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  1. 1. yWordPress started in 2003 as a “fork” of b2/cafelog. It‘swritten in PHP and MySQL and is licensed under the GPLv2.This version of the GPL mandates that anyone is welcometo develop on top of WordPress and grants the freedomto use the software for any purpose, change the softwareto suit your need, share the software with friends andshare the changes you make. All the sponsors & speakersat #wcphx are in compliance with GPLv2.
  2. 2. xOrganic Themes flew in all the way from Hawaii to bring you three things: organic fruit, real cane sugar & truly beautiful themes.They’ve got some shirts on them and some free theme giveaways, tweet @jeffmilone to find out where they are or catch them in the Design Track talking about their design process this morning. @organicthemes
  3. 3. WP-PROPSCo+HootsBy Eeko Studio
  4. 4. xCox was the 1st sponsor to commit to #wcphx 6 months ago. Greg Ensell & Cox team even boosted wifi levels in Co+Hoots to ensure enough signal for #wcphx classes &design reception. If you’re a Phx dev, Cox wants you to have cox.coma direct connection to them, just tweet @eightymgb. If you’re @cox_comm a Cox customer & have ANY customer service issues, visit the genius bar to have Cox resolve!
  5. 5. Planning for WordCamp Phoenix started inAugust, 2010. Attendees paid an average of $26to attend, and are receiving $59 in hard costs,and conservatively, an estimated $1250 in softgoods and services.
  6. 6. Matt Mullenweg once said theunofficial WP slogan is:A. “fine tuning online publishing”B. "we suck less with every release“C. “we’d be nothing without IRC”D. “the best that open source has to offer”
  7. 7. B. "we suck less with every release“In the first ever IRC dev chat for BBPress, following a lively discussion about how to make BBPress more accessible to users, Matt said,[13:48] <photomatt_sf> its like the unofficial WP slogan: we suck less with every release which was immediately followed with:[13:49] <pmall> photomatt_sf: Im tweeting that!
  8. 8. WP-PROPSGangplankBy Draw Backwards
  9. 9. More than 100 WordCamps have taken place all over theworld. Each WordCamp is different, organized by localunpaid volunteers, and they are mostly underwritten bysponsors so that camps can provide a ticket almostanyone can afford. #wcphx ticket holders receivebreakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, a tshirt, giveaways,parties and access to 5 days of expert advice & classes allfor $25-35. If you see a sponsor, thank them.
  10. 10. x DealerTrends, the purveyors of CarDealer Press, an upcoming plugin, are proud to sponsor their first WordCamp. They’ve been behind the development of many local dealer websites, includingEarnhardt, who’ve provided the sweet rides in front of CCoA today. CarDealer Press pulls data from an external hosted database and @dealertrendsinjects it into your self hosted WordPress installation. We’re excited to welcome them to the WordCamp family.
  11. 11. ip lOaA lScne Eon k
  12. 12. nWP-PROPS1-800-RecyclingBy Jason Ayers
  13. 13. ALL IN ONE SEO Packsdfgssdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg
  14. 14. xThe WP-Ecommerce plugin is one of the most popular ways to install ecommerce on your site and @danmilward & hiskiwi crew have always been huge supporters of WordCamp. If you want an ecommerce shop, its as easy as visiting the website, and this afternoon, you’ll get some discounts to Getshopped.orgWPEcomm. Have any questions about ecommerce? Visit the @getshopped genius bar or catch @shaynesanderson in the Marketing track at 1:30 talking about your ecommerce options
  15. 15. WP-PROPSEarnhardt DodgeBy DealerTrends
  16. 16. The WordPress Foundation was founded in 2010 to furtherthe mission of the WordPress open source project or to“democratize publishing”. As part of this mission, theFoundation will be responsible for protecting theWordPress, WordCamp, and related trademarks. A 501(c)3non-profit organization, the WordPress Foundation willalso pursue a charter to educate the public aboutWordPress and related open source software.
  17. 17. x Shopp is a highly supported ecommerce plugin that allows you to plug in products to your WordPress install. @jonathandavis will bein the Genius Bar today to help you get online with ecommerce and is giving away ten $55 credits at to get you started. To get one tweet “@shopp is about to start lining my pockets at #wcphx”, we’ll give away one an hour. @shopplugin
  18. 18. wc ltot 3e aach
  19. 19. WP-PROPSPHXatedBy Steven Southard
  20. 20. W3 Total Cachesdfgssdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg
  21. 21. WP-PROPSEnergize PhoenixBy Rhino Internet Solutions
  22. 22. x Polldaddy, a product of Automattic is all about polls, surveys andinteracting with your readers. Use the plugin to create polls from the dashboard, or log into the site to create really powerful surveys. We’re excited to have the lead designer of PollDaddy, Kevin Conboy at camp. Got questions, just tweet @polldaddy. We’ll be asking you all kinds of questions about camp via PollDaddy today. @polldaddy Answer to win some of our awesome giveaways.
  23. 23. The first WordCamp, held in San Francisco in2006 was organized in three weeks and washeld in the Swedish American Hall attractingalmost 300 people. In May 2010, WordCamp SanFrancisco included almost 700 attendees andpounds of BBQ. WCSF 2011 is planned for August12-14 and is the official “WordCon”.
  24. 24. WP-PROPSIgnite PhoenixBy Yeager North IntegratedMarketing, Andrew Ryno
  25. 25. WP-PROPSStone Creek FurnitureBy Casey Kluver
  26. 26. x9seeds is an enthusiastic development studio headquartered in Las Vegas, NV that works primarily with the WordPress platform. With years of experience, 9seeds can handle anything from plugin and theme development to full scale web development to affiliate marketing, SEO and Ecommerce solutions. You can track down @johnhawkins @shaynesanderson or @toddhuish by tweeting at @9seeds them or @9seeds.
  27. 27. WP-PROPSASUBy ASU Office of University Initiatives
  28. 28. WP-PROPSValley PR BlogBy (raise your hand if you haven’tworked on this site. Thought so)
  29. 29. x Microsoft sponsors a wealth of open source events like WordCamps & has worked hard to make WordPress on Windows a seamless installation. They have an entire team dedicated to working with local developers- if you’reinterested in connecting to them or just grabbing a free t shirt, the genius bar or tweet @ to meetup. MS is giving away web/wordpress a new Windows phone at the afterparty and will be on hand @microsoft tomorrow at Hack Day to help with any questions you have.
  30. 30. WP-PROPSConvince & ConvertBy CopyBlogger
  31. 31. x #wcphx is especially proud of our homegrown sponsor,! The first WP specific host, offers hosting for your self hosted WordPress install whether you’re a small blogger or a huge enterprise. Their new vertical platform is perfect for developers who want to offer clients a specific experience and the best part about is…. We knowwhere they live! co-founder @bizgirl worked tirelessly Page.lyto help make #wcphx happen, you’ll find her at the info desk. @pagely Twitter @strebel to connect with founder Josh for a sticker or maybe a famous shirt.
  32. 32. WP-PROPSPark HowellBy Park & Co
  33. 33. x VaultPress is WordPress backup for conspiracy theorists. Not justbackup, but backup with ELEVEN redundancies. Think of examples where you could wipe out 11 datacenters but where there’d still bepeople around to read the site or blog you’re backing up. You need a “golden ticket” to get a beta code… but not at #wcphx!!! Twitter @vaultpress the reason YOU need 11 backups (“I’m pretty sure @vaultpress smurfs are trying to hack my mushroom blog”), and the best responses will rise to the top of the invite list.
  34. 34. WP-PROPSSiteWireBy Sitewire
  35. 35. #wcphx has almost 650 registered attendees, 50volunteers and 25 staff from City of Chandler,Chandler Center for the Arts, Pacific Staging,Blaze Streaming and Appell’s Rent All? That’s alot of Thank Yous!
  36. 36. x Rackspace’s motto is “fanatical support” and we’re fanatic about their support of WordCamp Phoenix. Rackspaceprovides top tier hosting including cloud based services at a great price. Track down @sivel for more Rackspace goodness. . @rackspace
  37. 37. WordPress releases are namedafter Jazz Musicians. Can youmatch the musician to the release? Thelonious Monk 1.5 John Coltrane 3.0 Miles Davis 2.1 Ella Fitzgerald 2.7 Billy Strayhorn 1.0
  38. 38. WP-PROPSTD HurstBy TDHurst
  39. 39. 1.0 Miles Davis1.5 Billy Strayhorn2.1 Ella Fitzgerald2.7 John Coltrane3.0 Thelonious Monkother releases: 1.2 Charles Mingus, 2.0 Duke Ellington, 2.2 Stan Getz, 2.3 Dexter Gordon, 2.5 Michael Brecker, 2.6 McCoy Tyner, 2.8 Chet Baker, 2.9 Carmen McRae
  40. 40. x If you’ve got media on your site, then you need a .tvdomain. As one of .tvs first sponsorships, we’re proud to have them onsite at #wcphx. To promote the use ofvideo with .tv domains, .tv is proud to offer a flip camera to the attendee who’s tweet, tagged w #wcphx and #dottv is RT the most before lunchtime. @verisign
  41. 41. WP-PROPSPage.lyBy Joshua Strebel
  42. 42. xWordCamp Phoenix was made possible by two entities: The City of Chandler and the Chandler Center for the Arts. Chandler passed actual legislation to fund the almost $200,000 wiring of the Arts Center for WordCamp Phx & future technology events. The Arts Center now boasts 26 access points of @cityofchandler screaming fast Cox wifi.
  43. 43. Which Automattician bears theofficial title of “CBBQTT“ A. Barry Abrahamson B. Sheri Bigelow C. Ryan Boren D. Matt Mullenweg E. Jane Wells F. John James Jacoby
  44. 44. WP-PROPSPhx LayersBy Andrew Coppola
  45. 45. D. Matt Mullenweg“CBBQTT” or “Chief BBQ Taste Tester” is the official title for Matt, but you more likely know him as the founding developer of WordPress. You can read more on his eponymous blog, In 2005, Matt founded Automattic, the business behind and home of VaultPress, PollDaddy, Askimet, Gravatar, BuddyPress & Intense Debate & BBPress. In 2010, Automattic transferred the trademark for WordPress to the WordPress Foundation
  46. 46. xEat and Drink at The Smokehouse Grill and The Watering Hole Wine and Beer bar specializing in craft beer and local brews 29 Beers now on tap! 24 Wines by the Glass! Happy Hour specials Monday through Friday 2955 W. Ray Road, Daily Smokehouse Grill Specials & all natural Burgers and Chandler Sandwiches Made to Order Near 101 and Ray Open everyday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Road @wholefoodschraz
  47. 47. WP-PROPSStreetlight PhxBy Greg Corby
  48. 48. A erfss Wsyrrc GdtoeaoinloPglo
  49. 49. lyWP-PROPSDesign Made BetterBy Made Better Studio
  50. 50. google analytics fro wordpress sdfgssdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg
  51. 51. xThrowing an event is hard (trust us, we know) but that’s the point of Event Espresso. Plugin it in and cut your work in half. EE is a wonderful tool dedicated to helping non profits specifically. We’re happy to have Event Espresso on hand at #wcphx, tweet @eventespresso to track them down at camp, they’ll be happy to @eventespresso assist you guys and if you’re one of the lucky few, an account.
  52. 52. WP-PROPSValley VintageBy Bobby Small
  53. 53. eWP-PROPSEarth911By Earth911
  54. 54. x WordCamp Phx is Namecheap’s 1st sponsorship ever and many executive members are here from Europe. We askedNamecheap to come into Camp because we thought Arizona might appreciate a domain registrar who just lets you buy domains hassle free at a good price and offers great customer service and an easy to use interface. Want to register a domain name? Just visit the Genius Bar. @namecheapNamecheap is giving away a Galaxy Pad at the afterparty & is handing out some serious discounts.
  55. 55. WordPress includes new features ineach release. Can you match therelease to the featureset? themes 2.3 plugin support 1.5 trash 2.9 Kitchen sink 1.2Automatic upgrades 2.7
  56. 56. WP-PROPSJoe’s Farm GrillBy Draw Backwards
  57. 57. 1.2 themes1.5 plugin support2.3 Kitchen sink2.7 automatic upgrades2.9 trash
  58. 58. The 1st WordPressVIP client was Robert Scoble in2006, but the VIP program now includes CNN,Flickr, BBC, redhat, Time, TED, CBS New York,EW, LA Times, PGA Tour, Harvard Gazette,OnStar, Ford, People’s Choice Awards & UnitedNations.
  59. 59. WP-PROPSBinkley’sBy Haynie Design
  60. 60. x We <3 Backup Buddy, and if you try it, just once, you will too. Backup Buddy is a plugin you install on your self hosted WP siteand it will backup your entire site including themes, plugin settings- everything, and even email it offsite. When you need to restore ormove your site from one host to another BackupBuddy does so in 5 Ithemes.comsimple, idiot proof steps. @corymiller303 & the whole ithemes team @backupbuddy is at #wcphx handing out shirts… find em, and tweet @backupbuddy with your favorite backup #fail story for 1 of 25 free copies of BackupBuddy.
  61. 61. WP-PROPSSanty IntegratedBy Santy Integrated / Jenny Messerly
  62. 62. rWP-PROPSScottsdale PromenadeBy Santy Integrated / Jenny Messerly
  63. 63. xIf you want a custom theme without learning css, then Builder from ithemes is for you. It uses the dashboard to let you completely manage your layout. iThemes is on site with their entire team, andthey love giving things away, so track a member of the team down by tweeting @ithemes or finding them online. @ithemes
  64. 64. iWP-PROPSAZ HighwaysBy Bobby Small
  65. 65. The food & drink this weekend comes courtesyof almost 10 different local proprietors.Carolina’s Mexican and Whole Foods providinglunch, Four Peaks & Coronado Winery kicking indrinks, Green Restaurant helping with veganmeals, and Famous Dave’s catering theafterparty. Hope you’re hungry.