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Fetal demise stillbirth death


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Fetal demise stillbirth death

  1. 1. Fetal Demise/Stillbirth & Infant DeathNLC P/P# 6600.0602A Fetal Demise/StillbirthNLC P/P# 6600.0602B Final Disposition for a Live Birth Infant with Immediate Expiration
  2. 2. NLC provides a supportive environment forfamilies experiencing fetal demise, stillbirth, or infant death.NLC policies outline procedures to handlethese difficult situations.
  3. 3. NLC P/P# 6600.0602A Fetal Demise/StillbirthAll fetuses if more than twenty weeks gestation or weighing more than 350grams who die before delivery are considered stillbirths. Anything less isconsidered an abortion. All parents of stillborn infants are given the choice ofappropriate burial or disposal per hospital by release to the Lab of Pathology.All parents of stillborn infants are given the choice of appropriate burial ordisposal per hospital by release to the Lab of Pathology.
  4. 4. NLC P/P# 6600.0602BFinal Disposition for a Live Birth Infant with Immediate ExpirationWhen an infant who is born alive immediately expires (even after 1second), disposition of the remains must be handled in the same manner as anadult who dies. The parents are offered the options ofburial, interment, cremation, or donation.
  5. 5. Grief/Support information is given to mother /familyIdentify the patient’s support system and coping mechanisms.Offer to call patient’s own clergy or Pastoral care.Inform patient of her options: • To see and hold the infant, discuss demise appearance prior to mother holding. • To bathe and dress the infant. • Provision of time alone with infant. • Choice of room change after delivery or unit transfer if patient requests.Discuss creating memories (i.e., footprints, photos, blanket, clothes)Stay with family during birth. Respect their wishes in regards to seeing the infant. Allow the family the amount of time desired with infant.
  6. 6. Gestational age and weight in grams define whichregulatory requirements are necessary.Due to infrequency it is best to pull the appropriatepolicy to use as a guideline during this process.