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Our New Catalogue's Advanced Features


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Learn how to create lists, save searches or tag titles

Published in: Education
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Our New Catalogue's Advanced Features

  1. 1. The New Catalogue’s enhanced features How to create lists, save searches and tag titles Go to
  2. 2. Select log InSelect log In Step one : login to your library account Type in your library card and last name.
  3. 3. Find the titles to save to your own list then click the boxes to select
  4. 4. Finding your saved lists & searches later is easy. Remember you need to be logged in.
  5. 5. Select a saved list to see the titles
  6. 6. Save lists or searches? Save a list to -Select only the titles that you have individually selected to retain – you’re in control -Add and delete individual items at any time Save a search to -Explore and find new titles the library has bought in the areas that match your search; you don’t have to keep typing in the search -Repeat more advanced searches to keep up to date easily Note – you don’t have to save a list of titles which you have borrowed (or as you borrow them). Our new catalogue has this feature if you wish. Opt in to activate that (look for the opt-ins link at the lower left once you are logged in).
  7. 7. Saving Searches
  8. 8. Your searches also appear in your account
  9. 9. Add your own tags at the bottom of a title’s detail screen