Do not resuscitate


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Do not resuscitate

  1. 1. Do Not Resuscitate In the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is administered to every patient unless a DNR order is written in the medical record by the physician When advanced directives exist and qualifying conditions are present, these directives are followed by the physician The attending physician discusses the decision with the patient, family members, or others involved in the care of the patient
  2. 2. Do Not Resuscitate (continued) If the patient can not validly participate in the decision making, the physician attempts to obtain consensual opinions of all interested parties concerning what the patient’s wishes would be Consent of the family is not necessary if the decision is made by the patient – family disagreement is not sufficient to override the patient’s choice The physician writes the DNR order on the patient’s medical record by completing the “Resuscitative Treatment” physician order form available on ms piggy following the path> mspiggyPublicPhyOrdersFormsNursing
  3. 3. Do Not Resuscitate (continued) When orders have been written to limit specific resuscitative treatments, the patient continues to receive full and consistent medical and nursing efforts in all other aspects of health care management If the patient is mentally incompetent, decisions not covered by advance directives are reached by appropriate surrogate decision makers as identified by Arkansas Law If conflict or dilemmas arise, the Ethics Committee assists in clarifying available options and improving communications
  4. 4. Do Not Resuscitate (continued) Nursing communicates DNR status during shift reports and verifies by checking the medical record Place a “DNR” on the MedAct Nursing shift supervisor is notified of all patients with a DNR status Place the purple DNR armband on the patient The order to limit resuscitative treatments is subject to regular review and is amended or rescinded at any time as deemed appropriate by the physician
  5. 5. Do Not Resuscitate (continued) When a DNR is written on the medical record no resuscitative treatment is done such as CPR or ACLS All other care is consistently delivered to all patients Limited resuscitative interventions are indicated on the “Resuscitative Treatment” order form DNR orders for those undergoing anesthesia require complete explanation and set guidelines for the patient, family, and staff prior to the scheduling of a surgical procedure Orders for DNR must be rewritten following surgery