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The Office of Partnerships & Grant Services presented at the Washington, DC Economic Partnership's Doing Business 2.0 seminar on Starting a Nonprofit (7/10/13).

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Starting a Nonprofit | OPGS | Doing Business 2.0

  1. 1. Doing Business 2.0 Nonprofit Presentation for Venable LLP Responsive Government Promoting Partnerships for a Better DC
  2. 2. Mission To enhance the capacity of District government agencies, community and faith-based organizations, nonprofits, to identify, apply, and secure resources that advance the Mayor’s One City Action Plan and top public policy priorities – including education reform, financial stability, job creation, public safety, self determination, and sustainability… Core Functions Grant and Resource Development Support District’s State Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Executive Leadership and Organizational Development Training and Technical Assistance Donations Solicitation Oversight and Management Collaboration and Partnership Building Best Practices
  3. 3.  Funding Alerts  Weekly online publication with Federal, Foundation, & District government, competitive grant opportunities, DC government procurement links + resource announcements are on OPGS’ website see:  Sign Up today for your copy  Grants Information Resource Center (GIRC)  OPGS staff support + four computer stations with access to searchable competitive grant funding databases such as:  Foundation Center Grant Postings –  GrantsDirect Grantmakers Listings –  Grant Station International Insiders – insiders
  4. 4.  OLA – Latino Community Development Grant $1.4M (8/13/13)  OSSE – 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant $1.2M (9/6/13)  HHS – Supporting the Continuum of Care: Building Ryan White Program Grantee Capacity to Enroll Eligible Clients in Affordable Care Health Coverage Program $9.1M (7/29/13)  UPO – Community Service Block Sub-Grant $250K (7/31/13)
  5. 5.  Introduced by Mayor Gray as part of the FY14 Budget - The One City Fund with $15M in competitive grants for nonprofits  Administered by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region (CFNCR) and now called The City Fund  Grants up to $100 will be awarded for program support and capacity building support  Nonprofits with an active 501 (c) (3) and operating budgets of $100K or more serving District residents are eligible to apply  CFNCR plans to release RFPs for program grants (10/13) and capacity building grants (2/14)  How to apply – Go to or for more details
  6. 6.  Organize Documentations  501 (c) (3) Certificate, DUNS Number, Tax Identification Number, SAM Registration, IRS 990 & DCRA Certificate of Good Standing, Indirect Cost Rate  List of Key Office Personnel, Board of Directors, Consultants, and Partners along with their current bios and resumes  Organizational Strategic Plan including – Mission, Goals and Objectives, and Evaluation Methodology – Operating Budget, & Audited Financial Statements  Utilize the Funding Alert, GIRC, Foundation Center, to identify grants and eligibility requirements  See the Faith and Communities in Action Grant Writing Resource Guide @  Proposal Writing Tips  Develop a comprehensive, and compelling proposal – use accurate/current data explaining why the funder should care, how your approach is different, & can make an impact  Demonstrate how your proposal meets the needs of the target population rather than yours otherwise you might set yourself up for failure  Describe the existing gap – e.g. knowledge, resource, or service – what is ought to be, and how funding can improve the proposed solution  Identify collaboration opportunities – built on shared values, missions, and resources
  7. 7. Office Address: 300 E St. NW, Washington , DC 20001 Main Office Number: (202) 727-8900; FAX (202) 727-1652 Director, Lafayette A. Barnes (202) 727-8901, email: Deputy Director/Manager, Nonprofit and Faith based Relations: Pat G. Henry (202) 727-0946, email: Donations Manager, Cesar Vence (202) 727-7996, email: Special Projects Volunteer: Kathy DeBoe, (202) 727-7998, email: Special Assistant, Njambi Kuria, (202-727-8900), email Staff Assistant: Javon Wells, (202) 727-8900, email: OPGS Contact Information