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  1. 1. This is a slide show on computers in school.
  2. 2. The mini Dell laptops from Swattec are very useful. They have Internet, useful applications, and fun and games. The Internet let's you access anything on the computer. The Internet has definitions for words, academic links, and many more. Some computers use Firefox web browser, some people use Safari, and some people use Google Chrome. They are all useful, but in a different way.
  3. 3. Mouse is an application where you can edit and make your mouser just right
  4. 5. How to use Ktouch
  5. 6. How do you hold a computer? A.) B.) C.)
  6. 7. The answer is C Great job
  7. 8. Open Office Word Processor is an application where you can make a document with drawing, writing, and other fonts.
  8. 10. How do you clean your computer A.) With a dirty rag B.) With a clean rag C.) With your sleeve
  9. 11. The answer is B with a clean rag. You all are very smart.
  10. 12. slide share is an Internet website where you can make slide shows on Open Office Presentation and upload it to slide share then you can put it on the blog.
  11. 14. How helpful is a computer? A.) Not helpful at all B.) Very helpful C.) Helpful
  12. 15. The answer is B very helpful. Great job
  13. 16. That's it for computer tips. Remember all these very helpful tips on computers