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  1. 1. Jazz Quiz The Jazz quiz. By Brecken
  2. 2. The Jazz Quiz Answer the questions that I am going to give you.
  3. 3. The Jazz Quiz What kind of music uses made up syllables. A.) Scat B.) Call and response C.) Improvisation D.) Syncopation
  4. 4. The Jazz Quiz The Answer is A. Great Job
  5. 5. The Jazz Quiz Which kind of element is made up A.) Syncopation B.) Call and Response C.) Improvisation D.) Scat
  6. 6. The Jazz Quiz The answer is C. Improvisation. Great job star students.
  7. 7. Jazz Quiz Which Jazz element uses Somebody saying something and somebody responding. A.) Improvisation B.) Scat C.) Syncopation D.) Call and Response
  8. 8. Jazz Quiz The answer is D. Call and Response. Excellent
  9. 9. Jazz Quiz Which element uses the following of a beat A.) Improvisation B.) Syncopation C.) Call and Response D.) Scat
  10. 10. Jazz Quiz The answer is B. Syncopation. Nice job
  11. 11. Jazz Quiz