How to make money blogging. No, really!


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How to make money blogging. No, really!

  1. 1. How to make moneyblogging. No, Really! By Eleanor Evans
  2. 2. Brands + Bloggers
  3. 3. 1. Ad networks2. Sponsored content3. Affiliate marketing4. Product reviews and giveaways5. Revenue sources outside of blogging Important! This is only for self-hosted wordpress. It is a violation of the Wordpress TOS to monetize blogs hosted on, including all the above revenue sources – with the exception of WP’s WordAds service.Steps to monetizing your blog
  4. 4. • Easy signup• Can implement on self-hosted wordpress• Start making revenue on impressions and clicks• Bad news: High payment thresholds; can take a long time to make payout on low-traffic sites• Still, you want to sign up for ‘em!Ad networks
  5. 5. • Google Adsense – - Most popular ad network, $100 payment threshold, relies mostly on clicks• Lijit – – Focuses more on impressions than clicks• IZEA Media (requires membership to Socialspark) - - also focuses on impressions, pays out monthly• TIP: Use multiple ad networks – they’ll compete with each other so you get the most revenue!• NEVER ask anyone to click on your ads.Popular ad networks and tips
  6. 6. Placement is everything!
  7. 7. • Connects real voices and consumers with brands• YOU promote the brand with YOUR opinions, not their opinions (It’s the law!)• Brands are recognizing the power of consumers and social media to promote improve their products and image• Compensation in payment and products!Sponsored Content
  8. 8. • SocialSpark - - great if you have good content and an established following. Reputable company; all-paid opportunities• Clever Girls Collective – – (Not just for girls!) – Great paid opportunities and sponsored campaigns• Global Influence – – Leads for sponsored post opportunities and campaignsSponsored content networks
  9. 9. • Become a conduit between readers and online retailers• Earn commission from generating sales• Takes a LOT of work and organization to keep up with the sales• Great for seasonal promotions or to talk about products for your niche• Take advantage of new products, discounts and high-demand productsAffiliate marketing
  10. 10. • Commission Junction – – one of the largest affiliate networks. Stores include Walgreens, Sears, - $50 threshold• Linkshare – – $1 threshold, pays weekly. Stores include Walmart,, Sephora• Google Affiliate Network – – Can combine revenue with Adsense revenue to meet $100 threshold. Stores include Target, Kohl’s, Sam’s ClubAffiliate networks
  11. 11. • Get free items in exchange for reviews and/or giveaways• Make sure the product you’re reviewing is worth it to you• Giveaways boost your pageviews and site stats and give you more chances at higher-paying gigs• Like a company or a brand? Contact them or their PR directly and pitch them for a review. You might be surprised!Reviews and Giveaways
  12. 12. • Create accounts for your blog/brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, etc.• Take photos or update your status about products you like• Join Klout! Great way to get obligation-free products just for your influence on social networks. Blogging about the products could open the door for more opportunities.• Share, share, share – don’t make the Internet a playground, make every social action affect your bottom line!Get social!
  13. 13. • FTC requires bloggers to disclose if they are being compensated for products they’re blogging/sharing• Disclose on every sponsored post – and even on posts with affiliate links• Create a sitewide discloure policy at• Google Webmaster Guidelines require no-follow links (See google’s guidelines at It’s the law
  14. 14. • Custom domains: get a dot-com to be taken seriously by advertisers• Invest in someone who can design your blog, install premium plugins and optimize your ad placement• Seek out other bloggers who are doing what you want to do. You can find them in Facebook groups or even just by commenting on other blogs!• Turn to great resources from blog coaches and other expertsReturn on investment
  15. 15. • ProBlogger –• Blog Like A Star -• WebProNews –• Sunshine & Sippy Cups –• Straight Talk -
  16. 16. • Email:• Facebook:• Twitter:• LinkedIn: