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CI Excellence With Test Automation Engineers


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Test Automation roles continue to evolve and will be entirely different in the future. At Gannett | USA Today Network, the change has started by blurring the lines between Test Automation and DevOps. Daily tasks by the Test Automation team now include owning continuous integration (CI), defining CI best practices, building the CI pipeline, and being the quality gatekeeper of product releases. In this presentation, Greg will take a closer at CI excellence by dividing it into three tiers; the practices, how to do it, and review the new Test Automation experience.

Practices will include defining and enforcing CI standards, as well as maintaining optimization and speed of delivery chain for development to production deployments. How to do it will look into learning how to build/deploy/maintain your applications using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) stack, aka DevOps; learning a CI server product (Jenkins, Drone, etc.), and working with your team to define a continuous testing strategy. Finally, the new test automation experience will cover creating, deploying, and maintaining the CI infrastructure in conjunction with your team.

Greg Sypolt – Senior Engineer, Gannett | USA Today

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