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Using Storify for Professional Show and Tell


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If you’re an online new junkie (or a social media junkie), you’ve probably seen Storify used to present media story or events as they’ve unfolded online. But have you thought about using Storify yourself to document your department’s work? At Emory University, Wendy Darling has for the past couple of years been using Storify to document how her department and the university as a whole handles pitching big stories online, and what the results have been. When a major medical research finding is released, how does Emory present it online? Where are the news releases? Video? Tweets? Facebook posts? Media coverage? Bloggers analyzing? What’s Twitter saying? Using Storify, Wendy has created packages that, once completed, can present a clear picture of how stories played out. These packages can be shared with leadership, with professors, and with others in communications and marketing. Rather than a dry report or a list of media hits, Storify can offer an interactive, “Wow”-generating report that gives people an idea of the value of communications and marketing.

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Using Storify for Professional Show and Tell

  1. 1. USING STORIFY FOR PROFESSIONAL SHOW & TELL Wendy Darling | Emory University HighEdWeb Southeast 2014
  2. 2. • Curate the web, including social media • Collect articles, tweets, videos, & more • Add comments • Tell the story of a story • Share the story – embed, link, tweet • Many prominent users • Major media sites • Non-profit groups & political advocacy groups • Colleges & universities • Communications & marketing firms
  3. 3. HOW IS STORIFY NORMALLY USED? • Breaking news • Events • Movements • Reactions • Controversies • Commenting on news • Media analysis • Sharing conversations • Collective storytelling
  4. 4. EXAMPLES • People Magazine • Celebs React to the U.S.'s World Cup Win • Twitter reactions to Hillary Clinton cover • Human Rights Watch • Luxembourg: 17th Country to Pass Marriage Equality • Tiananmen Massacre: Eve of 25th Anniversary • Chicagoist • Techweek Reaps a Whirlwind With Sexist Party Invite Backlash • 32 Injured As Blue Line Train Plows Into O'Hare Station • UC Berkeley • Bike to Berkeley Day 2014 • Randy Schekman awarded 2013 Nobel Prize
  5. 5. WHY DO WE USE IT?
  6. 6. WHY DO WE USE IT? • Document how stories played out in media • Document coverage of specific topics • Reference for future communications planning • Prove our worth to executive-level management • Show professors & researchers what we’ve done • Provide management & faculty link to share • Easy way to have links at your fingertips • Share stories on social media as they unfold
  8. 8. EXAMPLE 1 Media – General Media – Local Media – International Media - Science or Health Twitter Facebook Emory – Storytelling Emory Clinical / Research Resources
  9. 9. EXAMPLE 2 External Media & Rankings Emory University • News Releases • Emory Magazine • YouTube • Alumni Association • School of Medicine • etc. Emory Healthcare • Advancing Your Health Blog • Transplant Center • Plastic Surgery
  10. 10. EXAMPLE 3 Media Coverage – Emory Specific Health / Medical / Science Coverage - Emory Specific Twitter - Emory Specific Coverage of Other Institutions in "Chain 221” National Kidney Registry Emory University & Emory Healthcare Other Institutions - Medical Centers, Transplant Centers
  11. 11. EXAMPLE 4 National & Major City Media International Media Health, Medicine & Science Media Autism Orgs & Media Emory Communications Partner Organizations Sample Twitter (Doctors) Sample Twitter (Non- Media, Non-Doctors)
  12. 12. HOW IT’S HELPED US “Here’s What Happened” Internal documentation “Here’s What We Did Last Time” Future Reference “Here’s the Proof” Showing to Exec. Mgt., Deans, Dept. Chairs, Profs. “See What’s Happening!” Socia Media
  13. 13. HOW TO CREATE
  14. 14. CONTACT Wendy Darling Health Sciences Communiations, Woodruff Health Sciences Center Emory University, Atlanta, GA @wcdarling