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WDCEP Overview | Entrepreneur Road Map


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WDCEP's organization overview presentation at its Entrepreneur Road Map's Finding Talent and DC Labor Laws seminar held at Venable (6/11/14).

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WDCEP Overview | Entrepreneur Road Map

  1. 1. Finding Talent Kristen Freeman Division Director Beacon Hill Associates A Division of Beacon Hill Staffing Group
  2. 2. HOW to find talent • Referrals • Create and harness your own referral network • Industry associations, networking events, alumni organizations, social media • LinkedIn • Employee referral programs • Post Ads • Craigslist, Idealist, Monster, CareerBuilder, HillZoo, Roll Call • Contact universities • Attend job fairs
  3. 3. HOW to find talent • Staffing Firms • Do the leg work for you • You only interview pre-screened, qualified applicants • Flexibility; temporary, temporary-to-hire, direct hire options • Understand Who & What You’re Looking For • Required v. Preferable Skills • Career path? Next step? • Define your expectations
  4. 4. Reviewing Applicants • NO Cover Letters • Require a writing sample • Writing test • Reviewing Resumes • Education, experience, skills/certifications, accomplishments • Decent layout, expression of skill set, follow requirements • LESS THAN 10 SECONDS
  5. 5. Phone Screen • First Impressions • Trust your gut • Ask Tough Questions • Why on a search? • Reasons for leaving past positions? • Salary history? • Allow Time For Questions From Your Applicant • Evaluates interest • Be candid
  6. 6. Interview Questions • Fact Finding • Technical • Behavioral-based • Hypothetical
  7. 7. Behavioral Interviewing “Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” - Aldous Huxley •Example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem •Tell me of a time when you motivated others •Example of a time when you set a goal and achieved it •Tell me of a recent situation when you dealt with an upset customer or coworker
  8. 8. Assessing the Interview • Consistency and confidence • Tone, inflection and delivery • Body language • Do you like the answers? • Intelligence, resilience, organizational skills, decision-making, problem solving, energy, competitiveness, goal orientation, relationship-building