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  1. 1. Vocabulary This is a slide show on what I learned in vocabulary period.
  2. 2. Vocabulary Word Draft Draft means a cold wind and the beginning of something. It must be a multiple meaning word right.
  3. 3. Vocabulary Word etched Etched means to engrave something.
  4. 4. Vocabulary Word Fascinated Fascinated means that you are entertained with something.
  5. 5. Vocabulary Word Parlor Parlor means to get entertained. Parlor also means to get something. Parlor is also a multiple meaning word.
  6. 6. Vocabulary Word Terror Terror means to get scared of something. Terror as in your a little terror. Terror is also a great multiple meaning word.
  7. 7. Vocabulary Word Timid Timid means to be very shy. Some people are always shy.
  8. 8. Vocabulary Hope you remember these words everybody. Thank you for watching a slide show by Brecken.