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Hallbk v2

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  2. 2. Words from Residence Master To All My Dear Academians 2011-12 has been a wonderful year again for many Academi- ans residing newly in or returning to Jockey Club Academy Hall (JCAC). I have received comments like “I love the dynamic at- mosphere in Hall 4(JCAC) and the kindness and caring from all these people living here” from among you, Academians, sharing with me your delight of having been assigned to JCAC and yourjoy of living here. In fact, it is the support and love of you, Academians, for the hall during theyear that you have made JCAC a great place for living and learning.It was my honour and privilege that I have been appointed as the residence master of JCACsince its infant stage. Having served in this position for seven years, I witnessed the rapid devel-opment of JCAC with notable achievements in both services and activities under the guidance,hard work and commitment of the many Residence Tutors and the Residents Association Execu-tive Committees and Councillors who have contributed immensely to the welfare and benefitsof fellow Academians in the past years. With the unfailing support of all the Academians, I amproud to say that JCAC is a well-groomed young adult today like your very self, having its Aca-demian culture and values firmly established and moving steadily ahead with its vision of provid-ing a happy second home to all residing under its roof.As many of you may know already, I have decided to relinquish my duties as your residencemaster at the end of this academic year. It has been a difficult decision for me to make. Withless attention given to JCAC due to my growing engagements elsewhere, I feel that I may notbe fulfilling my duties as a residence master to your expectation. Despite my strong interest inworking together with young people, I think this may be the appropriate time for me to let gothis meaningful job which I love so much, and to move on focusing more on my other areas ofcommitment.I treasure greatly the time that I have spent in JCAC. I have countless happy moments hereliving and learning together with every one of you. I hope you feel the same as I do and willcherish the many acquaintances that you have made in JCAC, and continue with these re-lationships as your life-long friends who can share your happiness and sorrows with you as youprogress with your many life tasks in the future.Thank you all for giving me my fond memories of JCAC! It is because of you that JCAC has be-come one of the best halls on campus which is well known for its energy and multifarious activi-ties, harmony and integration of residents coming from a diverse background, and a strong hallspirit by which Academians will always give their best to strive for the good name of JCAC ina united front. I do believe that JCAC can only go from strength to strength from this point on-wards, with the concerted efforts of all Academians - past, present and future.Once an Academian, always an Academian! May I wish JCAC and all Academians every ac-complishment in the years ahead.Farewell and best wishes to you all,PeggyYour residence masterMay 2012 3
  3. 3. RTs words ----------6~11 RACs words ----------14~15RAs words ---------12~13 Floor Stories ----------16~26 Spring: Summer: Autumn: Winter: Join Us in the Hall Competitions Alumni and Sharings Community Caring 28 38 50 60 29 39 51 61 30 40 52 62 31 41 53 63 32 42 54 64 33 43 55 34 44 56 35 45 57 36 46 58 47 48 Made by JCAC Chief Editors words ---------------------- 66 Editors words ---------------------- 67 Designers words ---------------------- 68 Reporters words ---------------------- 69~70 4 5
  4. 4. Tutors Words: Residence TutorsChief Residence Tutor Hi! I’m Ar Zhi, the tutor of floor one. In the past year, that our hall-mates all are such beautiful dancers and we have experienced many all details are perfect!  I was 又一年了。 memorable events. But I also deeply moved by a lot was most impressed by the of other things, for example, 這 是 我 在 JCAC 的 第 四 年, 當 了 第 二 年 的 Tutor, 而 且 還『 升』 了 職, 成 了 Ninepin Island Trip and the the Taipei story written for the 2012 Singing Contest. The Writing Competition by Crys- Chief Tutor,壓力自然倍增。 回想上年, 剛搬入 Hall 的時候, 什麼人也不認識。 trip is very special in that it tal, a very diligent tutor and 直至開完第一次會,認識到一些拍檔 ( 其他 tutor) ,才慢慢適應下來。 showed us another aspect my good partner in the hall 再一次融入我久違了的群智大家庭。 阿志 of Hong Kong: no forest like high buildings, but attractive management team. My only suggestion for all residents is 有了之前的自身經歷,自然會留意新搬入 JCAC 的新宿生吧。和 landscape.  And our hall, I ----- seize the day and make think, is particularly successful your hall life extraordinary! 你們談天、吃飯、飲酒、說秘密已經成為了我在群智堂的習慣。 in the Singing Contest ---- an 因為你們,縱使我明年有畢業和寫論文的壓力,我也決定多留 absolutely good show! I’ve 一年在 JCAC。 been, for the first time, aware 除了新的宿生,我也擔心今年的拍擋融入不了我們 JCAC 輯」、Nancy 的「捲舌普通話」、Kinki 的嬌妍似 這個大家庭,因為他們有些人不是來自 JCAC, 而且『地位』 2005 年 8 月 火、師兄的溫和寬厚、Cherry 的溫柔體貼﹖ 也和普通的新宿生不同,所以我特別在他們剛入宿時多搞 了幾個活動。我可以說這年的 Tutor group 是歷年中最齊 Crystal 還 有 , 記 得 Inter-Hall Singing Contest 那 心的。 一 晚 , 在 大 家 奮 鬥 了 差 不 多 一 年 後 , 我 們 和 PEK 24 日 , 我 推 著 手 推 Cup 再 一 次 擦 身 而 過 , 我 們 都 哭 了。 然 後 , 我 在 到現在,我們一起工作、一起吃飯、一起開玩笑。雖然 車 由 某 Hall 搬 來 Facebook 看到有人說這一晚他被大家感動了 , 有 我們拿不到 Professor Edmond Ko Cup,但是我們卻在 JCAC… 人說他更愛 JCAC, 有人說他覺得 Academian 是 很團結的。突然我覺得沒有了 PEK Cup, 但可以令 這八個月內,在不同的活動和比賽之中凝聚在一起,而 2011 年 7 Academian 更有心和更團結 , 那也不是一件壞事。 在這兩個 semester 的時間亦是在我 Research 中最快 月 30 日 , 我 坐 著 希望大家給 JCAC 多點愛 , 多珍惜你們的 Hall Life 樂,最留戀的時間。 客貨車由家裡來到 和 Hallm​​ ates, 多投入 Academian 的身份 , 那你 JCAC… 一定會在這裡找到最珍貴的友情和回憶。 如果有人問我, 在大學這幾年,有什麼能令你留下最深 刻的回憶 ? 由 Floor Rep 到考 Hall Tutor, 結果能夠在 5 今年如無意外是最後一年住在 JCAC, 但這 年後的今天達成目標 , 是很感動 , 很開心。這一年 , 不是一個終點 , 我還是會常常回來 , 去探望這個家 我會答 : 多采多姿的宿舍生活 ! 快樂、歡笑、溫暖和淚水交集。 和大家的生活。 我感恩 , 身邊有最可愛的宿生們 , 更有最強 I’m so proud to be an AC​​ ADEMIAN. Larry 的 Tutor 同伴 ​​ ! I’ll always love and miss you all. JCAC Chief Residence Tutor 如何能忘記…阿志的溫文爾雅、Johnson 的 Hyperactive( 試過在床上閉上眼耳邊還縈繞著他 P.S. 感謝 Peggy、4th Element、H-ALL4U、 2012 春 的語句 !)、Angel 的可愛傻勁、勇哥的「快​​ 「邏 思」 4inLove 多年的支持和包容。6 7
  5. 5. Johnson Cherry 點解我會黎左 HALL 4!? 我都唔知點解。 另外 , 我很高興我 I’m a big sister in 11/F. My younger sisters果時 WAITING LIST 入黎佢同我講 HALL 4 有位,咁 能 當 CHEERING and brothers like to share their interesting我就入左 HALL 4 啦。 TEAM LEADER, stories with me. I usually become a wordy但係 , 依個咁簡單 GE 決定就改變左我好多… 帶著大家一起喊 mother who always pushes her youngYEAR 1 上 HALL 莊 , 識左一班好莊員 , 到宜家我依 SLOGAN, 我看著 children to study rather than play games然係咁認為 , 我真係好感謝你地俾咗我一個好回憶 , 大 家 喊 SLOGAN and facebook. The happiest moment我以 FOURTRESS 為榮 , 雖然途中係有不少波折 , 但 的時候 , 你們知道 for me is to hold hot pot gathering and係我地依然可以跨過去 !! 嗎 ? 你們每一個 sweet dessert gatherings. YEAR 2 做組爸 , 有一班「活塞藍奕邦」 人都很美 , 有的力竭聲嘶 , 有的連手腳也一起打氣的仔仔女女 , 個個都戇戇居居 , 好正。上 COUN- 了 , 你們每一個喊 SLOGAN 的樣子真的深深刻在我 Living in JCAC, I have my most supportiveCIL, 有一班好下莊 , 好開心佢地感情好好 , 又比我 的腦海中 , 多謝你們為我們、為 HALL 出了一分力 , teammates. I cherish the opportunity to地做得好 , 令 HALL 4 更有聲有色。 展現 HALL FOUR SPIRIT live and work with all my fellow girl tutors -- YEAR 3 做 TUTOR, 點 解 我 會 做 TUTOR? 就快要離開依個住左 3 年嘅家 , 真係有 D Crystal, Angel, Nancy and Kinki who are Peggy’s can be a book! She treats all the因為我真係好鍾意個 HALL, 我想為依個 HALL 貢獻 , 唔捨得 , 一幕幕嘅回憶真係係我腦海浮現出黎… 只 the most diligent, frank and funny girls in Academians as her sons and daughters.出一分力。 眾所周知 , 做 HALL 4 TUTOR 係唔容易 , 能說一句 : JCAC, 我想住既地方 ! the world! My fellow boy tutors also give It is her who tells us how to take care of就好似上多年莊咁 , 但係 , 我好 ENJOY! 我好鍾意 賽馬會群智堂,我地人材多籮籮 me endless care and support since the our Academians, how to organize activi-同大家一齊參加活動 , 好鍾意帶大家上下一心一齊 ACADEMIAN,EVERYONE IS GENIUS first day when I moved into JCAC. Many ties in hall, and most importantly how to嗌 SLOGAN, 好想為 HALL 出一分力爭取 PEK CUP! 博博博到盡,我地比賽博到盡 thanks to Larry, Yung, Zhi, Johnson and keep our Cornwall lion spirit in the rest of今年管果兩層都好正 , 一層就朱古力炒蛋 , 一層就 LET’S CHEER FOR HALL FOUR,CORNWALL Uncle Pong for including me as a family our life.涼茶會 , 今年嘅宿生都好正 , 明明動情夠過癮 , 好多 LIONS BEAT YOU ALL member even though sometimes I act謝你地俾左一個咁難忘嘅回憶我。 WO~ 我地就係 HALL FOUR! like a naughty and silly boy. I will move on with my proudest Cornwall lion spirit. If my experience in JCAC is an article, Angel Having been a Residence Tutor in JCAC for a whole year, I 親愛的同學們,我們再次迎來了炎炎夏日 am deeply impressed by the passion each member of the hall 的火熱陽光。我也很高興和大家度過了一 possesses. We are indeed like a family, in which every one of us 年愉快的宿舍生活。這一年中,幸虧有大 shares the happiness and tears, enjoys every moment we spent 家的支持和幫助,我的工作才會順利的進 together, and helps each other out whenever we can. Yes, this 行。也慶幸有大家的監督和鼓勵,修正了 is JCAC, and we are a group of diligent academians that are united. From Multi- 我每一點疏漏,也促進了我每一點進步。 cultural Journey to Disneyland Trip, every activity I was in charge of has earned 希望大家在接下來的日子裡攜手為JCAC your support and respect. I feel like being blessed. 的美好明天努力下去! Being part of Floor 66, part of Give Me Five, part of the cheering team of PEK Cup, one of Peggy’s RT, one of the eight tutors, I get to know each and everyone of you, my dearest kids and friends. JCAC, thank you for taking me on board! Nancy 8 9
  6. 6. We’re all in this together Hello! Academians!!My name is Chan Chui Fan Kinki. I am the new Staying here as a Residence Tutor for the second year, I am glad that I can still see, tutor of 9/F in the Semester B. JCAC is just likes my second family. I on the faces of our Academians, smiles that tell me how much they love JCAC. The feel warm and supported here. When I was in year 1, I started living smiles are simply but enormously encouraging to the RTs as these are indicators show- here and joined the Hall Ocamp. I had a wonderful hall life in my ing us that our hard work is worth it. floor and with my roommate –Monkey who has become my for- ever best friend. When I was in year 2, I became the blue house‘s This year has been fortuitously memorable. The RT team is plainly gorgeous. Everyone mother in Hall Ocamp. They have given me some amazing memo- in the team is supportive and caring, and the unity within the team is remarkable. I am ries. I really hope that “We’re all in this together” forever and ever. grateful that you all are willing to stay together for the betterment of JCAC no matter how late it is even when the tasks we are facing are tough. I enjoy working with you. Now, I am pleased that I can be the tutor of the 9/F. All the ladies are beautiful and cute in my heart =]. I wish all the ladies can love Meanwhile, I am really thankful for the love and support from my 7/F brotherhood, my and make a good friend with each other. Floor aside, I am hon- lovely 8/F and my 9/F girls. It is great to see that you had been actively participating ored to work with the Hall management team. I would like to ex- in hall activities; some of you even fight hard for us in Inter-hall competitions. The hap- tend my gratitude to my fellow tutors and Peggy from whom I’ve piness you gained from these activities was not only rewarding to yourself, but also to learnt a lot. me, and every other resident who seeks to develop a better JCAC. We’re all in this together. This line now means a lot to me. This represents the spirit of Kinki the hall. This was also the name of the song we sang in the Inter-hall Singing Contest. Joining this team of singers and dancers was undoubtedly the best part of my hall life. I still recall the words of invitation from Kinki – ‘I can guarantee you nothing but hap- piness’, and actually I had gained way more than that. It was lovely to see you all exerting all your efforts in each and every step and movement in the dance; it was delightful to smell the sense of belonging dispersing from the sweat you shed; it was gratifying to listen to you singing the song which speaks out our hall spirit...Vivian, John- son, Kinki, Jenny, Momo, Kh, Holly, Tom, Jason, Gordon, Becca, thank you for taking me as ‘together’. We’re all stars. We’re all in this together and this shows when we stand hand in hand make our dreams come true. I know in- side we can make it. Enjoy Hall life! Yung10 11
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  8. 8. Councilors Vivian 感謝宿生們一年來的信任和支持,讓我有機會為hall4 繼續效力,在和FOR U分享經驗的同時也見證了他們 的努力和付出,創造了BEFOUR-U。最開心是可以和 其他11位councilor繼續共事,延續我們BEFOUR的傳 Fold 奇,辛苦各位“家人”了。願每個宿生在hall4過得愉 多謝ForU一年來為宿生搞活動落心落力 快^^hall4鴻福齊天! ! ! !哇哈哈哈 多謝各位councilors, tutors 付出的努力 好多謝每位有份參與既宿生們 Holly 無論係比賽,cheering,gathering...etc 由BeFour走到councilor,這兩年來收穫了許許多多 有你地既參與, 活動變得更有意義 的感動和愛。又是一屆走過,看著現在獨當一面出色 希望各位Academians 繼續努力, 繼續為hall4 做 的ForU,感慨萬千。當初為新莊著急落淚,如今卻是 到最好 看到他們的成就喜極而泣;因為知道,hall4的精神正 在被這幫志同道合的夥伴傳延下去。謝謝ForU一年的 Gordon 辛苦付出和無私奉獻,衷心祝願這份對Hall4共同的 傍晚,好味廚旁有一少年,一老人。 愛可以如此一年年承繼不斷。最後,愛BeFour,愛 少年問:「宿舍之大,該當以何為首?」老人笑 ForU,愛Hall4! 曰:「天下之道,在於英豪。宿舍之首該決於群智 所在。」 Boris 少年又問:「天下何人能勝群智評議員一職。」老 做councilor既原因無非係想盡我所能, 繼續為hall服 人答﹕「具過人見識、心向群智之人即可。」 務。由幹事會到評議員, 睇住hall一路一路發展, hall 少年再問:「評議員之多寡又當何如?」老人微 management team無私地不斷付出, 宿生們由被動 笑:「何謂『多』『少』矣?」 變主動, 一切一切都感受良多。長江後浪推前浪, 希望 少年答:「多少者決於定量。」 下屆既莊會繼續努力, 比我地做得更好, 為hall4寫下 老人大笑,曰:「非也!多者,庸庸碌碌之輩,一 更輝煌一頁。在此多謝同我一齊奮鬥左兩年既戰友們: 人亦為多。少者,見識超凡之輩,百人亦為少。」 you guys are the best! 少年思之,老人又語:「今群智皆集於此,福矣! 」 Kaho 先生何許人也?」老 少年見老人見識超群:忙問「​​ 擔任評議員只是想為hall4作出自己最大的貢獻:將寳 人不答,含笑而去。 貴的上莊經驗傳下去。而我的付出遠遠都不及宿生幹 事會及tutor們在這年辛勤的付出,所以在這向他們表 少年不知此老人已年過八十,何氏,群智人矣。 示萬分敬意。還有希望下年的hall4可以更進一步,把Daphne (Chairlady) hall4精神傳遍所有hall。Its good to pass our experience to the new residents association. Hope the spirit of unity would lastforever! ChiangMany thanks to another 11 councillors. Love u all 雖然Councilor可能是一個微不足道的角色,但我只希 望用小小的力量貢獻Hall4,把過去一年上莊的沙石剔Edison (Vice Chairman) 除,為FOUR U、宿生們帶來美好的回憶。藉此機會多在這一年內,看著幹事會的成長,也深感安慰,正所謂十年樹木,百年樹人。賽馬會群智堂歷年人才輩出,乃是賽馬會群智堂之福氣。賽馬會群智堂得以發光發亮,全因舍監、宿舍導師和宿生會之合作,望美好的傳統繼續傳承, 謝每位戰友送我每個難忘的晚上:P來年幹事會搖身一變成為了評議員,把經驗、知識和愛傳遍賽馬會群智堂每一個角落。 期望各位把Hall4文化繼續傳承,讓所有宿生有一個更呀!這就是愛呀! 美滿的Hall Life,令Hall4繼續茁壯成長。Ryan Jenny我最初惶恐的在普選中當上了評議員,爲了不負宿生們的期望,我盡力在為幹事會的成長中貢獻自己的綿薄之力。 Befour出身,為了可以繼續服務我熱愛的群智堂,因而現在,我深深為幹事會能虛心聽取評議員的建議並開拓創新而欣慰, 也為幹事會對群智堂無私付出的精神所感 此我選擇競選評議員,可以將自己上莊一年來積累的動,而我也能算安心接受評議員這莫大的頭銜了。同時也真心想對其他11位評議員說:你們辛苦了! 經驗與下莊分享,同時為了保障宿生利益盡職監督宿Becca 生會。一年來,見到他們有自己的想法自己的創意膽看到ForU就好像看到當年的我們, 好開心每年都有這樣的一幫人, 全心全意的愛著Hall4, 為了更好的Hall life而努力, 識,不停努力改善活動方案提高服務質素,讓我明白we love Hall4! 自己和另外十一名評議員,以及ForU,這一年的付出 是不負所望的!望群智堂來年人才輩出,獅子精神薪 火相傳!14 15
  9. 9. Wonderland by Chayton Yao Binary The first in JCAC is a beautiful place, it has many nice academians they make here a wonderfulplace to live and study, their decoration and behaviors will let you know how this good place is. Living comments from academians 2/F Binary can be called as an international floor as there are a lot ofFloor tutor international students who live in this floor. They come from America, France,Cherish your stay in JCAC, and make your life extraordinary! --------Ar Zhi Germany, Taiwan etc. Although we have different culture and habits, we can102A still stick together and understand each other and try to learn from each other.It’s very great, I love my roommate he is so cool, plus he is never ever here, I only don’t like 12am We have fun in the floor gathering although we may not meet all the floor-matecurfew, it really sunk but everything else is perfect. ---------Jason Montgomery at the same time. Without residence tutor living in this floor, we still have our102B fantastic hall lives like the others. During the Floor Decoration, we work together The people living here are so nice that help me for the study and share joys with me this year. I’m as a team aiming at the champion. When others need help, we always like toso happy to live in hall4. ---------Andrew Yu give our hands. Being one of the Binary makes our hall live wonderful.I think, my living in hall is quiet and comfortable. I can study and living here. ---------Edison103B Hall4 is a place with many enthusiasm and energetic academia. ---------TSHNG MAN TIK, DAVIE104A The residence is like my home. ---------Derek Home without relatives. ---------Shayne105AHappy JCAC life!! As an RA member, everything hand is worth it! ---------Johnny Living condition is good and comfortable, I enjoy living here. ---------Zhu Renjie105B To me, hall life brings me a lot of different friends such as locals, international and mainlanderswhat I believe can make my life more colorful. ----------Kant Chan106AI’m happy here, clean, quiet, everything is OK. ----------Dave107AAll round development, have fun, have more friends. ---------Samuel107BThe culture of hall can let me feel comfortable. Because there are many nice people evenother floor mates. So I am enjoying being here.----------Ben Chan108BI have a family in Hong Kong, it lies in JCAC! ----------Joe Zhang JCAC is one very important part in my life, I live here, eat here, study here, make friends here.Yeah, here is also one part of my body in my blood. -----------Yao Chenpeng From the above comment, I believe you will have a better understanding on the first floor life in by Stella LiJCAC, and actually the first floor life is also our unforgettable memory in university life forever. 16 17
  10. 10. Tri-Angels Big4 by Hilda Ng Alex Fong Wow!!! 我地係四樓嘅 BIG 4!! 短短一 Floor name-A? 年裡面,我地創造左無限個回憶;憑 During the floor decoration, Tutor Johnson and“Tri-Angels” is our floor name. 住 Floor dec 嘅四樓魔法奇幻旅程、 the five floor representatives came up with cook com 嘅朱古力炒蛋同 sing con the idea of role-playing Harry Potter. Then four“Tri” = 3/F 嘅死啦青春痘等等成功 一夜成名 ...... 相信呢 d 都係 Hall 4 嘅 集體 ( 取 representatives became the department head“Angels” = 3/F is a girls’ floor. of Hogwarts school. And Johnson honored four 笑 ) 回憶! of us with the floor nameBig 4.All angels here are very gentle and sweet. 仲有一個月就要搬走,最令人頭痛嘅They enjoy cooking, so they are one of the winners of Inter-floor Cooking 唔 係 點 搬 走 d 行 李, 而 係 點 收 拾 對 Any funny thing onCompetition. BIG 4、對 Hall 4 嘅情感同回憶 .... 希 the floor?@0@ 望 大 家 會 記 得 BIG 4, 記 得 我 地 係 All of us are active. They enjoy having meal in 2011-2012 Hall 4 最 癲 最 喪 嘅 樓 層 BIG 4!! But girls are quite Common Room and then wild on this floor. They share their stories with others. People on the floor? speak foul language We got tons of cool people quite often. And we They are considerate, so here. Hilda and Bobo are have floor gathering they are attentive to keep a pair of joke makers. They bi-weekly. Every c o m m o n a re a n e a t a n d always make the atmosphere time we plan to do tidy. Therefore they have got war m and motivate others something special for prize in Inter-floor Cleanliness with their gags. Ken, Fabio the gathering ends Competition and Aaron are great cook. up with typical sweet They are fresh and energetic Alex is a master of beer and soup gathering. because half of them are first spicy food. We always help year to university. each others in floor events.If you have come to our floor, you may see we have posted our name andstation on our door. The station shows the feature of our own culture, as likeas Tin Shui Wai from Hong Kong, “Xihu” from Hangzhou, and Donut from US.Relations between Angels are very harmonious even they come from differentplaces and enjoy to live together at 3/F. 18 19
  11. 11. 601B Five Floor Floor 66 C 溫暖的 herry: H 避風港 all 就 像 一個 家, 是 交 換生 by all Academians of 6th Floor , 每一个 6 樓 love Floor 66 60 1A Angel:I 我不是大肉蟲 ~ 的 baby~~ 而 的孩子都是我 心 601B Becca: I love 602A Wo 最開 Hall4!! ody: all4 層 Hall 4 的 住 H 進入同 環境很 恆: 意 溫 馨, 希 6 02B 可 以 隨 寂 寞! 望每一 於 永不 位 Hallm 莫 過 聊天, 能心想事 ate 都 友 房朋 入這個大家 成, 融 庭 603 咁多 A Go r 最 鍾 地方 don: , 去 : 住 Cu 意 嘅 咁多文 過 604B 聰 ltur 就係 化 e! 陣, 係 AB , hall 果 到 C mon 見 603B com 粗 豪 好多人 煮公仔麵 係一 :H arm 呀 ! 個最 真係好 w 嘅 H 正 最 all4 a 熱鬧 muc ll , I lo v e h^^ it s o 605A Jim : 604A Chris: 其 實 住 HALL 4, Hall 短短兩個月可以 我想住嘅地 參 加 hall 的 活 動 ( 籃 方 球 比 賽 sing con) ,自已覺得好開心, 所 它有 因為 因 好 有 歸 屬 感,JCAC 不僅 施, 更 的, , is the best ! 特別 多 元 的 設 的氛圍 ll 4 是 , 最 暖 , 溫 ——它是 , s : Ha 動 n 最 una 的活 mia 60 7B L 最 豐 富 Acade 最特别的 。 604A all 中 情的 Hall 4 是 想念的家 有 H 有最熱 就會 F 我 的 rancis: 裡 。 以 所 為這 的回憶 ,離開了 大 謝 謝 學 生 活 謝 謝 JC 好 開 最美 不想離 變 A 就 room Hallma 得 充 實 圓 C 給 608A Au Shan:JCAC, 一 住過 活, 來 ate 帶 te, fl 舍生 莫 逆 U相 來的 o o r m 滿。 個好熱血、團結的 Hall! 在每 年宿 , 亦 有 識 at 予的幫 的 老 鄉 T 歡樂!謝謝 e 和 次 比 賽 時, 大 家 一 齊 喊 叫 的 Jeff rey :三 交 泛之 生 助! utor 宿舍 Ange 在返 slogan 都 給 我 一 種 熱 血 團 結 6 05A , 有 泛 享受 l 的給 的 感 覺, 希 望 Hall 4 這 隻 紅 匆 匆 好好 之 . 60 6B Ci ss 去 個, y :I t’s all . 獅的精神可以繼續感染每一個 之交 是 哪 一 ab ou t wa rm th an d 不 論 群智堂的 Hall4 人 共勉 relaxation! ndy: 在 活. 608A We 很 快 樂。 很 精 彩, 602B Marco 開心 ! 好玩 ! : Year1 過 得 ster,Hall tutor, 608 感 謝 Hall ma 一年間的 感覺 B Kat all 莊以及 各宿生在 多采。 溫 y Ha 、 馨 :Ha H Hall4 生活多姿 607 B 的回 ll4 的 。 即將 ll4 給 合作,令 越做越好 , 607A 阿 雯 : Hall4 Aca Holly: 憶。 生活將 告別 了 我 家 ll4 在 將 來 預 祝 Ha 及福利給大 家! 好 warm 啊 , 我 好 鄉 的 demia Hall 4 精 成為 大學 我人 生活 的 n 帶更多歡樂 鍾 意 Hall4 啊 , 我 我想 溫 暖 與 s 給了我 神 和 生美 。 認真 感 好想 return 啊 ~ 守護 動。 它 在異 麗 的家 是個 。20 21
  12. 12. 777 8lourfulw e named our floor as “777”, that is the lucky 7s because we all feel lucky meeting each other in the same hall on the same floor. Each and every resident living on the 8th floor has an interesting story to tell; their dreams, theirThe floor had become a platform for each of us to experiences, their lives.nurture friendship and even brotherhood with eachother. On this floor, we worked hard; we chatted; 8th floor was named 8lourful this year. The residents came up with this idea as they hope every residentwe shared our lives; we pursued our dream. will have a richly colorful life. Like the many colors on a palette, each resident on the 8th floor represents a color. They are each unique in their own ways but they join hands to paint a masterpiece. It might beThis floor contained residents from various a very quiet floor, but they enjoy each other’s presence very much. Friendly faces and hellos along thebackgrounds. We had among us all sorts of local corridor often make their hearts lighter despite the stressfulness in daily lives. The few but enjoyablestudents admitted to this university by difference floor gatherings are the best part of all! The residents find it really nice to eat from the same pot withmeans. We also had non-local students from the students from other parts of the world at hot pot gatherings. The decorations on the floor are simply butmainland China, Taiwan, European and Asian vastly meaningful. Residents took time to write down their dream vacation spots and the unforgettableexchange students. experiences they had during vacations. Everyday residents are reminded and motivated to strive for the chance to be able to visit their dream places one day. 8flourful is indeed a dreams-filled floor!Despite the difference in terms of cultural andacademic backgrounds, we found a common Residents on the 8th floor took energy saving seriously. The lights in the common rooms are constantlylanguage, a medium that pulled us together. This common language is drinking. Trying switched off when the room is not in used. The residents’ discipline has won them the first place in theout new beers from around the world, tasting wine and telling good ones from bad energy-saving competition and the residents are really proud of this achievement.ones, sharing whiskey, rum, and all other sorts of alcoholic drinks had made a life tomany on this floor. Of course, what was more important was the chat behind. Throughthe chat, we know each other better and understand our difference more.Lets sit down together and enjoy a great night of chat here.22 23
  13. 13. Go for LifeHaving lived in Hall 4 for almost two 十萬伏特years, I have great fun here. And Ihave gained a lot through being afloor representative. At a glance on the 10th floor of Jockey Club Academy Hall, one could immediately see the I was the floor representative of the cordial welcome conveyed by the colorful cardboard pieces placed either in front of the liftsninth floor last semester. I organized or floating in the vicinity of the corridor. Those colorful cardboard pieces were cut accordingand arranged “sweet soup to the Pokemon characters of the Japanese Manga by the residents of the 10th floor.gathering” on a weekly basis. During Concurrently, some of they are also cute-looking that could make them anyone’s favorite.the gatherings, floor mates would Also, the characters put were chosen in accordance to the 10th floor’s theme, “Thunderbolt”.eat, chat and meet each other, In addition to the existing impeccably warm welcome that is “visible”, the warmness providedwhich I think helps a lot in building by the residents of the 10th floor is also on par, especially the one exuded by the 10th floorup friendship among floor mates. Residence Tutor, Mr. Larry Lo who has given a lot of tendered care to the residents of hisSometimes it’d be quite hard to hold floor. He likes to go out for a dinner with the residents on his floor, mutually talking andgatherings. Like I needed to think of sharing his valuable experiences while at the same time giving ample advice to those who seek them. While 10th floor remains welcoming, it is also very lively; not during the day, butwhat to eat, what most floor mates during when the daylight is out. At any time during the night, one could hear the screechingpreferred and so on. However, I and ear-breaking female scream given out that you would never forget or the sound ofwas not alone as other floor mates footsteps of people chasing each other around in the corridor trying to chase someone oro f f e r e d h e l p . L a s t D e c e m b e r, I the sound of someone singing. Sometimes, you could also see the residents gathering inheld a Christmas Party in 9/F common room. Floor mates were eager to help decorate the common room having hotpot or cooking food together merrily or joking around whilecommon room, buy gifts and suggest what to eat. We all had fun in the Party. watching the television.I’d say I have met a lot of friends through organizing gatherings. And it’s glad to see 10th floor is like no other floor, it is the most excellent.people enjoy gatherings that I held. Being the floor representative is a nice experiencethat paints my hall life. Before moving in to hall4, whenever it came to the question why we have to live in dormitory, I would say, well, we can rush down to the campus and therefore sleep more. But after experiencing hall life in this academic year, my answer to it has been changed. Hall life lets me know so many more friends from different nationalities and disciplines, makes me lear n to take care of myself and people around me, and more importantly, has colored my university life. Our floor, 9 for life, is a floor filled with energetic and sweet girls. Our halltutor, Kinki, sings like an angel. Suki is a TV drama fan who likes watching TV in commonroom. Katie is a pretty girl with sweet smile. Jenny is talkative and energetic all the time.Ming is tall and yet very cute. Ballchi, I like the way she laughs because it somehowmakes me laugh too. Lai Lai plays sports more than brilliantly. Fish, I like the way we shareour food. Tracy, you are beautiful no matter with long or short, straight or curly hair. Somany more which cannot be mentioned in here, but I love you all, I really do! Reported by Margaret and Kayee24 25
  14. 14. SpringOne Thousand and One NightsIt is a fairyland where lovely fairiesand beautiful princesses live; it is apeculiar world where cool soccerplayers and smart artists live. Livingin 11th floor is so happy and warmthat seems to live in the fairy tales.The shinning white and blueribbons just like Alice’s rabbit leadyou into a wonderland. When youopen any door, you will find storiesbehind, special and beautiful. Thefantastic hall life in the 11 floor isso nice that any resident who liveshere does not want to stop it, justlike the king who insists on listeningto the stories in one thousand andone nights.The atmosphere of this fairylandis friendly and warm. When weencounter some worrisome thingsoutside, hall is a perfect shelter andfloormates are one of the strongestsupports. When we feel lonely, ourkeen floormates will accompanyus. When we are sick, our keenfloormates will take care of useven cook congee for us. Whenwe are in a dilemma, our smarttutor and keen floormates will chatwith us and help us make a betterdecision. Never feel lonely, neverfeel bored. Friendships between allthe floormates warm others andourselves. The activities in this fairylandis funny and diverse. In non-regular floor gathering, we trieddifferent food: Hong Kong style Join us in the Halltong sui, Hunan home style dishes,western dessert and so on. Because of friendship and communication, the food was tastedmore delicious. Sometimes, there are exciting shouts in the common room. That may be ourgame amateurs communicating via video games, or may be several friends exchanging thesecrets. Here, in the fairyland, we can enjoy our private time as well as gathering time with our Spring, the beginning of every year, the first seasonfloormates. of all. In this part of Spring, please “Join us in theOur cute tutor Cherry and the fellow floormates are all magical magicians, making the hall lifeso colorful and unforgettable. The beautiful memory and life experience in the fairyland will not Hall” to experience what is like to experience fresh-only be kept in our mind but also in one thousand and one nights. We are the wonderful fairy ness, and what is it like to be a new Academian!tale in JCAC!!! 26 27
  15. 15. Orientation Camp Boris 陳大河紅燊 Ocamp 進一步加強左我對 hall 既歸屬感, 見到 D 仔女由乜都唔識 freshmen 一個入黎 hall 度,見到佢地識到朋友 代表 hall 去比賽, Rocky 藍洋依馬打 去 high table even 上 hall 莊 攪 活 動, 好 好 開 心, 覺 得 hall 4 好 團 結, 個 個 似見返一年前既自己 希望 cornwall lion 既 ACADEMIANS 都好有歸屬感,好似 精神可以一代代傳落去 !! 一家人咁齊心咁 warm!! Jim 沙嗲黃老吉 我係 2011 年 Hall Ocamp 既黃組沙嗲黃老吉既組 爸阿 Jim,可以係 hall4 做組爸其實好開心,好幸 運有一班好好玩既組仔女。HALL O 真係好開心, Edison 綠尾巴菲特 可以同班組仔組女一齊,又成日見到,就好似屋企 見到一班組仔組女慢慢長大,我真 人咁,又開心又感動 !! 係好開心 !! 綠尾巴,七隻哈,哈哈 哈哈哈哈哈 !!28 29
  16. 16. Ninepin Island Trip by Angel Edited by Eric Wan N ot for this trip to the Ninepin Island on the 17 September 2011, an isolated yet marvelous island group located in the North-west of Hong Kong, we wouldn’tMid-autumn Festival know JCAC offers all the residents such amazing experience of hiking and sight- by Angel Liu seeing. Edited by Eric Wan Early in the morning, we got onto our cruise from TST, and began our unforgettableIt has always been the most interesting and meaningful event for the journey. The sun was shining in the happiest way and bringing to the earth its mostexchange students, as this is their first inter-hall activity... gorgeous lighting. Listening to the sound of the cruise sailing ahead and the waterT he Mid-autumn Festival celebration was jointly organized by all the halls in the padding upon the edge of the cruise, we couldn’t help but to take pictures of all the student residence area. During the celebration, food, puzzles, games and lanterns views on board. On the far end, there were the islands. The group of islands looked so can be seen all over the Multi-function Hall A. isolated, with large amount of stones hanging right at the edge of the cliffs. The only way to get onto the island is to jump down from the cruise into a tiny little boat, and sailIt has always been the most interesting and meaningful event for the exchange all the way to the only entrance of the island at the cliff.students, as this is their first inter-hall activity, as well as their first-time experience tocelebrate a traditional festival other than those of their own country. This year at theJCAC counter, exchange students were particularly fascinated by the balloons and Luckily, we all had a wonderful sea-food lunch at the beach before we got to knowface-painting games. that we were heading towards such a difficult task. After putting on safety suits, we“Come on! Try out our Chinese opera face-painting! It is worth your time staying with us waited to jump into the little boats one by one. It was rewarding to go onto the island,for the next half an hour!” Angel Yap, with a lot of face-painting pencils shouted around. even after spending so much effort. The view on the island is absolutely fantastic. On“Come and have a look at our pictures. Pick one as your favorite; and we will help the far end, there was the bluest sky you could ever imagine. Closer to us, the seayou to draw it onto your face!” Vivian Huang said to one of the exchange students. waves sparkled and shined below our feet. Standing on the hardest rocks, we even“Or maybe, do you want to learn making balloon cats and balloon dogs?” William took a picture lining up in the big shape of “4”.Guanawan grabbed Michael, a Polish student who found the event exciting andfabulous to him. How tired were we after a whole-day sailing and hiking? Well…”extremely” is the most O ne hour later, exchange students from the States, UK, Poland, France, Australia and Sweden found themselves wearing a face like appropriate word to use. Although we all fell asleep on the way back on the cruise, the sound of the water padding the edge of our cruise still brought about the most beautiful music on earth. Chinese opera performers. “What an amazing evening with all the residents of JCAC at their counter! I am going to wear this cool face out to LKF!” said the last visitor of JCAC counter. His vote is essentially the last vote of the night, and rendered the JCAC performance awarded! Hurray! We won! Again, JCAC began the favorite hall of the year in the Mid-autumn Festival!30 31
  17. 17. Multi-cultural Journey High Table Dinner Sem A by Whisky Liu by Momo Edited by Michael Lau Edited by Eric Wan E Here came the Multi-cultural Journey! Being very hall in the residence holds high table dinner annually but excited and curious, I went back quite early Hall 4 makes it special by holding it twice in a year. We have to our hall to join this banquet! The Festival is different themes and dress codes for the dinners. The one in an activity of our Hall this year which aimed at Semester A is more formal as we could see ladies and gentlements promoting mutual cultural communications. dressed like business executives. The theme of the high-table-dinner Different floors had different themes of countries, in this year is FIRE, whose Chinese name is “ 火樹銀花”. and each floor would provide special food from a country or area. There was a competition among them. With such distinct activities and The decoration perfectly matched the theme. A large and beautiful such a good chance to feast my stomach, I water painting hanging outside welcomed all the participants. The had no reason to miss this Festival! Well, let’s get moving! shining flowers hung in the ceiling were glittery stars in the darkest sky. The stage was also decorated by other shining stuff. It seemed like As we knew, although all 11 floors wereinvolved in the activity, the food was a ‘scarce resources’. How can we try all kinds of food on all the floors? Some there was fire on the stage which was grand and wonderful.suggested me start from the top floor so I could eat all way along to the bottom one! For I could not find any sense inthis funny theory, I followed the ‘normal’ way from the bottom to the top. (I joke ^ ^) High Table dinner is an event which can represent our special ABC Our first destination was Australia! As we went into the common room, the host friendly welcomed us and treated us culture the best. The honorable guest, Dr. Cheung Chor Yung gavewith some featured snacks. After tasting the delicious food, we were asked to answer some easy but funny questions us a great speech on how to deal with problems in our study andon the culture of their country. Although in fact we made a lot of wild guesses in this ‘quiz’, unbelievably we got agood mark and some bonus snacks. hall life, which helped the residents achieve academic excellence, cultivate academians interests, as well as have a harmony hall life.Having tasted the benefits, we rushed to the second floor to seek the next tasty. The theme was Shang Hai andthe hosts were my friend, Fanny and Bo Bo, and some of their friends. All of them were friendly and cute. The roomwas full of things. There were numbers of strings across the room and stripes of papers were attached to the strings Then the preformance section did represent the “C”(Communitywith Chinese characters on. Guess what! Those were riddles! As for food, the hosts had prepared Bao Zi (Chinese Citizenship), because the residents from different areas all came tobun), dumplings and Shao Mai (a kind of dim sum), which was my favorite. It seemed hard to have a bite on anyof them because guests had to find out the answers of the riddles and learn to speak the name of these snack in the stage to show their talent. Vivian from mainland China sang withShanghainese before they could taste the food. My friend who came with me was good at playing riddles, but I ‘Fat guy’, a local resident. Gage, from Australia and a South Koreawould rather be quiet. (I did not eat much) resident played guitar. Bringing the event to an end, a group of The next one was Hong Kong and the food was dessert. Among them I really love red bean porridges, which were students preformed a very creative dance. In spite of the diversity ofsweet and warm like Hong Kong people. The fourth floor was Korea. We were provided with spicy rice cakes and an people, culture, and language, all the residents can respect and liveinteresting game – kicking shuttlecock. It was a common game among Korean kids, and it was almost a featured happily with each other in Hall 4, where, to some degree, is a realactivity in East Asia. After tasting the Korean kind of spice, we moved on to the next one, a different kind of spice in home for most Academians.Pakistan! Ali kindly introduced the Pakistani snack, one of which was very hot! We also had a strange looking foodwhich was a rubbery sweet, and was fairly sweet. And, further, another kind of spice was tasted at the tenth floor withthe theme of Malaysia. The food was quite nice and the lucky draw section was always theI did not miss the rest: Poland, America, Sweden and Denmark. On the eleventh floor, the Danish host introduced a most exciting.unique snack from their country - Frikadeller. It was a flat, pan-fried dumpling stuffed with minced meat, which was Tonight was a great night for the residents to enjoy the meal, to learnmade of pork, beef, oatmeal, egg, milk, onion, pepper, garlic and plenty of other things. So many ingredients madea special and unforgettable taste! the ways to establish themselve in our society, to know new friends, and to enjoy themselves. The activity ended with my full stomach. Oh wait! This was not theend. The winner of competition of the best floor for which was thebest one had not been released. All of us crowded on the groundfloor lobby, nervous and excited, waiting for the result.” The third is ---------Australia!!!” The second is-------Malaysia! andShanghai” Screaming was all over the place!“And the champian is-------------guess what? “It’s-----Pakistan”Clapping and screaming busted out again, “congratulations” wasflying everywhere. Hugging and photographing filled the lobby tilllong.This was one of my beautiful memory in hall 4 life. I love Hall 4! 32 33
  18. 18. High Table Dinner Academians Night Sem B by Momo Edited by Angel Liu Sem A by MomoI t is a season of flower blooming. It is a season for all Academians to celebrate the 8th birthday Editor: Eric Wan of JCAC.O n March 25, Academ i a ns,together with our hall master, Mrs.Peggy Wong , as well as otherhonorable guests participated ina grand birthday party of JCACin Multi-function Hall A. The themeof the party was “hundreds ofhappiness”, referring to a shareof happiness with all participantsregardless of their nationality,gender or age. Huge and colorfulbackground painting, echoinglovely color balls hang down from The Academians’ Night is a half-yearly activity organized by the RTs and RAs at the start of eachthe ceiling, made the party full of energy yet elegant. semester A, to provide an opportunity for all residents to make new friends and enjoy their hall lives. The residents were divided into groups compring both old and new residents. Although theyAfter a brief opening statement made by three well-dressed hosts, the honorable guest - came from all over the world and spoke different languages, they had came together as one and sharedCaptain Lee Kwok Wing - gave us a very interesting speech about communication skills. The the same identity as Academians from Hall 4.Academians learned useful skills through several funny stories. The speech did bring a lot ofthoughts and joy to the Academians. The first game was “Give Me What I Want” which required teamwork and contribution from all members of a group. Everyone had fun throughout this game. They talked and laughed while trying their best to win. In a relaxing atmosphere, the residents started to bond. The video made by the 7th Residents’ Association was fascinating and touching, Then came a feast serving traditional Chinese dishes (tea eggs) , typical Hong Kong presenting vivid and veridical hall life. From dishes(fishballs), Western dishes (pizzas and sandwiches) and desserts. Most of the them were prepared by the snooker room to the computer room, the tutors and helpers. The food was so delicious that the residents finished every bit of it. from the common room to the laundry room, The games resumed after the dinner. “Seven Hands and Eight Feet” was the perfect game for every single clip in the video reminded the the Academians to showcase their creativity. The groups came up with all kinds of postures to achieve the Academians of their own unforgettable hall tasks: one carrying up another, one standing with his own hands, puting one’s feet onto another’s. life. We memorized that in the warm family of JCAC, everyone shared the happy time. At the The last was “Getting the Chair”, an exciting game to end of the video, the dancing Academians both the devoted participants and the amused spectators. At the formed four Chinese characters “ 生 日 快 樂 beginning, the participants were hesitant with their moves. As the circle became smaller, intensifying the competition, they began to run (Happy Birthday)”, showing their gratefulness quicker. towards all the memorable moments brought to them by JCAC. The fantastic evening was wrapped up by the Lucky Draw. The fancy gifts made this session the favourite among the Academians.The performances were also wonderful, bringing unforgettable memories. It was a real audio During this joyous night, laughters and warmth filled thefeast to hear the beautiful voice of Kinki and Vivian with the melodious piano accompaniment. whole Multi-Functional Room A. The residents made new friends andThe dancing performed by the 7th Residents’ Association made the party dynamic and alive. learned about Hall 4. It had been an unforgettable experience forFinally, lucky draw brought the dinner to an end, yet brought it to the best of the time. everyone.Happy Birthday, JCAC!! Thank you for giving all of us, the Academians, so many unforgettablehappy memories!34 35
  19. 19. Academians Night Summer Sem B By Creami Tsui Editor: Angel Liu 上學期完滿結束,新的學期又隨之展開,Hall 4 亦難免有輕微的變動。 在跟某些遷出的宿生道別的同時,我們亦忙於歡迎新遷入的宿生。到了一個 全新的環境,人難免會感到一點慌張、一點惶惑、一點不知所措,為了讓新 的宿生們都能盡快適應Hall 4這個新環境,多認識新朋友,並感受到Hall 4 熱 鬧融洽的氣氛,宿生會的幹事們就於2012年1月19日晚上,在Multi-function Hall A舉辦了一次Academians Night。 首個暖身遊戲就是Speed Dating,女生們圍一個圈,男生在外也圍一個 圈,音樂停的時候就要跟旁邊的人交談。經過幾個回合,現場的氣氛瞬即變 得熱鬧起來。幹事會的成員亦很體貼地為宿生們提供了薄餅和飲料,在飽餐 一頓以後,還有更多好玩的遊戲呢!例如「人肉漢堡包」,宿生們的背上被 貼上了代表不同食材的貼紙,他們必需把各種食材都集齊,才能組成一個完 整漢堡包呢!接下來是「森林大火」的遊戲,宿生們一時要蹲下來扮松樹, 一時要站起來扮樹,跑來跑去,大家都玩得不亦樂乎。最後的遊戲,亦是最 刺激的遊戲,那就是「爭凳仔」了,為了爭得一席位,宿生們都戰戰兢兢地 繞著椅子轉圈,誰也不敢鬆懈半秒呢! 是次Academians’ Night,最後就在此起彼落的歡笑聲中落幕了。 Competitions In this part, competitions, both within JCAC and between an- other hall and JCAC, will bring you to a season like summer: sunshine, sweats and tears, energy, team spirit, and most im- portantly, endeavour!36 37