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Intro to design - Kyle Smith


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This is the PDF slide deck for "Intro to Design: Learning Principles and Theory to Help Your Site Blow Minds"

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Intro to design - Kyle Smith

  1. 1. INTRO TO DESIGNHow to blow minds and make awesome CRAP Presented by Kyle Smith WordCamp 2012
  2. 2. KEYS TO SUCCESS Or something somewhat resembling it• Keep CRAP in mind• Use color intelligently• Use a grid no matter what• Typography is just as important as imagery• Steer clear of Display Fonts if you can• Have a goal!• Great design takes time and patience
  3. 3. WHAT IS CRAP? C - Contrast R - Repetition A - Alignment P - Proximity
  4. 4. CONTRAST
  9. 9. COLOR•What is your color pallet?• Keep your pallet simple, it’smore effective• Does your pallet set themood? It should.• Use color to speak to youraudience• Use online tools like Kuler tohelp you make accurate choices
  10. 10. GRIDS What the hell does that even mean?There are several types of grids that can help uswith our design but the most popular ones are960 and 1440.Grids help us keep our content visuallyappealing and structured by dividing it in tocolumns. When we follow these grids, we willfind that our content becomes more unified andbecomes part of a larger whole.Many themes use a grid out of the box. If youare building your site based off of one, be sureto make use of it, it will make your site moreprofessional and easier to use.
  11. 11. MOTIF Motif is a tool used to set a narrative within design. It can be used to help unify your design in every way. Motif can be used by setting a common theme, common items such as icons or even patterns used within the design itself.