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  1. 1. Pediatrics All pediatric patients (under 17) and the person staying with them must always have an armband on Document that the armbands are in place q shift Pediatric patients are on strict I&O throughout stay Daily AM weights are taken from admission till discharge Temperatures are taken every 2 hours Routine vital signs are q4h with apical pulse Patients 3 years or younger must have their head circumference measured on admission An information sheet is given to the parents explaining the routine
  2. 2. Pediatrics (continued)You must weigh each individual diaper inthe package and record this weight on theback of each diaper - subtract this weightfrom the total weight after they are wet -this is the most accurate way to measureI&OGeneral pediatric principles are to befollowed as indicated in the Clinical Manualof Pediatric Nursing, 8th edition