ST ST ON CLI NT SH U LN DR CO LIN RITE AID EY DR 24TH ST 22ND ST AV E RN FO R A HA SC O N TA N N EE QU M AVE BA T EVARTS ST 37 RD A FRANKLIN ST 36 RG JO CHUCK BROWN PAVILION U SB EN D A OMM O D O R E C BL 18TH ST 17TH ST 16TH ST 15TH ST 14TH ST 13TH ST 12TH ST D 10TH ST N ST E AV WOODRIDGE LIBRARY 35 A ST DC BRAU TA FLIP IT BAKERY VI KO DA 33 HAMLIN ST GIRARD ST 29 H UT SO 34 IRVING ST 30 E AV A YL AR 32 E RTL MY E AV 31 N RITA’S M ER ST EA LAWRENCE ST CHANNING ST L 33R D PE PL R D BRYANT ST 31ST ST RD D AD EN SB UR O BR EN TW O W ST COMFORT INN & SUITES 14 16 DAYS INN N O M 15 17 18 19 20 21 NA TA HECHT COMPANY’S WAREHOUSE V ST BL D 27 G RD 14T H AND ROW 15T ST T HS HOME DEPOT NEW YORK AVE 23 22 24 26 25 FAIRFIELD INN HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS FUTURE WALMART E AV 14 15 OFFICE/RETAIL C SHOPS AT DAKOTA CROSSING Anacostia River Park 16 DEVELOPMENT SITE 17 RETAIL National Arboretum RETAIL Mount Olivet Cemetery WY RD Square 4268 SPECS 2,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Mark Stofko / Commercial Real Estate Associates / 703-212-2009 / mark.stofko@verizon.net SPECS 14.73 acres (entire site) / Immediately / Sale CONTACT Gerald P. Trainor / Transwestern / 202-7757091 / gerry.trainor@transwestern.net UR GR TAYLOR GOURMET RYL MA ATLAS THEATER G ST 2101 New York Avenue 2101 New York Avenue, NE N LA RY MA F ST VE SPECS 13,230 SF available / Immediately DA CONTACT Peter Marx / DLY Realty Group LLC / 240328-8500 / dlyrealtygroup@gmail.com E ST HA YE S NEVAL THOMA ELEMENTARY EDUCARE PARKSIDE MIXED-USE REDEVELOPMENT D TE 2205 New York Avenue 2400-2410 T Street SPECS 7,500 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Peter Marx / DLY Realty Group LLC / 240328-8500 / dlyrealtygroup@gmail.com SPECS 1,944 SF available (1.5 acre site) / Immediately CONTACT Gary Taubin / StreetSense / 240-479-7191 / gtaubin@streetsense.com SPECS 16,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Harry Schnipper / International Realty Group / 202-544-3230 / executivedirector@bluesalley.org 2115 New York Avenue, NE 2205 New York Avenue, NE OM LAH OK 2400 - 2410 T Street, NE VE AA AV E E H ST H ST TH ST INDUSTRIAL/FLEX 2115 New York Avenue D ST TH ST 21 I ST HECHINGER MALL BENN ING R RETAIL VE DA AN O FO CTION 20 L RETAIL ST SPECS 6,300 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Peter Marx / DLY Realty Group LLC / 240328-8500 / dlyrealtygroup@gmail.com 26TH ST 19 17TH ST SE ST 21ST ST MO R Langston Golf Course SPECS 1.3 acres (entire site) / Immediately / Sale & Driving Range CONTACT Peter Marx / DLY Realty Group LLC / 240328-8500 / dlyrealtygroup@gmail.com 2001 New York Avenue, NE SI D BL AD EN SB AV E NE AL ST HO LB RO OK ST RETAIL TR INID AD 18 M ST New York Avenue & Bladensburg Road, NE 2001 New York Avenue PA RK ST K AV E LO MO NT EL ET TY 2001, 2101, 2114 New York Avenue New York & Montana Avenues, NE D 1818 New York Avenue, NE DEA NE AV E International Business Mall T W ES T VI RG IN IA AV E MO UN TO LIV ET PARK REDEVELO
  5. 5. 22 INDUSTRIAL/FLEX/OFFICE 23 INDUSTRIAL/FLEX 24 INDUSTRIAL FLEX 25 INDUSTRIAL FLEX 3300-3350 New York Avenue 3325 V Street 3370 V Street 3525A V Street SPECS up to 78,638 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Norman Jemal / Douglas Development Corporation / 202-638-6300 / njemal@douglasdev.com SPECS 20,000 SF available / 2Q 14 CONTACT Fred Farshey / Stanley Martin Commercial, Inc. / 301-654-7000 / ffarshey@ stanleymartincommercial.com SPECS 20,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Fred Farshey / Stanley Martin Commercial, Inc. / 301-654-7000 / ffarshey@ stanleymartincommercial.com SPECS 7,700 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Fred Farshey / Stanley Martin Commercial, Inc. / 301-654-7000 / ffarshey@ stanleymartincommercial.com 3300-3350 New York Avenue, NE 26 DEVELOPMENT SITE 3325 V Street, NE 27 RETAIL 3370 V Street, NE 28 OFFICE/RETAIL 2100 South Dakota Avenue Shops at Dakota Crossing 2900 Rhode Island Avenue SPECS ~1 acre / Immediately CONTACT Fred Farshey / Stanley Martin Commercial, Inc. / 301-654-7001 / ffarshey@stanleymartincommercial.com SPECS 55,500 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Lisa Stoddard / CBRE / 202-783-8200 / lisa.stoddard@cbre.com SPECS 7,740 SF available (0.26 acres) / Immediately / Sale Only - $650,000 CONTACT Daniel Lusk / Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. / 709-683-0400 x6614 / 2100 South Dakota Avenue, NE 30 RETAIL South Dakota & New York Avenues, NE 31 RETAIL 2900 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 32 RETAIL 3525A V Street, NE 29 OFFICE/RETAIL 2377-2379 Rhode Island Avenue 2377-2379 Rhode Island Avenue, NE SPECS 3,864 SF available / Immediately / Sale Only - $550,000 CONTACT Dennis Anderson Jr / Dennis Anderston Construction / 301-843-7400 / danderson3@dennisandersonconstruction.com 33 OFFICE/RETAIL 2214 Rhode Island Avenue 2211 Rhode Island Avenue 2006 Rhode Island Avenue 1809 Rhode Island Avenue SPECS 2,000 SF available / Immediately / Sale Only - $749,000 CONTACT Mary Kay Welch / Investors Management, Inc. / 202-462-1874 / marykay@investorsmanagement.net SPECS 1,100 SF available / Fall 2014 / Retail / Office CONTACT Faraji Whalen / Menkiti Group / 202-487-9565 / faraji@menkitigroup.com SPECS 2,009 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Lonna Hooks / Keller Williams Capital Properties / 703-801-3036 / lrhooks1@gmail.com SPECS 4,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Richard Corley / Corley Enterprises / 202294-7222 / rscorley171@yahoo.com 2214 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 34 RETAIL/OFFICE 2211 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 35 RETAIL 2006 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 36 RETAIL 1809 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 37 RETAIL/OFFICE 1717 Hamlin Street 1522 Rhode Island Avenue Brookland Square Brentwood Village SPECS 707 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Nina Gilchrist / Gilchrist & Associates, Inc. / 202-832-8910 / ninargilchrist@mris.com SPECS 2,500 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Kohav Lyani / Avis-R / 301-770-1701 / klyani@aol.com SPECS 2 acres (entire site) / TBD CONTACT Ben Lazarus / MAC Realty Advisors / 202296-0009 / blazarus@macrealtyadvisors.com SPECS 1,000 - 10,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Charles Beyda / JUD Leasing / 212-2739600 x12 / CBeyda@judleasing.com 1717 Hamlin Street, NE 1522 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 1300 Rhode Island Avenue, NE 1301-1333 Rhode Island Ave NE
  6. 6. HIL LR D 41 OTIS ST 40 HAMLIN ST T HS ST ON 24TH ST G RD ST W ST 44 RETAIL 45 COMFORT INN & SUITES 5TH ST RETAIL RETAIL BL AD EN SB UR BR EN TW O O D 43 CHANNING ST D SPECS 1,700 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Richard Corley / Corley Enterprises / (202) 294-7222 / rscorley171@yahoo.com R 14T H 3737 12th Street, NE L RD 3737 12th Street PE SPECS 75-180 SF available / Immediately BRYANT ST CONTACT Heather Bouley / SCRAP DC / 202-827-4547 / heather@scrapdc.org HOME DEPOT Rhode Island Ave 4TH ST CLI NT 18TH ST A 3101 12thVEStreet, NE 54 OFFICE O 22ND ST M N TA SCRAPA DC N RHODE ISLAND ROW GIANT FOOD 3RD ST E AV EVARTS ST VE DA LAN E IS OD M TA 39 38 53 HA SC RH ST RITE AID N EE QU FORMAN MILLS A ST CHUCK BROWN PAVILION 52 SAVE A LOT VI FRANKLIN ST 50 WOOD ETERY RETAIL WOODRIDGE LIBRARY 49 FRANKLIN ST 2ND ST 41 ARTIST STUDIO / GALLERY SPACE FLIP IT BAKERY GIRARD ST 55 17TH ST IRVING ST TRINITY COLLEGE 51 16TH ST 10TH ST 8TH ST 40 SPECS 2,250 SF available / Immediately / Sale Only RITA’S - $660,000 VE CONTACT Ellerson Spurlock / REMAX / RTLE A MY 301-652-0400 / leespurlock@mris.com 2636 12th Street, NE KO DA 4TH ST SPECS 140 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Faraji Whalen / Menkiti Group / 202-487-9565 / faraji@menkitigroup.com LAWRENCE ST H UT SO 7TH ST 9TH ST THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE 2636 12th Street 2630 12th Street, NE 15T 48 44 46 47 CUA TOWN CENTER 2630 12th Street MONROE ST 15TH ST 45 NEWTON ST BROOKLAND TRUE VALUE 14TH ST N M E AV 13TH ST IGA CVS Brookland/ CUA 12TH ST CH MI THE BASILICA V ST DAYS INN NEW YORK AVE FAIRFIELD INN HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS N O M SUMMIT PL 20TH ST FRANCISCAN MONASTERY CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA 42 OFFICE 14TH ST 42 13T H ST YES! ORGANIC MARKET 39 D OD RD 43 OFFICE AN YL AR 19TH ST M O HAREW C 38 NA TA HECHT COMPANY’S WAREHOUSE T ST FUTURE WALMART E AV E AV RK YO AV E WY 47 OFFICE 48 RD 49 501(c)(3) ONLY INDUSTRIAL/PAD SITE SPECS 2,885 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Faraji Whalen / Menkiti Group / 202-487I ST 9565 / faraji@menkitigroup.com TRUORLEANS GIANT FOOD D AV E SE ST SPECS 5,300 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Faraji Whalen / Menkiti Group / 202-4879565 / faraji@menkitigroup.com TAYLOR GOURMET G ST L ST 2800 8th Street 415 Michigan Avenue, NE YL AR ATLAS THEATER VE DA AN M SPECS 40 - 7,000 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Tim Murphy / Theological College / 202I ST 286-0977 / murphyt@cua.edu HECHINGER MALL H ST H STREET CONNECTION 415 Michigan Avenue BENN ING R D 2800 8th Street, NE SPECS 0.65 acres site / Immediately / Sale Only $1.75m (Under Contract) CONTACT Roger Uhar / Uhar & Company, Inc. / 202-965-3400 x3 / rogeruhar@yahoo.com 26TH ST 3329 8th Street, NE K ST MO R 21ST ST 3329 8th Street 17TH ST 3407 8th Street M ST HO LB RO OK ST NE AL ST L ST TR INID AD AA VE BL AD EN SB LO GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY Langston Golf Cours & Driving Range UR GR AV E FL OR ID 3407 8th Street, NE TO LIV ET IA PK SPECS 2,518 SF available / Immediately CONTACT David Ward / H&R Retail / 410-308-6350 / david@hrretail.com T M T OD SPECS 1,031 - 3,058 SF available / Fall 2015 CONTACT Jeffrey Handler / Asadoorian Retail MO Solutions / 202-333-9066 / jeff@asaretail.com UN MO NT EL HARRIS TEETER LS WO 600-700 Monroe Street, NE 6T HS U.S. DOJ ST INDUSTRIAL FLEX Noma/Gallaudet U/ New York Ave NE A 5T HS T 46 ATF 4T H Y UNION MARKET FLORIDA AVE MARKET B RENT Monroe Street Market Arboretum 901 Monroe Street, NE SPECS 4,400 SF available / Immediately Brentwood Park CONTACT John Camp / Divaris Real Estate, Inc. / 301-231-4877 CONTACT Morris Battino / 202-269-3333 / mbattino02@gmail.com VE KA OR 3748 10th Street, NE VI RG IN W NE SPECS 1,100 SF available / Immediately National The Arcadia at Brookland Mount Olivet Station Cemetery ES T 1200 Perry Street, NE Brookland Center W 1200 Perry Street
  7. 7. COLLEGE HOWARD THEATER LA OLN RD RETAIL/OFFICE AA VE E AV RK 1ST ST 4TH ST 5TH ST 6TH ST N ST 1430 North Capitol Street 1430 North Capitol Street, NW M 58 59 RETAIL/OFFICE M ST WALKER JONES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SAFEWAY BUSBOYS & POETS KUSHI VIDA GYM CENTER FUTURE MARRIOTT MARQUIS 395 57 58 59 RETAIL/OFFICE K ST GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL EMBASSY SUITES 14TH ST 1410 North Capitol Street 1410 North Capitol Street, NW M SPECS 800 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Khaliah Hall / CityDwellers / Metro 202-350-9034 HAMILTON Center WARNER THEATER NATIONAL THEATER WALMART RENAISSANCE HOTEL WALGREEN’S YO! SUSHI PANERA BREAD MA 1310 North Capitol Street Gallery Pl/ H ST HU SE GALLERY PLACE 1310 North Chinatown Capitol Street, NW M SPECS 5,300 SF available / Immediately G ST NATIONAL CONTACT Sanjay Khanna / Investar / 571-332-3324 NATIONAL VERIZON MUSEUM OF BUILDING investar02@gmail.com CENTER AMERICAN /ART F ST WOODIES BUIDLING HOTEL MONACO HARMAN CENTER FOR THE ARTS WOOLY M E ST GIANT FOOD SS AC TT S AV E M Union Station SEC MUSEUM Judiciary Sq UNION STATION ST CITYCENTERDC 2ND ST on e M HARRIS TEETER CVS SPECS 1,500 SF available / Immediately ConventionSPECS 4,776 SF available / Please Inquire Center CONTACT Emmanuel Woldu / A & A Realty, Inc. / CONTACT Norman Jemal / Douglas 301-793-1216 / emman_wol@yahoo.com Development Corporation / 202-638-6300 / WASHINGTON njemal@douglasdev.com CONVENTION Noma/Gallaude New York Av NORTH CAPITOL ST Mt Vernon Sq/ ATF U.S. DOJ 1ST ST 1629 North Capitol Street, NW 7TH ST 9TH ST 11TH ST 13TH ST 1629 North Capitol Street FLO MA O WY NE AVE GIANT FL OR ID P ST Y ERSE O ST 56 1ST ST OLD ENGINE COMPANY NO. 12 CITYMARKET AT O STREET DS BIG BEAR CAFÉ E AV 57 Logan Circle R ST University 3RD ST RETAIL E IS ND M J NEW 56 S ST SPECS 3,348 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Andrew O’Neill / O’Neill Realty Advisors, Shaw/Howard LLC / 202-741-9405 / anfew@orallc.com VE R SPECS 1,479 - 3,533 SF available / Immediately CONTACT Bradley Buslik / H & R Retail, Inc. / 240482-3609 / bbuslik@hrretail.com OD RH BOUNDARY STONE 330-340 Rhode Island Avenue, NE MO NT AV E 13TH ST 14TH ST 2300 Washington Place, NE TUDIO HEATER RUSTIK TAVERN LINC Rhode Island Row T ST T ST Shaw/Howard PROGRESSION PLACE University 330-340M Rhode Island Avenue SOURCE THEATER 8TH ST OM & ARD D 3RD ST U St/African American Civil War Mem'l/Cardozo U ST WINDOWS CAFE 2ND ST HOWARD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL V ST SUMMIT PL M 2ND ST M H OFFICE SPECS 22,722 SF available / Immediately / Lease or Sale ($6.5m) CONTACT Evans Sealander / Sealander Brokerage, Ltd. / 202-544-2800 / esealander@ sealanderbrokerage.com W ST 3RD ST 55 2607 Reed Street, NE SPECS 20,596 SF available / Please Inquire BRYANT ST CONTACT Norman Jemal / Douglas ADAMS ST Development Corporation / 202-638-6300 / njemal@douglasdev.com 4TH ST THEATER 2607 Reed Street 806 Channing Place, NE FUEL PIZZA FUTURE HOWARD TOWN CENTER RETAIL/OFFICELINCOLN Jemal’s Channing Place SPECS 47,750 (Retail); 26,000 (Office) SF available FROZENYO / Immediately CONTACT Len Harris / Vanguard Realty Group / 301795-1453 / lharris@vanguardrealty.com E YES! ORGANIC MARKET 54 GLENWOOD CEMETERY 514-680 Rhode Island Ave NE POTBELLY SPECS 25,000 SF available /ORIDA F L Immediately A CONTACT Anthony King / Core Ventures,VLLC / 301951-6580 / aking@coreventures.net INDUSTRIAL HOWARD UNIVERSITY Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center 705 Edgewood Street, NE 53 INDUSTRIAL FLEX McMillan Reservoir 1ST ST 705 Edgewood Street 52 RETAIL/OFFICE 2ND ST 51 5TH ST INDUSTRIAL FLEX E GEORGIA AV 50 VE SHERMAN A M IC HI GA NA VE
  8. 8. NOTES