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  1. 1. RoundingAn important part of providingEXCELLENT care and service is hourlyrounding. All patients will be rounded on every hour from 0600-2200 and every two hours from 2200-0600 CSA will be rounding on the odd hours Nurses will be rounding on the even hours
  2. 2. Rounding (continued)During rounds ALL associates will be:  Checking on patients and their well-being  Monitoring patient’s comfort and pain  Assisting patients to reposition  Assisting patients to the bathroomAssociates will also be making sure patients have access to thefollowing items EACH time they leave the room:  Telephone Glasses  Bedside table Call light  Water/sodas Urinal/bedpan  Waste basket
  3. 3. Rounding (continued)Nurse scripting – examples:• As your nurse today, I will do your Physical Assessment, give your medications. I have worked here for two years. We want you to have an EXCELLENT experience while you are here.• As your CSA, I will try to help the nurse with your personal care needs like helping you with your bath or with brushing your teeth. I’ve been here about six months, but Marilyn trained me. She has been here for years. We want you to have an EXCELLENT stay.
  4. 4. Rounding (continued)Tips Knock on door prior to entering room Introduce self and give job role Manage up your skill or that of your co-worker Use good eye contact Explain the purpose of hourly rounding Use the key words EXCELLENT care Address the 3 P’s Make sure necessary items are within reach Remind the patient that someone will be back within the hour Update the White Board