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Beat the banana 2012 welcome pack


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By World Cancer Research Fund

Published in: Sports, Health & Medicine
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Beat the banana 2012 welcome pack

  1. 1. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)Welcome Pack
  2. 2. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) Welcome to your be at th e ba na na ! packThank you for supporting World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) by takingpart in our annual Beat thE BANANA! 5k fun run on Thursday 17 May 2012in Londons Hyde Park.By taking part in this event and raising a suggested minimum sponsorshipamount of £100 you are helping WCRF UK in its continuing fight to preventcancer through funding scientific research and providing public educationprogrammes.This pack provides you with everything you need to know about taking partin our Beat thE BANANA! 5k fun run, including a route map, details onsetting up an online fundraising page, sponsorship hints and tips and race dayinstructions.If you have any questions, or require further information, please don’t hesitateto contact the Events Team at or by calling us on020 7343 4200.We look forward to seeing you on race day!Best wishes,The WCRF UK Events Team! 01
  3. 3. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) Rac e day ins tru cti ons Everything you need to know for race day! • DATE: Thursday 17 May 2012• REGISTRATION: Opens at 5.15pm to collect your running number. We recommend you arrive by 6.00pm at the latest to avoid any delay to the race• RACE START TIME: 6.30pm• DISTANCE: 5 kilometres or 3.1 miles• START/FINISH LINE: Bandstand, by the Queen Elizabeth Gate entrance to Hyde Park• WARM UP: Courtesy of Fitness First Victoria, a 15 minute warm up session will take place at 6.10pm• NEAREST TUBE: Hyde Park Corner on the Piccadilly Line• BANANA: No tripping or hindering the banana• FIRST AID: Provided by St John’s Ambulance• WATER: Provided at the start/finish• MARSHALS: Will be dressed in yellow bibs directing you around the course• CAUTION: Please be aware and considerate of other park users on the day, e.g. cyclists and walkers• BAG STORAGE: There will be a storage facility by the start/finish line that will be watched at all times. But space is limited, so please only bring essential items with you• WC’s: There are public toilets near the start/finish line• MEDAL/GOODY BAG: These will be given out at the end of the race• TROPHY: A trophy will be awarded to the top three fastest men and women• TIMING: As this is a fun run, we will not be timing you. If you wish to know how long it took you to complete the route please time yourself 02
  4. 4. 03 ROUTE MAP World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) Bandstand - Toilets for Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Start/Finish line changing Line) nearest Underground
  5. 5. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) Sponsorship hints & tips1 One of the easiest ways to collect sponsorship is by setting up a free WCRF UK online fundraising page. WCRF UK have teamed up with Virgin Money Giving to offer you a really simple way to collect donations! Turn over the page for details on how you can set up your very own page in less then ten minutes!2 Ask everyone to sponsor you. If you don’t ask, they can’t say yes. Carry your sponsorship form with you at all times and don’t be afraid to pull it out at any given opportunity – at work, with friends, in the gym, or even when you bump into someone you know in the supermarket!3 Think about who will make a large donation (i.e. close relative, friends or your employer) and make sure these donations are at the top of your sponsorship forms – other people sponsoring you will often follow their example! Ask those people sponsoring you to put down their full name and home address (not work)4 including postcode, and tick the Gift Aid box, if applicable to them (see sponsorship form for criteria). WCRF UK can claim back the tax on most sponsorship donations, which means we receive an extra 28 pence per £1 donated at no extra cost to the sponsor. However, we can only do this if we have the persons full name, home address and if they themselves have5 written their details on the form; you can’t do it on their behalf. You don’t need to raise the money all by yourself. Enlist the help of your friends and family to collect on your behalf – this will broaden the network of people who may sponsor you.6 Set yourself a fundraising target, and don’t be too conservative; the challenge is just one of the things that makes fundraising exciting! We would like to encourage all runners to raise a minimum of £100 in 2012! Once people know how much you are aiming to raise, they will be there to support you and help achieve this target.7 At work, apply for matched funding from your company and ask about their charitable donation policy. Some employers will match sponsorship pound for pound and this would double your efforts!8 Ask for the donation ‘up front’ – this will save the post-event hassle of chasing up people’s promises. If you ask people to donate to you via your unique and secure online fundraising page the money is taken straight from their bank account so there is no need for you to follow up on their pledge.9 Why not add a sentence, asking people to sponsor you via your online fundraising page, to your automated signature on your email. This way, everyone who receives an email from you will know that you are taking part in an event for WCRF UK.10 Publicity, publicity, publicity. Shout about what you are doing from the rooftops. The more people know what you are doing, the more people can support it. We can help contact your local media, but you can display posters to let people know that you are raising money for WCRF UK. 04
  6. 6. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) ONL INE FUND RAISIN G PAG EWCRF UK are encouraging all runners to raise £100 in sponsorship money to help in its fight toprevent cancer through scientific research and education programmes.WCRF UK have teamed up with Virgin Money Giving to offer you a simple way to collectdonations! See how easy it is by visiting andclicking on Events in the Find out more section on the left and selecting WCRF UKs Beatthe Banana! 5k fun run 2012 from the list of events.10 ways to squeeze more out of your fundraising page• Tell a story - Take every opportunity to tell people why you’re doing what you’re doing.• Keep people coming back - Treat your Virgin Money Giving page like a blog - add photos andupdates whenever you can.• Make it personal - Tailor your emails and text messages asking for sponsorship - and don’tforget to send out thank you messages afterwards.• Start close to home - Ask your closest (and most generous) friends and family to sponsoryou first - you may find other people match their donations.• Talk to your charity - They might be able to give you stuff to use on your page or on letters,flyers and posters promoting your event.• Get Gift Aid - Encourage your sponsors to give Gift Aid - it adds money to their donationswithout costing them any more.• Don’t leave your fundraising at home - Promote your fundraising around work or school - useposters, flyers, message boards and the intranet.• Spread the word using social media - Sites like Facebook and Twitter are free, easy to useand reach a large audience.• It’s never too late - Keep asking people to sponsor you, even after you’ve finished yourevent.• Don’t forget to customise your Virgin Money Giving page - Add the photo gallery featureand share snaps of your fundraising. Personalise your page with your own content and links.Link up with your Facebook page. 05
  7. 7. Please generously sponsorWorld Cancer Research Fund(WCRF UK) is committed topreventing cancer. WCRF UK is who is taking part in thethe principal charity dedicatedto the prevention of cancerthrough the promotion ofhealthy diets, physical activityand weight management.Scientists estimate that bymaking changes to the food 5k fun run on Thursday 17 May 2012we eat, increasing the amount to supportof physical activity we do andmaintaining a healthy weight, World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)about a third of cancers couldbe prevented.By spreading the good newsthat about a third of cancerscan be prevented, WCRF UKhopes that many thousands oflives will be saved.The sponsorship money thatyou raise will help WCRF UKcontinue its vital scientificresearch and educationprogrammes into cancer •prevention.WCRF UK thanks you foryour support, time, effortand wishes you… World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK), 22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HHGOOD LUCK! •Tel: 020 7343 4200 •Website: •Email: Registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Registered Charity No: 1000739) © 2012 World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) “Stopping cancer before it starts”
  8. 8. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)Sponsor Form World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) can claim back the tax on every sponsorship donation and receive an extra 25p on every £1 donated at no extra cost to you!Name: Please tick the Gift Aid box if you would like to GiftAddress: Aid your generous donation, and clearly state your full name, home address and postcode. This information is necessary to claim the Gift Aid. We do not use thesePostcode: Tel: details to mail you.Email: Remember: Full name + Home Address + Postcode + ✔ + Date Paid = Gift AidDate of event: Please note: You need to have paid an amount of income or capital tax gains equal to the amount of tax we claim back on the donation.PLEASEASK YOUR SPONSORS TO COMPLETE THE FORM THEMSELVES First Name Surname Home address Postcode Total Gift Aid Date (use two lines if necessary) (use two lines if necessary) amount Declaration paid (please tick) YOUR FULL NAME HOME ADDRESS POSTCODE £10 ✔ DATE TOTAL £Please return your form and sponsor money to:Beat the Banana! Team, World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK),22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HH For WCRF UK use only: Date money received Gift Aided donations £ Total tax to be reclaimed £ Please feel free to photocopy this form
  9. 9. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) Payi ng -In PagePlease complete the below details so we can thank you for all your hard work and support!Name: Address: Postcode: Telephone number: Email: Total collected: Name on thank-you certificate: Sha re You r Sto ry!We would love to hear your thoughts on how the event went, including any anecdotes thatyou might have! Please provide us with some words and photos that sum up your event.Event Details: Please send any digital photos to permit my photos and comments to be used by WCRF UK IPlease check that you have the following items and then send to the address below : Cheque(s) for the money raised (if you receive cash, or cheques made payable to yourself, please bank them and write a cheque to World Cancer Research Fund) ll sponsorship forms (without them we cannot claim Gift Aid back from HM Revenue and Customs) A Paying-In Page and Share Your Story details (this form) Beat the Banana! Team World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) 22 Bedford Square London WC1B 3HH 08
  10. 10. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) WCRF UK Guidelines for Cancer Prevention weight e althy t hr ah ou g e b ho to ut ai m life WEIGHT t be ea ph m ys d CANCER e CANCER ic ss all ce ya eat and avoid pro PREVENTION PREVENTION ctiv e every day PHYSICAL DIET ACTIVITY dm in a re ny it w m ay li fo c s, r3 0m re hoo fo od inutes or mo se m ostly plant The choices you make about food, physical activity and weight management can reduce your chances of developing cancer – choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat and avoid processed meat – be physically active every day in any way for 30 minutes or more – aim to be a healthy weight throughout life And, always remember – do not smoke or chew tobacco “Stopping cancer before it starts”About World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) is the principal UK charity dedicated to the prevention ofcancer through the promotion of healthy diets and nutrition, physical activity and weight management.Our mission is to prevent cancer in the UK and worldwide through scientific research and a widerange of public education programmes.World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HH Tel: 020 7343 4200 Fax: 020 7343 4201Web: Email: beatthebanana@wcrf.orgRegistered in London, England No: 2536180. Registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Registered Charity No:1000739).Registered Office: 22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HH © 2012 World Cancer Research Fund