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Verrex Gms Portfolio 2011


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Verrex Global Managed Services Offering

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Verrex Gms Portfolio 2011

  1. 1. New York | Boston | Tampa | Toronto | London | Mumbai Singapore | Hong Kong | Shanghai | Sydney GMS (Global Managed Services) TMGlobal Conferencing & Communication Solutions
  2. 2. Company ProfileFounded in 1947, Verrex is a global design-build integrator and managed services provider of advanced conferencing,collaboration and presentation technologies. Specializing in benchmark enterprise-level corporate solutions, clientsengage Verrex to help them communicate, collaborate and articulate locally and globally through videoconferencing,audio conferencing, digital signage, presentation systems and other audiovisual technologies.Superior performance is Verrex’s hallmark offering clients the industry’s highest level of execution, broadest globalfootprint, universal standards and a sophisticated portfolio of comprehensive services. Verrex expertise includesstrategic planning and consulting, systems design, systems engineering, project management, procurement,fabrication, control systems programming, installation, service and preventive maintenance programs, on sitestaffing, managed conferencing and VNOC services.The Verrex approach draws from a proprietary quality management process that documents each stage in asuccessful design, system and service deployment. Refined over six decades, the Verrex Process ensures consistentbest-in-quality standards regardless of project, challenge or geography. In its ongoing commitment to professionalexcellence, technical education is paramount at Verrex. The company’s technical staffs are required to hold InfoCommCertified Technical Specialist designations allowing Verrex to achieve the highest industry certification, InfoComm’sDiamond level Audiovisual Solutions Provider (AVSP) status. “ Verrex has a long history of performance, innovation and professionalism that is reflected in the work they do. ”Evolving its resources, expertise and presence inline with the needs of its clients has long been a focus of Verrex.In the 1950s the company supplied and serviced distributed background music systems. In the 1960s the companyexpanded into two-way radio, school intercom, sound and CCTV systems. During the 1970s the company focusedpredominantly on large venue sound systems. In the 1980s and 1990s Verrex broadened its offerings to includecorporate audiovisual and conferencing systems design, integration and service. Verrex continues to grow itsexpertise with GMS™, global managed services, designed to simplify the usage and management of conferencingtechnologies.Verrex has been family owned for three generations promoting a unique corporate culture that values camaraderieand peer mentoring. The company has also been recognized by Systems Contractor News as a Top 50 SystemsIntegrator each year since the program’s inception in 1994. In 2009, Verrex added the “Excellence in Business -Growth Strategies” award from the National Association of Systems Contractors, recognizing the company’svisionary strategy for executing a successful global business model. In 2011, Verrex President & CEO, ThomasBerry Jr., was elected to InfoComm’s Board of Directors, further establishing the company as a thought leader inthe AV and conferencing space.With principle offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Verrex has strategically positioned its presence to servecorporate hubs around the globe. A network of over 200 service partners rounds out coverage globally. For a completelist of Verrex offices worldwide, or for more information about our partner alliances, please visit Photo: Alcatel-Lucent HD Executive Boardroom; Photo Right: State Street Executive Conference Room)
  3. 3. Global Persepctive Matched by Localized CapabilitiesThe evolution of Verrex capabilities is in direct response to client needs for superior, end-to-end audiovisual standards throughoutoffices at any location on the globe. From design to installation through to managed services, clients rely on Verrex as a proven,single source for all their AV applications worldwide, regardless of project size, challenges or geography.Design Development Rack FabricationAt the earliest stage, the Verrex Design team conceptualizes the integration of In-house rack fabrication allows Verrex to closely monitor quality factors such asAV into the space. Verrex innovative system designs are guided by client need, proper assembly, wiring and cable identification as equipment is placed in racks.application, room layout, acoustics, infrastructure and other factors that can Fabrication Technicians are trained to read and translate AV system diagramsaffect performance and user experience. Proper and precise design translates and to follow strict industry standards as part of Verrex’s multiple Qualityinto fewer change orders, fewer missed details and fewer corresponding budget Assurance checks.overages. Our certified Designers focus solely on the design process includingneeds analysis, coordination with architect and interior design agendas, initial Control System Programmingbudgeting, preliminary equipment selection and defining system requirements. Verrex certified Control System Programmers have considerable experienceMost beneficial to clients, Verrex Design develops comprehensive drawing with leading control system products including Crestron and AMX. Programmerspackages inline with architectural phases, schedules and requirements. coordinate closely with clients and Verrex Design to develop intuitive, user- friendly interfaces to control AV systems and environmental devices such asProject Management lighting.Verrex Project Managers are a disciplined, highly focused group who ensureprojects are kept on course. A Project Manager is assigned to every installation Quality Assuranceand is the single point of contact for resources, milestones and deliverables. All systems are staged in-house and undergo thorough Quality AssuranceProject Managers attend scheduled on-site meetings, supply project timelines, checks prior to leaving the Verrex facility for installation. Certified QA Technicianssubmit project status reports, coordinate subcontractors and, ultimately, lead the stage and test system components to confirm proper functionality, confirm theexecution process. systems intended design and to make adjustments as required.Project Engineering InstallationProject Engineering is a methodical process of ensuring system integrity. Verrex The responsibility of providing a complete working system, using the highestProject Engineers conduct extensive equipment research, determine equipment industry standards and quality workmanship, falls to the Verrex Installation team.viability and verify components will work together to achieve desired results. An InfoComm certified, our Installers perform detail-critical work including structuralin-house AutoCAD team provides drafting support, depicting AV schematics and support for screens, projectors and displays; cable riser management; customarchitectural details in comprehensive system diagrams. AV terminations; and component networking. Once all components are in place the team makes final adjustments to optimize system performance.ProcurementVerrex Purchasing maintains strong relationships with over 250 of the industry’s GMSTM (Global Managed Services)best-in-class manufacturers. Leveraging these relationships, the group is Verrex GMS is a comprehensive suite of services designed to increase usageresponsible for obtaining the highest quality, application-specific equipment at and decrease the operational complexity of business-critical audiovisual systems.the most competitive cost. GMS features Professional Services, VNOC Services, Preventive Maintenance, Service and Onsite Staffing & Training.
  4. 4. Case Study Benefits of Global AV Standards Audiovisual systems and services integrated consistently worldwide accelerates adoption of State Street’s global vision for conferencing, collaboration and presentation technologies. From their US-based headquarters in the 36-story signature gateway of Boston’s financial district, to the 2009-constructed London HQ at Canary Wharf, to locations around the globe, State Street sought commonality between offices for their ambitious AV design, installation and managed services needs. As the multinational organization’s reliance on AV has grown, Verrex has evolved in-line with their requirements, irrespective of geographic borders, size of projects or challenges. AV Archetype Provided Cost Containment Managed Services Improved ROI on AV AssetsNeeds AddressedGlobal Standardization State Street sought cost effective roll out of video and audio systems State Street’s economic and operational mandates to avoid unplannedSingle-source Accountability across numerous, global offices. Specific to State Street criteria, service costs and ensure peak systems’ performance required longterm, Verrex custom designed templates for common State Street room post installation support throughout North America and Europe. VerrexServices Featured types that allowed the firm to grow its unique AV infrastructure globally, implemented a comprehensive suite of managed services providingDesign, Installation & Service without each office having to do the groundwork on their own. State Street with protection for their AV investments at fixed annualKey Project Locations Locations including Boston, Kansas City, Dublin and Milan selected costs. Under the multi-year program, State Street received unlimitedAlameda, CA an established room or system model to be deployed. Proven service visits, priority service response, preventive maintenance, 24/7Austin, TX processes for design, engineering, project management, fabrication on-call ServiceDesk support, remote device management and systemsBoston, MA and installation further streamlined integration and cut costs. training.Cambridge, MAChicago, ILJacksonville, FL Interface Standards Optimized Productivity On-Site Staffing Decreased Operational StrainKansas City, MO Rather than “cookie cutter” solutions, Verrex created standards Resource realities – finding, training and managing AV personnel –Malvern, PA exclusive to State Street’s enterprise needs. Control system prompted State Street to seek to optimize staffing costs and operationalNew York, NY functionality and touchpanel layouts were designed to ensure user efficiencies. Verrex deployed fully integrated, Verrex-managed AVPrinceton, NJ interfaces were familiar, intuitive and State Street-branded, regardless workforces at key State Street locations worldwide, responsible forSacramento, CASan Francisco, CA of location. Such standards increased productivity and alleviated supplementing in-house staff. Sites such as Boston, Toronto andWinston-Salem, NC training needs, allowing a Vice President from the Princeton office to London utilized this on-site staffing segment of Verrex managedMontreal, Canada walk into the Frankfurt office and conduct a videoconference without services to provide live meeting production support, room checks andToronto, Canada support or downtime. setup and Tier 1 troubleshooting.Brussels, BelgiumDublin, IrelandFrankfurt, Germany Accountability Evolved In-Line with Objectives Global Perspective Addressed DiversityKrakow, Poland Sprawling projects such as the build-out of State Street headquarters Although a degree of commonality exists between all offices,London, United Kingdom in Boston and London required management of multiple teams and acknowledging the diversity between State Street’s multi-countryLuxembourg commissioning of dozens of systems concurrently. To meet State locations was crucial. Adapting to how one office differed culturally fromMilan, Italy Street’s objectives of time-critical deployment and completion within another meant, first and foremost, respecting that culture. Verrex utilizedBangalore, India budget, Verrex assigned dedicated project managers, ensuring a network of local experts to ensure teams were aware of proper accountability and clearly-defined leadership at all project stages. practices and procedures at all times.(Photo: State Street Lafayette Conference Center, Boston, MA)
  5. 5. Verrex GMSTM (Global Managed Services)Verrex GMS (Global Managed Services) is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to increase usage and simplify the operation and management of businesscritical audiovisual and conferencing systems. Now management, support and maintenance of all collaboration, conferencing and presentation technologies – thecomplete range of visual communication systems and components – can be centralized providing a single-source umbrella for:Professional Services VNOC ServicesProfessional Services provides the technical support services necessary to VNOC offers a complete global solution for end-to-end management of videoassure our clients have the infrastructure to support successful meetings, and audio conferencing environments, which is carrier and hardware agnostic.collaboration and presentation. Services include: Verrex global VNOC services include: Network Analysis and Recommendations End-point Analysis and Recommendations Device & Network Monitoring Infrastructure Analysis and Recommendations Proactive problem discovery Room Template Design Services and Implementation Automated trouble ticketing Network monitoring: IP & ISDNMaintenance & RepairMaintenance and Repair services provide additional insurance to help keep Device Managementa client’s AV equipment functioning properly long after installation. In conjunction Remote management of endpointswith VNOC Services, GMS ensures that mission critical conferences can be Remote management of infrastructure devicessuccessfully conducted. Services include: - MCUs Extended Warranty and Service Agreements - Gateways/Gatekeepers Service Visits Software upgrades Preventative Maintenance 24/7 Technical Phone Support Bridging Services Videoconferencing Codec Support Hosted Bridging Services Equipment Repair and Replacement  - Provides infrastructure required to support unlimited IP to IP HD calls Priority Service Response - Client reserves time on Verrex GMS bridge Training - Includes HD MCU ports, security devices, gatekeepers, etc. Managed Bridging ServicesOnsite Staffing and Verrex University Training - Leverages client’s own purchased MCU equipmentVerrex-trained, dedicated AV professionals act as an extension of a clients’ - Client provides Verrex GMS network accesstechnical infrastructure, providing immediate onsite support. Verrex onsitesupport and maintenance provides clients with the peace of mind that their Conference Scheduling & Reservation ManagementAV needs are met, so they can conduct business. Onsite Staffing includes: Live reservationists and Managers Web-based reservation system Administrators Senior Technicians Conference Management Associate Technicians Full suite of VNOC VTC services with 24/7 live-attendant assistance Multi-language support available Proactively manage and dispatch video hardware and network-related vendors (e.g. codec manufacturers, facilities maintenance, telco, etc.) Problem Management Tier 1 and Tier 2 support “Follow the Sun” 24/7 operation centers
  6. 6. Verrex GMSTM: Professional Services Provides a critical road map assessing business requirements, infrastructure and support needs to arrive at the best, most strategic deployment of AV technologies globally.Vision & Strategy Network AnalysisVisual communication has become a critical aspect of today’s global business environment. If issues occur over the video network the GMS Professional Services team will analyzeDevelopment and adoption strategies and short and long term planning require a the current usage and infrastructure. When required, GMS will work closely with thecritical view of an organization’s communication plans and how conferencing, client’s IT group to perform line tests for percentage of each circuit used. This test willcollaboration and presentation technologies play a defining role. The GMS Professional be developed over a period of time to identify any tends in high usage and changesServices team will work with your organization to identify enterprise-level, visual in the stability of the video networks. Once all the data is received and analyzed, GMScommunication goals and create road maps to ensure they are met. will make the necessary recommendations to improve the system’s overall quality and stability.Global Room Template Design Mapping of Global Video DevelopmentGMS Professional Service’s custom designed templates allows enterprise-level roll GMS Professional Services will map out each site’s current video deployment andout of video and audio systems globally, without having to duplicate groundwork for develop a roadmap for future migration and expansion based on client input. Eacheach individual office. Rather than “cookie cutter” solutions, the Professional Services site will then be brought together in a cohesive global video network design. A graphicalteam will create standards exclusive to a particular organization’s goals, infrastructure representation of each site and the global deployment will be developed for quickand resources including systems, processes, layout and control systems interfaces. reference. This mapping of the entire system will be useful in assisting with the current and future network and bandwidth requirements for stable high quality video deployment.
  7. 7. Verrex GMSTM: VNOC Services Solutions designed to monitor and manage video and audio conferencing environments ensuring trouble-free, effective and consistent communication across single or multiple time zones.Device & Network Monitoring Conference Scheduling & Reservation ManagementVerrex’s centralized software management system, Symphony, proactively monitors Scheduling video and audio conference meetings falls to the VNOC. Along withconferencing devices and networks ensuring reliable and always available access to traditional reservation methods – requests taken by phone, e-mail, etc. by livesystem resources. Should Symphony discover a stability or connectivity issue, the reservationists – Symphony allows clients to schedule their own meetings andsystem immediately launches protocols established by the client. These steps may reserve rooms via a web-based reservation system. The web-based system isinclude creating a trouble ticket in the system, notifying onsite support personnel and/or available in multiple interfaces including HTML, Flash and Silverlight.the network provider. Conference ManagementDevice Management Once reserved, Symphony automates meeting launch and breakdown processesVNOC services include remote management of integrated and infrastructure devices as per an organization’s pre-set criteria. Numerous parameters are configurableacross the videoconferencing system including endpoints, MCUs, gateways and including setup times, startup messaging, teardown messaging, conflict managementgatekeepers. As part of this solution, Symphony stores vital system configuration and many other processes that regulate a complex deployment. Live attendantsinformation, monitors and performs software upgrades and maintains a current list of provide multi-language, real-time conference coordination and monitoring includingall deployed systems – globally. The GMS VNOC team of certified technicians performs adding or removing sites, modifying on-screen layouts and extending meetings beyondsystems testing as necessary and resolves any issues. scheduled times.Bridging Services Problem ManagementVerrex offers both hosted and managed video bridging services. Hosted clients take Verrex VNOC services provide clients with a single point of contact to manage alladvantage of Verrex videoconference bridges, which include high-definition MCU ports, video and audio conference support requirements, regardless of vendor or servicesecurity devices and gatekeepers. Verrex also provides the infrastructure required provider. Tier 1 and Tier 2 support technicians troubleshoot issues remotely, dispatchto support unlimited IP to IP high-defintion conferences. Managed bridging allows additional resources as needed and provide advanced troubleshooting.clients to leverage their own purchased MCU equipment – clients simply provide GMSvideo experts secure access to their network.
  8. 8. Verrex GMSTM: VNOC Services: Meeting Management GMS VNOC’s trained and highly experienced staff personally supports meetings 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure that your meetings are conducted exactly as planned. You focus on the agenda and not on the technology while Verrex facilitates the ultimate end user experience. This reliability ensures solid business relationships are developed through continual face-to-face video communications. GMS VNOC offers its clients the peace of mind of knowing that their video meeting is backed by the most experienced, professional, reliable and easy-to-use services in the industry. .Meeting ManagementRegardless of which global VNOC is supporting your meeting we’re ready to tackle even the most complex requirements. During your meeting there are 100’s of details thatwe take care of behind the scenes, in some cases even hours prior to your start time. Each step is critical toward ensuring a successful result to your meeting. The assignedVideo Engineer is literally your personal video concierge, giving you 100% attention and 100% peace of mind. The following items listed below represent a summary of serviceswhich customers have come to expect when their meeting is managed by Verrex VNOC:• 24x7 Meeting Support. The VNOC is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. • Video Framing. Video framing occurs when an end user requests to go from aThere is always a person in the VNOC to not only support a meeting, whether point to point meeting to a multipoint meeting, either ad-hoc or as planned. When arequested in advance or ad-hoc. videoconferencing system is being used, the Video Engineer must understand the• Pre-conference Testing. Prior to a meeting’s established start time, the managed importance of how the room is designed to ensure that when it is framed in a multipointvideoconferencing rooms undergo a series of quality analysis to guarantee the meetings, the layout of the room is accurate.certainty of the meeting. During the pre-conference testing, the Engineers verify the • Multipoint Connectivity. Deployed the latest technologies as it relates to providingaudio, video and network quality. Should something arise during the pre-conference the very best multipoint services to its customers. Verrex VNOC uses a formulatedtesting phase, an Incident Ticket is created, and escalated accordingly through the consumption measurement on the MCU resources around the world to determine whenestablished Incident Management Process. The ultimate goal of the pre-conference and where the new resources are best allocatedphase is that any and all incidents are quickly resolved prior to a meeting start to • ISDN Connectivity. Verrex VNOC had established a strategically located ISDNmake sure there are no meeting interruptions. Gateways which give out customers the very best quality and competitive rates available.• Meet and Greet. If a customer requests it, Verrex VNOC Meeting Engineers will • Ad-hoc Services. Because Verrex VNOC is always available 24x7 x 365, if an endconnect to the scheduled conference room in a Video Queue, and confirm the quality user wants to use the manages system at a moment’s notice, all they have to do is callof the meeting with an on-site Technician prior to a meeting start. the VNOC and request the room to be immediately connected to another managed endpoint, or a system profiled in out database.
  9. 9. Verrex GMSTM: VNOC Services: Meeting Management• Reporting Modules • Conference Room Maintenance Coordination • Online Access • 24x7x365 Technical Support • Room Utilization Details and Demographics • SLA Driven Response Times • Access to trouble tickets • Business Unit Chargeback • Network Management System • Each System is profiled and provided the appropriate bandwidth to service HD• Reservations video quality with minimum latency. • Room Schedule • Room Proactive Management (“Sweeps”) accomplished at least every 24 • Business Rules Processes hours • Online Web Portal • Infrastructure Proactive Monitoring, circuits, codec’s and cameras* • Reserve a Room by: • SNMP Monitoring* - Email • ICMP Monitoring* - Fax • Power Monitoring* - Phone • Component Monitoring* - On the Web • CPE Management* • Account specific Reservationists • Router Management* • Ad-hoc meeting ability-as close as 15 minutes notice • CSU / DSU Management* • Customer specific profile of all rooms in customer enterprise • WAN Infrastructure Management* • Web interface/Customer Portal • Room LAN Infrastructure Management* • Room Utilization demographics - Verrex VNOC can identify which sites need additional rooms, and which Note: *Assumes proper network access by customer sites are not being utilized to their full potential. - Current database contains over 3,700 profiled room locations around the world.
  10. 10. Verrex GMSTM: VNOC Symphony Web-oriented platform for enterprise video communication management.Web-Oriented Architecture WidgetsBuilt on a web-oriented architecture, VNOC Symphony’s frame-work easily interacts Numerous tools are available to users and administrators in the form of widgets, whichwith current and emerging interface technologies for ubiquitous and mobile real-time are interacting web-services that communicate with VNOC Symphony’s framework.access of any meeting resource. Symphony provide users the option of scheduling Each widget provides a unique toolset, such as the reservation widget, the helpdeskmeetings using multiple interfaces, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and an widget, the reporting widget and many others. A Digital Airlines widget plots liveintuitive web interface, among others. This enables users many ways to view information, conferences on a geo-spatial interactive map, showing point-to-point and multipointlaunch impromptu meetings or schedule large conferences. meetings graphically. Users can pan and zoom the map from world view to street level, even showing multiple video systems interconnected on a campus network inVNOC Conductor close proximity.At the heart of the platform is a runbook engine called VNOC Conductor, which policesmeeting setup, maintenance and teardown in an enterprise environment according to Several reservation widgets provide numerous options to users. A full featured reservationa company’s process rules. Numerous parameters are configurable to ensure widget allows users to see photographs of each meeting room, add participants to eachdepartmental or global directives are followed. This includes setup times, startup site, choose MCU framing, view time zones of each location and modify in-progressmessaging, custom messaging, remedial functions, escalation processes, email and meetings. An express scheduler widget lets users quickly create a reservation withSMS notifications, conflict management and many other processes that regulate a as few keystrokes as possible, listing the last ten meetings and ten sites as quick startcomplex enterprise deployment. selections. A meet now widget enables users to request immediate video services for sites selected, whether by web interface or mobile application.Business process and implementation logic are compiled into runbook processesduring Verrex’s client on-boarding phase. Verrex works with stakeholders within the For organizations with video systems in multiple locations and/or multiple countries,organization to integrate current business practices with VNOC processes specific to VNOC is a powerful, full featured and integrated platform that meets the needs ofthe organization. Symphony stores these processes to follow conference reservation, different offices and different time zones.conference management and impromptu meeting practices that match the needs ofthe organization.
  11. 11. Verrex GMSTM: Maintenance & Repair Conferencing, collaboration and presentation systems are all critical to today’s business communications. Essential information shared via digital signage, vital decisions made during an executive videoconference and high-impact client presentations all rely on AV systems operating at peak performance. Companies must ensure these systems are maintained properly and that any problems are resolved quickly, while managing the costs associated with these goals. GMS Maintenance & Repair offers every aspect of coverage for business-critical audiovisual and conferencing systems at a single office location or across an entire enterprise. From preventive maintenance to priority service response, these reliability-centric options allow companies to “mix and match” the resources that best suit their needs. The clear benefit to GMS Maintenance & Repair is it allows companies to better estimate long-term maintenance needs for all their offices. AV, IT, facility and other personnel can easily manage budgets, avoiding unplanned repair and service costs, while reducing downtime, maximizing equipment reliability and increasing systems performance. Work with our GMS team to customize your company’s AV maintenance and repair program: • Extended Warranty and Service Agreements • Unlimited Service Visits • Guaranteed Priority Service Response • Emergency Onsite Service Requests • Equipment Repair and Parts Replacement • Preventive Maintenance Visits • 24/7 Technical Support On-call hourly service is also available to assist with the unexpected. “ Ive always received excellent service from Verrex techs, technical phone support when needed, “Perfect!” scheduling support, as well as any other issues - Schering-Plough that have come up. - Alcatel-Lucent ”
  12. 12. Credentials Profile Industry Certification Verrex is a Diamond Level AudioVisual Solutions Provider (AVSP), as designated by InfoComm International, the global association for the professional AV industry. Diamond-level AVSP is the highest level of company certification achievable in education and training. This certification signifies Verrex sales, design, engineering, installation and managed services staffs have earned AV specialist credentials, awarded solely to those professionals who have demonstrated thorough comprehension of audiovisual science and technology by passing InfoComm administered courses and exams. InfoComm certification is internationally recognized and supported by the pro-AV industry. Industry & Manufacturer Training All three levels of InfoComm AV specialist are represented on the Verrex team members have completed the Verrex team: following manufacturer and industry training: » CTS-D (Certified Technology Specialist - Design) » AMX Programming I, II, & III » CTS-I (Certified Technology Specialist - Installation) » CTS (Certified Technology Specialist - General) » Barco Factory Training » BlonderTongue Technical Training » Christie Factory Training Solutions Certification » Clearone Factory Training » Crestron Factory Training Videoconferencing + Audioconferencing » Tandberg Certified Professional Designer, Certified Professional Installer, » Crestron Programming Essentials & Certification Solutions Architect, Product Expert, Certified Engineer I & II » Extron School of Advanced AV Technologies » Polycom Certified Professional Designer, Certified Professional Installer » InfoComm AV & Control Systems Networking » Polycom Certified Video Engineer (CVE) » InfoComm Design School I, II, & III » Polycom Video Infrastructure Solutions Sales Certified » InfoComm Facilities & Systems Design » Polycom Video Infrastructure Solutions Technical Certified » InfoComm Videoconferencing Engineer’s School » ClearOne Certified Professional Designer, Certified Professional Installer » JBL Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement » ClearOne Certified Technical Specialist » LifeSizeFactory Training » LifeSize Pro-Partner » Lutron Lighting Design for Commercial Spaces » BiAmp Audia Certified » NEC Factory Training » NetStreams Factory Training » NSCA Project Management for the AV Industry Control Systems » NSCA Technical Fundamentals of Audio » Crestron Certified Masters Programmer, Certified Systems Designer, » Polycom Factory Training Certified Professional Installer » RADVision Factory Training » AMX Certified Programmer (ACE), Certified Designer, Certified Installer » Sony Training Institute » Lutron ProAV Certified, Commercial AV Certified, Commercial Lighting Design Certified » Tandberg Factory Training » Extron Certified Advanced AV Technician, Certified AV Associate » V-Brick Factory Training Memberships Programmable Audio DSP » InfoComm International » BiAmp Audia and AudiaFlex Certified » National Systems Contractor Assoc. (NSCA) » Peavey MediaMatrix Certified » International Facility Managers Assoc. (IFMA) » BSS SoundWeb Certified » ClearOne Certified » American Institute of Architects (AIA) » Audio Engineering Society (AES) » IMCCA Engineering » National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) » British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) » Syn-Aud-Con Sound System Design » New York Building Congress
  13. 13. Expertise Systems ApplicationsDesign/Build Videoconferencing BoardroomsArchitectural Coordination Audio/Video Conference CentersSystems Engineering Digital Signage Conference RoomsProject Management Presentation Corporate AuditoriumsSubcontractor Coordination Audio Conferencing Divisible SpacesControl Systems Programming Sound Masking Executive OfficesRack Fabrication Sound Reinforcement Interview RoomsInstallation Lobby & ReceptionGMS™ (Global Managed Services) Meeting Spaces - Professional Services Office Amenities - VNOC Services Presentation Rooms - Preventive Maintenance & Repair Trading Floors - Onsite Staffing & Training Training Facilities Video WallsAbout VerrexFounded in 1947, Verrex is a global design-build integrator and managed services provider of advanced conferencing, collaboration and presentation technologies.Specializing in benchmark enterprise-level corporate solutions, clients engage Verrex to communicate, collaborate and articulate locally and globally throughvideoconferencing, audio conferencing, digital signage, presentation and other audiovisual systems. Superior performance is Verrex’s hallmark offering clients theindustry’s highest level of execution, broadest global footprint, universal standards and a sophisticated services portfolio. With principle offices in North America, Europeand Asia, Verrex has strategically positioned its presence to serve corporate hubs around the globe. For more information, visit Americas Headquarters EMEA Headquarters Asia Pacific Headquarters Verrex Corporation Verrex Limited Verrex Asia Limited Mountainside, NJ USA Herts, United Kingdom Kowloon Bay, Hong KongGlobal Conferencing & Communication Solutions +1 908 232 7000 +44 (0) 1992 667 000 +852 3713 4200© 2011 Verrex and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Verrex, the Verrex New York | Boston | Tampa | Toronto | London | Mumbai | Singapore | Hong Kong | Shanghai | SydneyLogo and GMS are registered trademarks of Verrex Corporation and/orits affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Please visit for a complete list of Verrex global addresses, phone numbers and registrations.