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Wether we are designers, developers, project managers or copywriters - we are all managing expectations when we are designing for experience. This talk will introduce methods to gather insights and identify touch points throughout the services we create. You will walk away with a better understanding of the magic behind turning a like into love.

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Off The Map

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  3. Can experiencebe designed? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  14. “Usability is not everything. If usabilityengineers designed a nightclub, it wouldbe clean, quiet, brightly lit, with lots ofplaces to sit down, plenty of bartenders,menus written in 18-point sans-serif, andeasy to find bathrooms. But nobodywould be there. They would all be downthe street at Coyote Ugly pouring beer oneach other.”- Joel Spolsky
  15. 1. What are customer touchpoints?2. Why touchpoints matter?3. How to identify/improve touchpoints?4. How to translate customer touchpoints into a project?5. Q & As Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  16. 1.What arecustomertouchpoints? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  17. DESIGN Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  18. CONTEXT Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  19. GETCONTEXTUAL! Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  20. “[...] every point in time thecustomer touches or connects withyour company throughout the entireproduct/service delivery; pre-,during and post-purchase.”- Touchpoint Experience (2004) Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  21. “[...] every point of contact -online and off eachcommunication, humanresource, branding, marketingand sales process initiativecreates touchpoints ... Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  22. The quality of touchpointexperiences drives perceptions,actions and relationships.”- Touchpoint Metrics (2003) Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  23. Touchpoints =Interactions
  24. Digital Experience Customer Social Service Media Channels Interactive MarketingCredit:
  25. How do I improveour customerexperience? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  32. 2.Whytouchpointsmatter? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  33. Touchpointsmake or breaka good experience. Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  35. “We connect people who have space tospare with those who are looking for a placeto stay. Guests can build real connectionswith their hosts, gain access to distinctivespaces, and immerse themselves in theculture of their destinations...”- Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  49. 3.How to identify/improve customertouchpoints? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  50. Identify the needs, the wants and the how tos. Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  51. Touchpointsevolve fromuser insights Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  52. Don’t just scratch the surface Credit:
  53. It’s about the INSIGHTS Credit:
  54. Research Concept Build Runcustomer surveysbenchmark sitemapusability testing flowchart design user teststakeholder wireframing <code/>interviewsexperience maps Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  55. The customer experienceprocess starts at themoment the customerbecomes aware of yourcompany. Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  56. Map out acustomerjourney Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  57. ? Customer Journey Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  58. Document that visuallyillustrates•an individual user’s NEEDS.•series of INTERACTIONS, necessary to fulfill those needs.•EMOTIONAL STATES a user experiences throughout the process. Credits: Chris Risdon Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  59. Key Benefits•Encourages conversation and collaboration.•Highlights the flow of the customer experience.•Enables stakeholders to discuss opportunities for improving customer experience. Credits: Chris Risdon Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  61. “We understand what isand what is not importantto the customer in thatexperience and then wedesign a WOW experienceto improve it.”- Richard Sollery, Senior Director of Consumer Experiences, LEGO
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  64. •Formal approach to describing experiences.•Starts with the description of a specific customer.•Life cycle of experiences: before, during & after.•Easy to use and simple to understand. Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  68. 4.How to translatetouchpoints intoa project? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
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  70. Break down the silos Tweet me @wdbecvar  Credit:
  71. WRAP UP•Identify the needs, the wants and the how to’s.•Identify the touchpoints.•Look for the gap and fill it.•Make your touchpoints count. Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  72. Can experiencebe designed? Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  73. “A beholder mustcreate his ownexperience.”- John Dewey, Philosopher Tweet me @wdbecvar 
  74. Good UX meansthat everyonewins. Tweet me @wdbecvar  Credit:
  75. Thank You!@wdbecvarPS: I’m very interested in new hacks :)If you spot one make sure to tweet a picand use #hackspotter
  76. LINKLIST• experience-maturity• and-opportunities•• experience-maturity••• cycle.html• Tweet me @wdbecvar