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The state of buyer personas

Highlights from recent B2B industry survey about the use (and abuse) of personas. Full survey report available for free at

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The state of buyer personas

  1. 1. 58% 72% 77% 59% of B2B marketers say they’re currently using personas say their use is increasing “Personas are drivers of our segmentation strategy” With the growing interest in personas, B2P Partners recently conducted research to understand the power and potential of personas. Here’s what you need to know: The largest group (31%) have started using them only in the last year or two. B2B marketers say their personas are: of the ineffective personas are based on NO external research of the very / extremely effective personas ARE based on new, external research “Many do not understand or appreciate the value of personas and fall back on personal knowledge or biases.” Download the full research report for free at BUYER PERSONAS at best "somewhat effective" "very effective"65% 35% But only some B2B marketers are creating effective personas. Buyer personas are a growing part of the B2B marketing landscape. The difference between effective and ineffective personas reflects HOW they are created. The power and potential of Source: Persona Industry Survey - B2P Partners © 2015