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Psycho final-tjy


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Published in: Education
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Psycho final-tjy

  1. 1. Name:Tay JitYing0319002,Yan Wai Chun0319626,Khoo Ming Sen0319659,Chai ChinEe 0907P72950 PSY30203 Interpersonal attraction and close relationship Tay Jit Ying 0319002 Yan Wai Chun 0319626 Khoo Ming Sen 0319659 Chai Chin Ee 0907P72950 Course Code : PSY30203 Lecturer : Ms. Norul
  2. 2. Name:Tay JitYing0319002,Yan Wai Chun0319626,Khoo Ming Sen0319659,Chai ChinEe 0907P72950 PSY30203 We had come out with the idea to create a house design which will be focusing on ways to improve the interpersonal attraction and close relationship for a family which consists of the parents itself and also a kid which is about 0-2 years old. The name of our design is called ‘Proximitè’ which has the same meaning as proximity in English which means the physical closeness between two individuals. Besides, we also came out with a caption “Ideal home, Ideal life” to reminds the client about how important the design of a house can influence the way we see things and how it can affect our lifestyle. Moreover, the design of this house is more to the architectural psychology rather than just aesthetic value. The design of this house includes three Psychology concepts which are Proximity, Secure attachment style and also Similarity. To enhance the proximity between family members, we decided to construct the house at a land with lush greeneries so that the family members are more exposed to the natural environment and also staying away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur city life allows the family member to spend more quality time together. Furthermore, the kitchen and living room is placed before the master bedroom so that the husband will always meet his wife even before putting down his working bag right after work. In addition, we also create a living room with lots of glasses surrounding the area so that more sunlight could penetrate through the living room as we had come to understand that sunlight could increase visual comfort which can enhance the physical attraction between the couples which is an important factor in interpersonal attraction so that there will have intimacy in their relationship. Relaxation timber deck on the other hand allows privacy between the couple after a long day and is a good site to start a conversation and the presence of water from the swimming pool improve positive emotional responses during a conversation which will helps the conversation to keeps going.
  3. 3. Name:Tay JitYing0319002,Yan Wai Chun0319626,Khoo Ming Sen0319659,Chai ChinEe 0907P72950 PSY30203 Moreover, our design is more towards producing a child with secure attachment style by designing the baby room just beside the master bedroom which is connected by a door so that the parents could react to their children’s needs once they noticed them. The parent can be more responsive to their children as the playing room is designed with glass so that the parents could do their work peacefully by leaving their kids to play alone and also take care of their kids at the same time. For example, if the baby is thirsty and certain help is needed to reach their water source, his mom who is cooking could easily notice their children needs and respond by giving them the help they need especially for infant which is the crucial time for types of attachment style to be formed. By doing this, less aggressive and more mature children could be form for the future. We also apply the psychology theory of similarity where we try to provide as many different areas for the family members to do the same activity together in the house. For example, swimming pool besides the house provides the place for the family to share their time together. Moreover, parents could use this advantage by encouraging their kids to learn swimming and make swimming a hobby. Besides, this means that they share the same interest and gain a new topic to discuss during an interaction. There is also sofa placed in the living room so that the family will feel more comfortable when watching television together compared to a hard chair where probably they wouldn’t so much time together. Reading corner is also implemented in this house as it allows the family to be taught and learn at the same time. By sharing more interests together, they will produce reciprocal liking which is to like those that like us as we share the same interest, attitude, value and belief. For the colour of the wall, red paint will be applied in the working room so that the family will be better at skills that required accuracy and attention to detail, such as catching spelling mistakes or keeping random numbers in short-term memory and blue colour for the
  4. 4. Name:Tay JitYing0319002,Yan Wai Chun0319626,Khoo Ming Sen0319659,Chai ChinEe 0907P72950 PSY30203 wall in the baby room and also at the wall of the reading corner as they will get better at task which require some imagination, such as coming up with a design. In conclusion, a good design of house will definitely influence the relationship between a family and all of the family members play an important role in keeping a healthy relationship. However, a good design of house is not enough as the couple have to put effort in creating consummate love by having three elements which are passion, intimacy and commitment in their relationship.