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Week3:Assignment C


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Week3:Assignment C

  1. 1. Individual  Concept  Mapping   Exercise  #1
  2. 2. Concept  Mapping
  3. 3. 1.  Write  down  5  key  words  that  you  have   used  on  the  concept  map. •  IBM  Research  homepage   •  researchers   •  annual  report   •  feedback   •  Open  House  2010
  4. 4. 2.  IdenHfy  3  most  important  sentences  that   you  have  used  in  the  concept  map. •  IBM  Research  homepage  shows  profile  of   researchers.   •  IBM  Research  homepage  has  series  of  annual   report.   •  IBM  Tokyo  has  held  Open  House  2010  in   February  16th.
  5. 5. 3.  Write  down  the  definiHon  of  5  key  words   that  you  have  used  in  the  concept  map. •  IBM  Research  homepage…Website  which  tells   research  of  IBM  Tokyo.   •  researchers…People  who  research.   •  annual  report…Report  which  has  be  provided   by  a  year.   •  feedback…Response  of  user.   •  Open  House  …IntroducHon  of  company  for   students.    like  Open  Campus.